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  1. It has been a looong time. I ended up at the SBCFH as mentioned. In July of last year I found employment and have been working toward finding a place almost ever since. Difficult because I haven't rented anywhere since the late 80s, had no references or recent rental history. On top of that, I basically have no credit score because I have no debt/credit cards and only one bank account. I stayed at the center and have been looking for a place for over half a year, difficult because of the above and then the "pandemic". This past Sunday, I finally found a place via word of mouth and am back in Mishawaka, where I lived for over twenty years. It's been one helluva long, winding road but at least things are finally pointing forward again. I have not forgotten the support I received here nor will I. Sports have not been a major focus for me though and were put on the back burner. As it turns out, they may be for many people under current circumstances. I wanted to let everyone at DD that I appreciate the support through this entire ordeal. Kind of interesting. My other half passed on 07/16/18, I started this job on 07/15/19 and signed the lease for this place on 07/18/20. I guess maybe I had better start paying attention dates in mid July...
  2. Need to get back here more often after all the support but my old phone was on its last legs and I just bought a new one a couple of days ago. Thanks again everyone, it helped more than you know. A few checks in now, good to have a cushion in the bank again. It was touch and go for awhile there. Hopefully I'll be able to catch a game this year.
  3. Got hired by Better World Books in Mishawaka, working inventory. I haven't done this kind of work since my thirties but I'll take it. Just a matter of getting back in the swing of things.
  4. Hi Echo, mentioned to Rocket I didn't think of posting it before. Thank you to everyone in advance for your kindness. https://www.gofundme.com/c5u2gb-starting-over-from-scratch
  5. Thank you Rocketsan but a friend talked me into starting a Gofundme page. I didn't think of posting a link when I updated that post of mine.
  6. Well, the last ten months have been something else again. Long story short, her nephew moved in with his family to help pay costs, never did and I left before burning through *all* that insurance money. Looked for someone to live with for awhile, nobody could take my dog as well so I lived out of the car for awhile with him. A few weeks ago when it was still getting down to freezing at night, decided it was no life for a dog and gave him up for adoption. I'm now staying at the SB Center For the Homeless and started a fundraiser to help pay some bills. Won't go into great detail, it turns into War and Peace.
  7. Never been a fan myself although I live in Mishawaka, not South Bend. He appeals to the left though. Ran on his military service the first time, then came out of the closet got married and the left lapped that up. I just think he's average as a mayor and making the jump from mayor of a smaller midwest city to president would be a huge leap. JMO
  8. I'm sure the stone shell will stay intact but pretty much any old wood, the roof, framing, etc will be toast. At least I would imagine.
  9. Sad to read. https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/15/world/notre-dame-cathedral-fire/index.html
  10. https://und.com/news/2019/4/15/mens-basketball-former-irish-head-coach-john-macleod-passes-away.aspx
  11. Well, ND won... I thought the offense looked pretty good and the defense was okay but there will be some growing pains with a lot of solid, experienced players being replaced by relative newbies. I think the offense will carry this team to some degree until the new starters on defense grow into their roles.
  12. I hate to say any young person is a lost cause but this young man needs to get his life straightened out. Either trouble finds him or he finds trouble.
  13. Looks like he was buried on the depth chart, that's always an incentive to move on.
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