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  1. If Notre Dame losing makes you feel good then you really are a moron, and people were right to question your loyalties. Notre Dame having you as a fan is like the USA having France as an ally in World War II.... Not saying the team isn't sucking donkey balls through a straw because they most certainly are, but I'll be damned if I'm going to enjoy it.
  2. Glad you feel better, I'd still rather Notre Dame win than feel like Oh look at me i was right i showed you guys.
  3. Alright put Rees in I've seen enough. Dayne hasn't improved his accuracy at all.
  4. Can't believe I spent another year waiting anxiously to have that sh** sandwich taste in my mouth once again. Sad, I remember what it felt like when Lou Holtz was our coach, it was oh, so, long ago when it felt good to be a Notre Dame fan.
  5. Have a seat Jonas and stay on the bench where you belong f this
  6. Still gets to me.... <iframe width="420" height="345" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/cipJq3ZHuuQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. Is it the football randomly floating through the air with no one paying any attention to it?
  8. Pretty easy to download a named roster for free on PS3 using the EA Lockers. Don't pay for your roster!! I got mine from user name "gamingtailgate"
  9. The answer is in the first paragraph of the article. You can't get a plea deal if you plead guilty at the arraignment, you just get nailed to the wall in reward for not being "disengenuous". I'm surprised at the number of highly educated people on the different ND boards who don't understand the legal system and how it works.
  10. Wide receiver Ferguson commits to Irish!!!!!!!!!
  11. his daughter posted on twitter something to the effect of "my dad is NOT going to coach at ohio state, stop asking me!"
  12. The Falcons mortgaged their future for one player. Imagine if Julio Jones tears and ACL in training camp... The Titans really, really, blew it. Jake Locker at #7 ?!!? You can't fix accuracy issues and that's one of his biggest knocks. If Jimmy had waited a year who knows... wow what could have been. If he continues playing like he has, he's a career backup at best. Hope he pulls it together.
  13. yeah, that makes absolutely no sense at all. Hernandez and Gronkowski both did very well last season. For Kyle, I like the Rams, Bengals, Bears, or Buccaneers. Like Rams the best simply because all of their TE suck in large amounts and they missed out on a difference making WR in the first round. I think Jimmy will end up as the Panthers backup QB because like Quinn in Cleveland, they don't pay him enough to need to get rid of him.
  14. wow, all hope is lost for the accused if nd1baby ever pulls jury duty.
  15. I don't think it matters much who is defending on a play when you throw the ball in the dirt like Crist does sometimes. He really is a great guy, I got to spend three hours with him once. I'm a big fan of his... just wtf on his accuracy a lot of times. Hendrix impressed me greatly. I'm very interested to see what he can do.
  16. sometimes i wish there was an "ignore poster" button on these boards
  17. RE: the opposite view... this is the exact same punishment a regular student (non-athlete) would have received from Notre Dame, something the haters and self-righteous fail to acknowledge.
  18. He couldn't walk and turn around or count how many fingers the cop was holding up. If that's not bombed out of his mind then what the hell is?
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