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  1. Thanks for posting these,Faith, Great job!
  2. Have never been so exited to see a 3-star recruit pick ND -- and an Irishman to boot. This young man is going to be special!
  3. Kelly is properly ranked at #3
  4. Sorry, I did not see this post in time to participate
  5. McGraw left the cupboard a bit bare, so it will take her time to rebuild to challenge UConn and Baylor again in the final 4
  6. Awesome, Faith! Will it be telecast on NBC of NBCSN?
  7. Don't appreciate your dickhead comment at the end. Can tell you are not an alum but a fair weather fan. e Right now the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio is by far the top Catholic university in the nation by far and it is not even close. Under Jenkins, ND does not have a Catholic faculty anymore and he continues to give university honors to people who oppose the teachings of the Church. His Bishop has called him out on it and he turns a deaf ear to him. He needs to go!
  8. What was pathetic was how Wisconsin easily took out a North Carolina team that crushed ND by 50!
  9. Let's see if Jenkins has the you-know-whats to meet with them. He is not worthy to shake the sand off Hesbsurgh's sandals!
  10. Specifically, ND was once the top Catholic university in America. That is no longer true under Jenkins. For that reason alone, he is the worst ND president in my lifetime.
  11. I was in the first group of residents at Grace. Matter of fact, it was not ready for students at the start of the semester, so we were put in forced triples in Dillon until mid-October when we were allowed to move in. It was great to be in a brand-new high-rise dorm!
  12. Monster pick up for ND. He has the ability to be an All-American and the Irish scooped him up right under the noses of the Skunkbears.
  13. If Fr. Jenkins can't control a dorm, no wonder he can't lead Our Lady's University as it should be! He needs to step down. Lived in Breen-Philips, Stanford and Grace in my years at ND a half-century ago. Zahm's Zombies were a sight back then!
  14. Good get for a walk-on. Will probalby see the field in the fall.
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