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  1. Correct. In order to get an overturned 4 team system, you need to have unanimous votes as to the new structure.. After the playoff deal runs it's course, it will be a majority vote: You're either with us or not with us type of deal.. I don't see it changing before 2025
  2. Lots of Scholarship transfers going out of title town. ND is pretty good in TE but LB Jaylen Moody has playing time and is looking to transfer. ND needs linebackers I don’t care what the freshman class is..
  3. This game proves there doesn't even need to be a CFB playoff let alone expansion. The championship game had the two best teams who were clearly better than everyone else.
  4. Can we get Skechers, Campbells, and Guinness to pitch in here?!? ** EDIT; I'm drunk again and should not be taken seriously.
  5. Gotta find a way to get them both in the same division (Bears/Lions ; Falcons/Panthers) etc. I loved Harbaugh vs Carroll NFL edition lol.
  6. That would be a fair statement about ND; although I might potentially still disagree.. haven't thought about it much. However, I think you'd lose your job as an NFL GM or a small time school AD who's boosters weren't buying players challengers and Camaros so that they can win the mountain west. Saban can run a better program with a cohesive booster alliance but if the job description relies on the ability to coach ball or X and Os like the NFL or small time schools, I'd pick Harbaugh if it were my job on line. There are a lot of great coaches(better than those two) who we'll never hear about because their roster is garbage.
  7. Saban runs a more successful college program than Harbaugh two totally different statements. If you’re a GM and you need to make a coaching hire to run a successful NFL franchise, who are you picking? You think Saban would take Stanford to BCS bowls? Could Harbaugh sustain the incredible run at Bama? Probably not but I don’t have a lone criterion for judging a HC.
  8. He’s either gone or this is a public display in an attempt to get leverage for committed resources to compete with the SEC. Hes a better coach than Saban and 10x better than Kirby Smart but he doesn’t have freaks on the D line or frisbee catching dogs on the other side. I believe it’s the former. Think about what recruiting really is.. an old dude pretending to be friends with immature teenagers.. many of whom are spoiled brats where you have to go all out on your sales pitch 24-7/365 to get a “maybe I’ll think about it..” not just the time it takes away from your free time..
  9. Hopefully Bob Diaco can come back to coach the defense..
  10. Brian Kelly didn't leave for the money either. If it was the money he would have shopped LSU's offer with Swarbrick or at least mentioned it. Brian Kelly thinks it's easier to win at LSU than South Bend, that's the main reason he left. Go back and read articles about Harbaugh at Stanford. There was no amount of money Stanford(which can afford to pay coaches big time money btw) or any other college team could have thrown at him to keep him in college. He's a competitive dude who wants to win on the highest level. I can't blame him. Even at Michigan he's fighting with one hand tied behind his back to compete against SEC schools who have and will have paid for rosters. If it was solely about the money why would he have given several million of his bonus to UM staffers this year? I'll give you that it's about the money in terms of being competitive. I think I'm worth more than this idiot who's making X in the NFL but I don't think he's driven by the almighty dollar so his wife can buy a new land rover.
  11. Correct, which is still against the NIL rules. The NCAA is a group of the most overconfident buffoons. Since they drew a hard line in the sand, this NIL was taken to a court and was tossed out under antitrust so now the NCAA is handcuffed in terms of creating some sort of common sense reform that could curb some of this nonsense. I think if the NCAA said sure you can do NIL but legislate penalties for using it as a pitch to recruits and disallow freshman to sign and receive NIL contracts, you would curb a lot of this nonsense. Just a couple ideas my dumb butt came up with I'm sure there are other much better ways to encourage NIL deals while making sure teams don't take advantage of it and break the rules.
  12. Been pretty lean at Good Guys Roofing over this covid stretch but I have an extra 5k for marketing next year if you point someone out in the DFW area that we need, lol.
  13. It's not a money thing. It could be a respect thing though as he took a pretty good paycut last year. He's always relished the NFL but there weren't other opportunities around for him by the time SF let him go.. UM got lucky he was available..
  14. https://blogs.usafootball.com/blog/8372/texas-youth-club-earns-gold-level-status-in-usa-football-program Here's an article that explains the basic tenets of zone blocking. It requires a lot of communication on the lineman. I don't like zone blocking because it requires so much communication and reaction based on the defense's alignment (covered/uncovered) and where the D is trying to leverage their run fits. I also don't like it because it requires reach steps which can neutralize any size / strength advantage you have in the trenches when players don't have the assignments burned into their subconscious.. They play slow with sideways footwork = recipe for disaster.
