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  1. What an exciting player for the ND offense! He was a must get at WR. Great job v=by Del Alexander in his recruitment to get this top 75 player on board, Only once in a blue moon does ND haul in the top player in the state of Washington. Guess there's a blue moon soon. Welcome aboard, Tobias!
  2. Clark Lea just flipped him to Vanderbilt!
  3. Clark Lea just flipped him to Vanderbilt where he will play with one of his high school teammates.. Good work by Lea to get such a stud. He is doing well there on the recruiting trails and has the Commodores ranked at 22nd in the nation.
  4. he's better than good, He's greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!
  5. Awesome! Getting THE best linebacker in the country is a true blessing fir ND!
  6. If both are ND, it will be one of, or if not, the best week in ND recruiting annals
  7. ND may have passed because of an issue with grades and sustaining them going forward at ND, not talent. But Wagner is no consolation prize. If he picks ND, he will be a long-term stud on the OL.
  8. Sure hope your vibes are right, We will find out tonorrow at 5 pm
  9. Moore is a great addition to the secondary!
  10. Trust me, Bellamy is a good one. Teammate of Angelli at North Jersey powerhouse Bergen Catholic.. Good enough to play on offense too
  11. Another Jersey guy to the Irish. Will be a top-notch corner in due time, teammate of Angelli at Jersey powerhouse Bergen Catholic
  12. Seems like a case of homesickness more than anything else. He would have red shirted this year anyway. Brings total number of scholarships to 85
  13. Bellamy announces July 2. Sure hope he is Irish and does not think he can be the big man on campus for Rutgers. He is a priority for ND at a position of need. Hope Freeman and Mickens have told him how important he is to this class of studs!
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