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  1. Cheaters OMG.. Hope they can recover from this death penalty.
  2. They need a top QB recruit and actually develop him. My guess is solving this issue would put them within a FG-5 points of the top scoring offenses. Was never a big fan of BK's 4 vertical type passing attack but we have seen ND taper that back a bit in the past year or so..
  3. Matt Campbell is Tom Herman 2.0; wins big games loses against cupcakes.
  4. I wouldn't mind if they went back to the well and got Fickell. I think timing is going to be right for Fickell as he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to cash in on his success at Cincy. Clark Lea won't be done finding out that taking the Vanderbilt job was a bad idea by the time this job is open.
  5. They should be satisfied with what they've accomplished. Top 15 recruiting class vs #1 was a Will Fuller / Golden Tate away from playing Bama competitively. If ND had 3 Owusu's instead of 1 and/or better corners.. Ifs and butts, but this team over-achieved this year and have been over-achieving for the last 5-6 seasons. If they could just recruit to a consistent top 5, they'll eventually win a playoff game... will they win it all? Probably not, but who knows.
  6. Need to start running 5 5* TE sets brah.
  7. I hear you.. He looked pretty damn good against Purdue when Clausen was down. perhaps he lost his nuts when Kelly got to campus.
  8. I'd be down for OC, but you know Kelly would not go for that.
  9. He has a disdain for 5* quarterbacks from California.. Remember how he handled the Dayne Crist situation? Tommy Rees was coddled because he was a 3* "gamer" but refused to give Dayne Crist any breaks.
  10. It won't matter if UF is #9 or #14 next year. They play a tough schedule combined with the SEC bias they will be in the playoff if they win their league or at least the east and play a close one in the championship game.
  11. I'm gonna watch it again on DVR but live in person it seems that ND traded blows in the trenches respectfully with Bama which was impressive. ND was really vulnerable on the edge with swing passes and quick throws which makes me think they perhaps stiffened up because the D really schemed up the inside run. Notice when ND tried quick tosses to the edge, bama was there for sure tackles. No answer for #6 on some crossing routes. Offense has a knack for stalling out and not punching the ball in for scores.. Kinda head scratching play calling perhaps? Book is no pocket passing QB. My wife on the first or second drive said wow he's anxious/nervous while watching his feet as he tried to time up some of his throws.. You saw what happens when two well coached teams one who has top 15 talent and another that has top 1 talent play each other on a neutral field. I'd say ND overachieved giving their recruiting rankings. Honestly I think if ND had an elite QB they might close the gap on the big boys and look respectable half the time(everything else staying the same), but they will never be Bama or Clemson/OSU until ND can improve on the recruiting front.
  12. Is there an itinerary etc on the bowl game? My wife was a band nerd @ SMU and wanna show her some sights and sounds if that's even a thing for this game? We're gonna head down in a half hour or so. TIA Go Irish
  13. Stop the pass first? That's something I've never heard before.. Let them gouge you on the ground so your team is completely exhausted by the 2nd half.. Make sure to double their #1 target tho!
  14. I think we cover and Book will probably get baited into some poor decision late to seal it as they're going to keep him in the pocket and force him to pick them apart in the secondary (good luck). Section 133 tomorrow. Go Irish.
  15. Bowl season sucks. The smaller teams play hard, but the big boys who missed the top 4 don't even show up.
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