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  1. You are so right, it is very exciting watching this ND team come together.What an outstanding job the coaches have done with recruiting & having them prepared each & every week.It is so good to have ND back in the national championship conversation.GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I was going to this game,but my Mom & Dad`s 50th wedding anniversary is on Friday & we are having a surprise party for them on Saturday.If ND ever joins a conference i selfishly hope it is the ACC.
  3. Had it all lined up to go,then realized that day we are giving my Mom & Dad a surprise 50th anniversary party.Guess i will be there in spirit.
  4. 2 defensive studs for 2012,Jonathan Bullard defensive line and Rhaheim Ledbetter hard hitting safety.Both play for Crest Chargers in Boiling Springs,NC.Ask Counsell about these 2 as his team played against them.This is the same school that Brandon Spikes who went to Florida and is now with New England.They will have plenty of offers and would love to see them in ND.
  5. Love this class.Can not wait for the season to start.Coach Kelly and staff did a fantastic job with the recruits.
  6. Having seen Rhaheim Ledbetter play, he has a nose for the football and a very hard hitter.Very coachable and a great team player.Also Jonathan Bullard DE on the same high school team is a beast on the line.He is very hard to block one on one with great quickness and makes a lot of plays.I wouldn`t mind seeing both of these go to ND.
  7. Defense played well,held Miami rushing attack to very little yardage.ND came out strong on offense and Jacory Harris continued to be an interception throwing machine.Hughes had a good day, ran the ball very hard.The coaching staff had them ready to play and it showed.Hopefully this builds toward next year.
  8. Champs Sports bowl please.This way i will be able to attend.If not i will root for them on tv.
  9. 25rocket, I was impressed with his speed and his nose for the football.I hope he will stay With the irish.Shoot me an e-mail at cbyankee62@hotmail.com i want to ask you a few questions.Thanks
  10. Hey 25rocket, did you make it down to the ACR vs.Crest game this year?
  11. If i had the choice it would have to be ND.Growing up watching them on tv plus finally stepping on to campus to see my first ND home game against Air Force a few years ago, just reaffirmed my passion for ND.
  12. Can`t give up already.A lot of people thought that Kelly would come in and turn ND around in year one.Yes this would have been nice,but all of us fans need to give this new staff a couple of years to get everyone on board with the new system.I want ND back to national contenders just like everyone else, but it will take time.As long as the verbals stay Kelly and crew will right this ship.
  13. I think Kelly will be fine.We have to give him some years to get his RKG`S in the program.This being said it was a heart breaking loss last night.Hopefully they turn the corner and get some wins.GO IRISH
  14. ND will be fine.They played with heart and just came up a little short.Coach Kelly has the team going in the right direction.GO IRISH
  15. roughly 750 miles to south bend from nc. made the trip 2 yrs. ago and can`t wait to go back.greatest atmosphere anywhere.
  16. really like that show,hate to hear that Phil passed.
  17. SJ,thanks for all you have done for DD,and hope you will continue to post.
  18. So sad to hear of his passing.Hope the other young man can pull thru.As a dad with 2 teenagers i can`t imagine the pain those families are going thru.May God bless them in this most difficult time.
  19. Nice breakdown can`t wait for Sept. I really like Kelly`s upbeat enthusiasm.If that transfers to the field i think ND will be in good shape.
  20. Being Kellys first class and coming in late i would be satisfied.Not too hung up on all the star ratings,just want to see the results on the field.If kelly succeeds on the field the "star" recruits will come.
  21. All networks probably have the same amount of TV timeouts.The one game i was fortunate enough to see in person felt like it took forever.That being said i can`t wait to get another opportunity to go up for another home game!Also like the idea of a jumbotron.
  22. I would like for the TV timeouts to be alot shorter.Seems like every home game takes forever,I think this is one reason for the crowd not being into it.Every time there is something to cheer about it seemed like there was a TV timeout.
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