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  1. I thought he would go in the 6th or 7th if at all. I thought the most likely outcome would be Book getting invited as an undrafted free agent. ND is putting OL and TEs in the NFL in droves, good ones at that.
  2. I like the look. It's definitely cleaner. The prior iteration looked like something from the days of GeoCities or AOL. This is easier on the eyes aesthetically.
  3. Will you please amplify what "rowdy" means in this context? That term is relative in two contexts: 1) relative to other dorms on campus; and, 2) relative to what "rowdy" means elsewhere. I'm sure rowdy at Zahm is not the same as Rowdy a Florida under Meyer or Oklahoma in the 80s.
  4. I haven't turned my Xbox on since my daughter was born 5 years ago. This may at least make me think about upgrading to the new unit.
  5. Is that real? If true, that is horrifying. HS measurables are inflated if anything. So if it says 5.0, it's probably worse. I have a hard time believing a 4*, No. 1 ILB runs a fiver.
  6. I think you're a lawyer - may have you confused with another poster, but I think we speak the same language. Dunbar was also fellating and being seeded by players for grades and embezzling money. Prince Shembo happened. He probably sexually assaulted a girl and she definitely killed herself. I would view him more favorably had he not Justin Turnered his girlfriend's dog 50 yards and killed it. Sullivan was negligence at best. No, it's not "that" bad at ND. You're right. I believe I yielded as much above.
  7. I may have the timeline wrong, but I thought he "only" shot somebody through the face at Florida. He got a Master's in Murder after that. Your points are fair. My larger point was implied so I'll say it explicitly: I do not like the sanctimonious, holier-than-though tone a large portion of our fanbase uses as its starting point. That current position is belied by the fact that fans who are old enough to remember were crestfallen when Meyer gave ND the one finger salute.
  8. I'm puzzled as to why this is news. It's not. He was also an assistant at ND for a handful of years. I'm sure he got some on-the-job-training. Let's not pretend Kim Dunbar, Tarnished Dome, Declan Sullivan didn't happen, or Cierre Wood didn't murder a kid. Glass houses, throwing stones and whatnot. Florida and Ohio State don't care, ND at least tries to. That's a difference. I will concede that. P.S. I would have given a Ronnie Lott tip of the finger to hire him in 2005 or 2009 - or now.
  9. We need a thread for discussing market news, what we're doing with our cash. Just out of curiosity, who here is following the very public kerfuffle between the institutional/professional Wall Street folks and the WSB folks at Redit (https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/)?
  10. I understand where you are coming from and where you are going. Ultimately, I just don't understand how ND hasn't been able to land one, not one, of these elite, program-altering kind of QBs. Who was the last 5*, Crist?Kiel (I think he was a 5*). If Powlus plays, ND has problems. He had to be a favor owed. Pyne has more talent than Book by a considerable chunk. We'll see, fingers crossed.
  11. I have no idea what the average height is for an NFL starter but I will take your word for it. My reply was to your general premise that a taller QB would do better, seemingly by the mere fact of being taller. My riposte was to highlight that we need better QBs, whether they are 5'10" like Murray, 6'6" like Lawrence or 6'0" like Book. Book did get the most out of his talent. But he never sees the field at Alabama or Ohio State. That is a fact. Look at his offer list.
  12. Height was rarely an issue for Mayfield, Hurts, Tua (same height); Murray is a good 3 inches shorter. Those folks are/were just better. Book was more circumscribed more by physical deficiencies other than stature. The offensive surrounding cast for the above-referenced were also better.
  13. https://www.insider.com/qanon-conspiracy-theory-biden-inauguration-codemonkeyz-ron-watkins-2021-1 This is almost Heavens Gate or Branch Dividian-like. "The Q" didn't do what he/it was supposed to do. The UFO didn't follow Hale-Bop, Trump left; Biden was sworn in. I'm sure it all part of the pedo, cannibalistic plan, a short-term setback. I guess it's time for a double Frazzledrip on the rocks at Comet Ping Pong.
  14. He hates, loathes, despises, detests, execrates, abhors ND. He would never come here.
  15. I'm an 80s kid, so anything with a "Rambo" reference gets extra points with me. ESB is top-5, however. Osiris and Amon-Ra are top-10. If I had another child, I would email John Brown for name suggestions. I hope Rambo really is in play.
  16. I can't imagine this is about playing time. With Crawford finally moving on, Griffith had to have the inside track for the starting job. Losing 4* DBs with Alabama and Ohio State offers is rarely a positive.
  17. ND lacks the elite, 5* athlete/Early NFL draft pick at every position level. ND's had it at O-line so I'll grant that one. There are a ton of ND O-lineman playing Sundays. Who has the last 5* RB, Greg Bryant? WR, was it Floyd? QB was Clausen. TE was Mack but ND has produced a ton of horses there so that's not lacking. On the defensive side, Tuitt and Lynch were the last elite recruit ends I recall. Nix was a horse DT. Tee Shepard was an elite CB recruit but I'm hesitant to even count him. I don't know if he even made it to the spring game. Before Hamilton, the last elite S recruit was
  18. This is hard to beat; I genuinely LOLed. :rofl: In person: 1989, No ND v. No. 7 Miami. I was a sophomore in high school. We had moved from S. Florida that year and came down for the game. The Miami fans were awful: throwing peanuts, obscenities, logging cups like hand grenades at the cluster of ND fans sitting in one section. I'm sure it was similar to what fans going to Columbus experience. ND got outplayed, fine. I knew it was over in the 3rd when ND got two sacks and a clipping penalty in their favor. It was third and 43. Craig Erickson completed a 45 yard pass to Randall "Thrill" Hill f
  19. I am not anti-vaxxer, but I am not voluntarily getting this vaccine, whether it is Moderna's, Pfizer's, AstraZeneca's or anybody else's. My issue is the data or lack thereof that we have for these vaccines. The average vaccine development takes a decade. There is reams of data on short and long-term side effects before it is approved for use by the public. We don't have that in this case. This is being jammed through in 9 months. I'm not comfortable with that. Even allowing for some slack because of previous research on prior coronaviruses (SARS, MERS), I'm not assuaged. My job might m
  20. Terrible. RIP, young man. Prayers go out to his family.
  21. I like the packaging of the beer and your presentation (nice glass/pour). I am not familiar with the beer but I will look for it.
  22. Did they throw the ball ten times? I really don't know. It was like the Niners playoff game last year where Garoppolo threw the ball 8 times. That ND game was traumatizing; we watched Michigan run for 11 yards every play. I hate USC. But I hate Michigan more right now, mostly because of King Khaki.
  23. Thank you for the tip. I will be on the lookout for it the next time I'm at the booze house.
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