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  1. Tom Loy CB’d Jason Moore to ND. That would make the best DLine in the country.
  2. Any word On Moore’s visit to Oregon?? Heard MF face timed him while at the draft.
  3. No visits for Dante Moore so far? That is surprising.
  4. I think he is one of the brightest minds on offense. The way he scheme guys open in the Oklahoma game was quite impressive. I like his feel for the game.
  5. I heard an interview with rivals this am. From his answers I think it would be a miracle if we can hold on to him. When asked about why he chose ND he kept saying “at that time” then rambled a bit and repeated at that time. Just seemed really weird. That is what happens when you recruit the best of the best. Gonna have to fight for this one.
  6. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/notre-dame-oc-tommy-rees-on-staying-plus-an-early/id1433966613?i=1000544598469
  7. Everyone in here should listen to Ryan Russillos pod with Tommy Rees interview. Sheds a ton of light on what happened in the last 12 days or so.
  8. Elko to Duke. Maybe this helps with Lucas!?
  9. Oh boy do I love a good old fashioned coaching search!
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