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  1. Momma was calling. Everyone goes home to momma.
  2. It's pretty obvious what lies ahead, but I think this team will start to play harder from the first whistle and the coaches will start honing in on what they can do and eliminate what they can't do well. I'm going to say a 9-3 season but I think 10 wins is achievable. Very easily could be 6-6 but I am gonna go with the 9-10 win range. It's great to get 2 wins where you can learn a lot about your team to start the season. They know they can make plays when it counts, and now they just have to start the game with my hairs on fire mentality and play like someone smacked their momma. No longer do they think they can just whip people with the golden helmets. They can lose to everyone on the schedule and beat everyone on the schedule. Florida State classic taxing match up Sunday night to catch Toledo on a short week expecting an easy victory (trap game) so I'm not reading too much into the transitive analysis of why they suck, but I do think they suck and can get better to finish strong.
  3. Bold strategy cotton, let’s see if it pays off for him.
  4. Not going to lose my mind in transitive property analysis of how bad UND football team is.. Most of us have eyes and a working brain.. inthiught it was funny when Brian Kelly alluded to this happening to FSU when he said something to the effect “if they play like this” they’ll have a great year. Also said something about their dual QB system. the ND FSU game was disjointed and sloppy but you could tell with the energy in the stadium that the noles were playing out of their mind and Brian Kelly knew it.
  5. agree; Also.. Lack of snaps for younger players also hurts depth as they’ll transfer out or get passed over in favor of an equal skill freshman. Seemingly UND is the only playoff team that has severe regression when their good team graduates or goes to nfl.
  6. That’s a favorable ranking. I’m fine with preseason polls I just wish they’d freeze them for 3-4 weeks and re-rank everyone honestly because there’s a few teams behind UND that Vegas would favor on a neutral field. not that it matters anyhow. They have a gauntlet starting with Purdue all the way leading up to Navy then they have to watch out for Virginia while everyone is licking their wounds from all the cut blocks. if they can vastly improve and show us something we haven’t seen on TV yet (physicality and discipline) they’ll make the playoffs. If they stay the same I’d say .500 the rest of the way for a 7-5 season
  7. Rees is not the problem. This offense smells like Brian Kelly's fingers are all over it. Quick game perimeter runs passes etc. When TR called the bowl game against Iowa state he pounded the ball and pounded the rock some more. They ran it really well last year. Either his hands are tied because the OL sucks and/or Brian Kelly is trying to modify the offense to suit his liking and the line does not get practice with the down-hill style running attack so they're soft. Soft as shit.
  8. Stanford plays USC like USC plays UND. Nothing more, nothing less. For teams not named Alabama there is going to be lots of parody. Especially with teams who utilize super seniors. Iowa, Wake Forest etc.
  9. Stats are for losers. You can rack up rushing yards when you're running 4 minute on teams that have packed it in. As my memory serves me, his run blocking wasn't as effective. Great recruiter and they rarely gave up sacks, but I think at the very least ND should be able to recruit and develop a host of lineman. Perhaps it's not really Kelly's style of offense that allows ND to develop lineman as much as other programs. Don't really like juding a line coach by the NFL talent as much as the entire unit's effectiveness. Never been a fan of Hiestand but I'd gladly take one of his units after this mess.
  10. Yes but if you watched the games, Warriners OL could run on first down when teams were expecting you to run. They could push people around with the likes of Braxton Cave etc. They were also very effective with pin and pull runs when they couldn't push people around. Harry didn't run much pin and pull(except for bowl game vs LSU) and just tried to out-physical teams and they couldn't do that very effectively although they would keep the QBs really clean.
  11. Coan's arm strength is average, perhaps a touch above average. Buchner might beat most in a 40 yard foot race, but I don't see him being very elusive against a top flight D. Above average QB play with a terrible OL is gonna be bad news the more film UND puts out the more these other teams are going to be licking their chops.
  12. Coach should reach back out to Warriner, but he won't. I feel like he may be kinda pissed off about leaving for OSU.
  13. Boise and SMU would be a value added for a quality team and another school with a great TV market. DFW is the 4th largest metro in the country. NYC LA Chicago top 3
  14. Thats your excuse for not being able to run on Toledo? Our backups backups have higher recruiting rankings than their O Line.