  15. Do we have Tim Prister on this? I saw this on Rivals I just don't think the guy who posted it is much smarter than my 7 year old german shepherd ridgeback mutt..
  16. Cutcliffe was going to come here under CW until he found out he would be a Denbrock type then opted to have some surgeries. I wouldn't be surprised if he's done coaching now that he got canned from Duke. He's pretty old
  17. John W Jay(previous letterman for ND Football) gave ND 150 million for the endowment fund. He's a big proponent of paying football players. Shortly after these gifts, Jenkins and Swarbrick changed their tune on whether or not athletes should be paid and Swarbrick has diligently fired up/ crafted a whole NIL department for ND's student athletes. https://www.silverwavesmedia.com/news_article/show/1180447 Article where Jack's quoted as being a huge opponent of paying players before or right around the time big money was pledged from a billionaire fund manage who played at ND. Kind of funny how a couple dollars will change the tune of the brass.. See what I did there? https://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/05/notre-dame-football-pay-players-college-sports Posted this yesterday in the A&M post**
  18. My guess is they want to stay out of the ire of scrutiny and speculation and are adding expenses that aren't completely attributable to the athletic department to the report. You're a plant manager and you're reporting 5k a month in cleaning supplies to the sales team and administration side of the building(cubicles) when 95% of it's used to clean your shop floors and equipment type of scenario (is my best guess).. which would could be a catastrophic situation not knowing how much your product is costing you out the door, but in this case I'm guessing AD's and other number guys in the universities know their numbers in and out.. and that they might be different than whats put on the universities letterhead for donors and politicians to see. Many articles claim only a handful of programs are truly profitable.. Then my question is why continue to invest hundreds of millions if it's truly a loser, or did they move numbers around within the university for various reasons? Doing this has nothing to do with the amount of taxes you pay at the end of the year, but that 5k/month in overhead that comes off the admin sales office overhead instead of billed into the cost of the widgits your production floor assembles.. Is football a loss gainer? Like grocery store bread? Gotta sell that shit at a loss otherise you won't sell milk, medicine, or cosmetics.. IE attendance is typically directly related to football programs popularity. I don't have the answer but I find it hard to believe only a hand full are truly profitable.. https://ibaworldtour.com/how-many-profitable-college-football-programs/
  19. It’s been that way for a long time. Cam Newtons father or whatever solicited his sons commitment for a hefty sum. read article 10 years ago about ex Ohio State players who tried to finish their degree and community colleges wouldn’t honor all but 1 or 2 of the classes even though they played football for 3 years. Ohio state had curriculum that kept the players eligible but didn’t teach anything accredited by the Ohio public school system. Was kinda nuts.
  20. Got a bag and A chance to be taught by one of the best to play the position and a decent head coach where he’ll get personal attention as opposed to signing with Bama and being the 7th cornerback getting the freshman treatment.. My prediction is he’ll transfer to a power 5 school to get reps against the best after he gets a year or two under him and shoot his shot for the nfl.
  21. And I bet a forensic dive into the financial report could find those books being cooked and the profit being even higher.. I’m not insinuating any deceit or tax evasion as it’s just an internal report. the athletic department has many crossover expenses with the educational side. there was a report about 7-8 years ago before UM gave Harbaugh a huge contract how only a handful of programs are profitable.. such a crock of BS while those unprofitable programs are erecting 700-800 million $ stadiums and spending $10-15 million a year on coaches and analysts.
  22. I’m with colts here. As much as I judged hiestand for the team not being able to run the ball, I will hold cautious optimism that his ineffective run production was a product of Brian Kelly’s soft system. some of my reluctance is that I felt run production really suffered after Warriner left and Kelly had a similar scheme(control) between the two OL coaches and Hiestand being the only difference.. also I felt like the guys were mainly lacking in teaching principles for inside zone as they always seem to be lost on who goes to the next level and where to block the backers in the hole. Warriner tan more pin/pull zone and Hiestand was an inside/outside zone guy who switched the pin pull for the lsu bowl in which they pounded the rock with great effectiveness. I get it if you look at the stat sheet you can shoot my opinion down easily as the #s are similar, but I judge a running game based on production when you need it. 1st down, 4 minute etc. you can easily pad rushing stats in the 4th quarter with a mentally and physically beat down defense. shit I tried to make this concise but I turn into Hawaii more often than not now.
  23. Caleb Williams is transferring out. These NIL rumors are insane. I could think of a handful of transfers from back in the day who are worth $2million, but what the heck is goin on. I’m just an old man who’s out of touch at this point.
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