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  1. Lock this MF. he gone it’s over. It’s all been said and re-said.
  2. ND gonna whip some ass in round 1. see you guys in Indianapolis.
  3. Yes. And that team is built for a spread air raid so the lines won’t be built up for a few years anyway even if he does decide to get a little more smash mouth. was thinking just what you said as I hit send but I talk a lot and can be long winded.. working on being more concise
  4. Hold your britches once Ryan Day goes to the NFL..
  5. USC has given ND a fight even with a lame duck head coach and a "depleted" roster, so with a high energy coach and a few recruiting tack-ons it's going to be a good game.
  6. I think many of us (Freeman supporters) are well aware of what could happen. Part of us wanted him because of what's happened before with the program falling apart before and realize that continuity and recruiting are major components of success. Part of us wanted him because of his youthful exuberance and relatability with his players (although that can be a crutch in an of itself). Notre Dame is a different place. I think Notre Dame is in a position to rebound quickly if this era doesn't pan out. You can feel the excitement around the program and I don't think that was the case with Bob Davie. I was only 13 or so I don't really know, but I will remember that 41-9 ass kicking like it was yesterday. Lovecchio couldn't get that offense to cross the 50 yard line until after half time. Notre Dames talent disparity was on full display and after suffering through that I was convinced that Notre Dame couldn't recruit elite talent. Here we are getting ready to ink a top 5/10 class with another potentially top ranked class on deck for '23. This program is back and while it might never translate to championships, this program has shown that it will commit to winning and playing at a high level. CW, Swarbrick and Brian Kelly paved the way and we should be forever grateful as a loyal fan-base. Welcome Coach Freeman. I'm looking forward to seeing a fired up squad in a bowl game this year to kick off this era the right way.
  7. I think we will see more ground and pound ala Iowa St bowl game as that was Tommy's audition as a play caller. Kelly was so enamored with slow developing quarters beating route concepts early in his career and even this season.
  8. I can’t remember which one but I feel like I joined or became active during a coaching change probably Brian Kelly.. I’m sure we’ll get a surge of new members soon. Let’s play nice and break them in without scaring them off right away.
  9. I love how pissed off he was when asked the question.. When he said why don’t you ask Sean Payton these questions.. like he was offended because he knows the media thinks he’s the token young black and relatable HC who would translate to the college game almost discrediting his coaching ability/achievements in the NFL. Which is back handed and maybe a bit racist.. most people think you just have to refrain from saying the N word to not look racist but a lot of it is what you say and how you say it. I would have been pissed also and love his response. That dude tells it like it is and is perfect for Pittsburgh. you can’t pay me enough to coach 18-21 yr olds lol.
  10. UM wanted to pay him 10 million annually in the first contract. He told them to pay him less and spend the money on his assistants.. he’s pretty well set from Stanford NFL and his first Michigan contract. I know it’s hard to believe but most of these guys just want to win and the money doesn’t really change a whole lot of their lifestyle. They’re busy coaching and recruiting all year. bellichick would regularly pay cash bonus to low end coaches when goals were hit.
  11. In a way I feel for him. I know he's doing the best with what the brass has outlined for him. Would be so easier if the leadership said give us a list of what you need Jack and we'll grant it. Doesn't seem to work like that even with all of the improvements to the program. Kelly really opened the door to a lot of things.
  12. Ok maybe this meme needs polishing, but I think it's pretty funny. I just made it in Adobe. I'm eccentric and my wife tells me I'm weird AF so not offended if you don't think it's funny.
  13. I was thinking and hoping the same thing after seeing Jack's demeanor in the presser and watching that snippet. Hoping he runs through everything.. "Let's make sure the facilities are at or near the top of the competition, and look at things we can do to campus life and support staff for these athletes who, lets face it, most aren't qualifying to ND as a student without being good at football." I like how he said they're constantly evaluating everything within the program to see what they can improve. It gave me a vote of confidence that Jack will push for the necessary changes to keep this program at or near the top. I tried to delete that post because it was echoing what many others said but I'm glad you responded because that's where I was kinda wanting to go with this as it pertains to a wake up call for Jack. The smoking gun was Brian never asked to counter. He didn't care as much about the money as he wants to win championships. He wants to beat Saban.
  14. Iowa's defense gonna need 4 or 5 touchdowns to even have a chance. Neutral site, in a stadium.. UM going to be a heavy favorite on the money line.
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