  15. I'd even go for one of Hiestand's units after watching this shit. At least Hiestand's guys could pass protect. Couldn't execute a zone run for their life.
  16. This is going to be the new norm with the revised transfer portal. I don't see it is as a sign of trouble with the program and player development. Look at FSU's defense..
  17. Ok so resume alone, I'll give you Dabo clearly deserves #2. However, Dabo didn't really get it popping until they started getting 5* defensive lineman and Heisman worthy QBs - Deshaun Watson & Sunshine. I think it goes without saying that those two QBs in tandem with a dominant DL will make any "good" coach a NC caliber coach. Do you think that if BK had a program like Clemson he wouldn't have a NC by now? I think he would, therefore I would put him on Dabo's level (resume aside). I'm not a fan of the standalone resume argument because by that logic you could say Doug Williams was a better QB than Dan Marino. I think if roles were reversed, Dabo would have already been let go from UND and Brian Kelly would have a football factory, therefore I think Brian Kelly is as good if not a better coach than Dabo. My opinion and 2 cents, hah.
  18. The funny thing is that he thinks he's hilarious. He's clearly a dick which I also think is funny. I'm somewhat eccentric myself so those qualities are not off-putting to me.
  19. Probably a boring domination 45-24 something like that.
  20. Coaches thought it would be a good idea to start trading yards and points for time off the clock. Almost got UND beat.
  21. I use to want to see him go to a big time public school to work out my hypothesis or an NFL team. Now I'm happy if he stays at Notre Dame and we'll never find out. My inclination is that Kirby Smart, Lincoln Riley, Jimbo Fisher or whoever you think is better than him would not have the same success in South Bend as Brian Kelly has had. IMO these coaches are going to make their hay on the backs of the 5* who flock to southern power houses moreso than even Ohio State. This does not mean, in it's entirety, that Brian Kelly is better than the aforementioned coaches if they couldn't succeed in SB, but you'd need some type of control for this experiment whether that be BK going to the NFL or coaching for another big time college program that offers scholarships to any D1 eligible athlete. I sincerely don't think the latter is going to happen. Definitely a great debate, but you'd have to ask yourself if you'd trade Brian Kelly for any of these guys right now and why you think they'd succeed moreso than Brian Kelly. There is so much parody among the not Nick Saban group you can probably group Dabo, Jimbo, Chip Kelly, Kirby Smart, Lincoln Riley in there with Brian Kelly as coaches who've gotten their programs to the cusp of a championship or won it in the last 10 years consistently and you could really make a case for all of them. Brian Kelly has done it with far less talent at the QB position, which he has no one but himself to blame for that.
  22. Social media was all over him lol. I’d give him a solid A but we don’t get to see coach’s tape to see if there was anything he missed and only get the espn telecast. If there were any mistakes I bet they pale in comparison to the defense.
  23. Let’s examine your understanding of logic. Weather is a manifestation of several factors outside of ones control unless you control HAARP. And discipline, execution, and play calling is a direct result of leadership on a football team. also this is a forum designed for discussion regarding the team. My 2 cents is you’ll need a better analogy when criticizing someone’s “logic” If you don’t think the coaches are combing through last nights performance for teaching points this week and beyond you’re ridiculous. Perhaps you’re unable to discern hyperbole and fanaticism.l which is fine.. None of us want Freeman gone (yet), but last nights defensive performance more than warrants an overreaction from the fans. ad hominem attacks and silencing dissent or healthy discourse isn’t what this message board is about.
  24. He was a bit tone-deaf to the current climate where everything is offensive when he made that comment and we just lost a bunch of Americans in the Afghan conflict.. I think coach is hilariously candid but I grew up not being an overly sensitive p***y. Also I learned that you have to accept responsibility for your actions and words. Like Trent Dilfer had to apologize for throwing that kid around, Brian Kelly is likely going to have to issue some sort of apology. Cancel culture is a virus.
  25. Did you notice that he looked like he was gonna blow chunks in pregame?
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