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  1. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ftw/2021/12/03/brian-kelly-fake-southern-accent-family-comparison/49474121/ This is awesome. It is utterly embarrassing; I cringed watching the original and the comparison clip. The internet is the most awesome and horrible medium ever created. Today, because of revelations like this, we should celebrate it. I need more items like this to help me get over the situation.
  2. It would have been had the technology been around. In this case, the important historical text (Freeman's yet-to-be-signed contract) can be effectuated with a few simple clicks. The Book of Kells is also nice and should be chopped up into NFTs soon. I kid, but I am jaded and do not trust anything until it's, you know, it's done, as in done-done.
  3. If something previously undiscovered shows up in his dossier, I am done watching football. I could not take. Please God don't make me watch "Below Deck" with the woman.
  4. Last night, this was described as done. Now, he is "favored" or "leading candidate." What is the latest?
  5. If a transcript is made available, kindly post a link.
  6. I would rather not have somebody learn on the job at ND. He might be the real deal. But the odds of this working out well are not good. This might keep the current recruiting class together, at least most of of it. I expect Jaden Mickey and CJ Williams to flip to USC.
  7. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I may have thrown up a little in my mouth, but I needed that.
  8. I was actually nervous about the USC opening. That made sense to me. I checked ndnation for the first time in close to a decade. Some of the comments are vile; they evoke the days of calling Kelly a purple-faced shanty Mick (that happened). In any event, I'm stunned at the percentage of fans who are happy about this. I don't know; we must be watching different movies. I have certainly been frustrated with Kelly at various points throughout the years. Had ND moved on after 2016, I would have been fine with it. But it seems to me that Kelly took a good look in the mirror and realized he was part of the problem. The Kelly of 2017-2021 is miles different from the earlier iteration. This is devastating in my opinion. I feel fucking sick.
  9. I hope he wins a national championship. I want to see what he can do with the recruiting handcuffs off, no admissions restrictions, where people think test scores mean 40 times and cone drills. I still think it's a horrible cultural fit, but spilled milk at this point. As I said elsewhere, be careful what you wish for. Even if it's Fickell, you are hoping that somebody who excelled at a mid-major program can take us beyond where the last hot coach out of a mid-major that ND hired could not. It would be coincidental if they both came from the same school. Oh wait . . . This job eats people's souls. I'm shocked Kelly stayed as long as he did. Thank you, coach!!
  10. But what if it is not a money issue for Kelly? He could be sick of the recruiting handcuffs, admissions, academics. I don't think that is the base case, but I don't think it's crazy position. I still cannot picture him in Baton Rouge.
  11. More than one outlet is reporting that LSU is pushing hard for Brian Kelly. I think it is a horrible cultural fit, but then again I was completely blindsided by Riley going to U$C. Be careful what you wish for . . .
  12. I hate the Tree . . . a lot. I despise the smug look on Shaw's face. He has an air of superiority without the résumé to back it. What I want for Christmas is a celebrity boxing match between Harbaugh and Shaw with a new format: fight to the death and kill the winner.
  13. I'd get that. ND isn't going to the playoffs. Having him back for his senior year is probably a pipe dream.
  14. I am almost glad he is out this week. I hate playing Navy. The WWII indebtedness has been paid in full with abundant interest. The endless cut blocks inevitably result in multiple ND players hobbling off the field at various points. It usually looks worse than it is, but I still hate it. I would love to get them off of the schedule.
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