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  1. Nope 43 years old and have followed ND football my entire life!
  2. Guys settle down, the game is not over! We are winning this game!
  3. Yeah, he said he needed a job when a new head coach comes in they usually want to hire their own staff.
  4. They said Kelly with ther three assistants including Rees. Who were the other two assistants with them and do you all think they knew more?
  5. Kelly would not get a statue. He left the program while they were in contention for the playoffs. If the Irish win this thing it will be in spite of Brian Kelly, not because of anything he did. This would be Freeman's national championship and I would enjoy the vision in my mind of Brian Kelly crying himself to sleep afterwards!
  6. Most of us on this board could handle all of the things you listed with the exception of "practice planning".... and he's been around long enough that he'll be just fine. He's not the first young guy to take his first head coaching gig at a big university.
  7. You think it's ok that his players found out on social media? Brian Kelly is a pussy.
  8. I agree with you, but I just don't like the way he left. I understand doing what's best for him and his family, but he could have more class about it. I can't say I'm surprised as he's done the same at every other school he left.
  9. It would just be accepting the decision the NCAA already made and what is reflected in their record books......
  10. This may seem petty, but considering recent developments.......what do you guys think about the university taking away the 21 wins from Brian Kelly's record at Notre Dame that the NCAA vacated? Once again making Coach Knute Rockne the most wins leader at Notre Dame!!
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