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  1. Scary. https://fightingirishwire.usatoday.com/2021/02/26/louis-nix-notre-dame-missing/amp/
  2. That’s what I’m thinking. Hopefully it’s legit!
  3. https://apple.news/A22Rn4NXVSpqIh2yRCyAcRg This is the only thing I can find. This is a huge get. Some have him as the #1 LB in the country.
  4. My understanding is that Kelly wanted Elston to replace BVG. Not Elko. The ND powers that be wanted new blood and not an internal hire after the Sh!t show that was 2016.
  5. He declared. Really wish he would have stayed and moved to tackle with Patterson.
  6. Man I really thought he would be heathy by today and they would have some packages for him. Guess not.
  7. I told my son the game was over. My 8 year old looked right at his drunk depressed dad and said with 100% conviction, Dad the game is over we are going to win. It’s not over till it’s over. We screamed and picked him and my 10 year old daughter up and spun them around screaming! It was the best sports moment of my 39 year old life.
  8. 28-10 now. I don’t know how I feel about all this?
  9. That’s crazy, hope he is okay, and back for the ND game.
  10. Saw on reddit. Had surgery. Hopefully a speedy recovery.
  11. Count me in on being bummed about my first trip to Ireland and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Now I get to fight with the airlines to get my money back.
  12. https://apple.news/Asi61PfT2R_WGeh0r5KVbLw Read this article, man this kid sounds like the real deal.
  13. I think a big what if that never gets discussed is, what if Justin Tuck comes back for his senior year in 2005? Him and Victor Abiarimi would have been huge and I think we would have finished undefeated in 2005.
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