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  1. ISD has crystal balled CJ Carr, 5-star QB,to ND!
  2. This a guys ND really NEEDS to land. He us awesome!
  3. And he does not need the money. The Manning family has more money than God. Bet he would love to play at the the nation's most tradition rich university!
  4. If Moore wants the money and likes that loser Manziel, so be it. Let's go after Manning hard!!!
  5. Wagoner is a must get at CB. Watch his tape, it is awesome!!
  6. Pitt junior WR Jordan Addison is entering the transfer portal. Addison (6'0/175) may not actually transfer, but is entering the portal in an exploratory fashion. The reigning Biletnikoff Award winner caught 100 passes for 1,593 yards and 17 touchdowns last year and is trending as a first round selection on just about every early-2023 mock draft worth their salt. While rumors came out that USC offered Addison up to $3 million in NIL perks, there are still multiple options in play for the Pitt phenom. ND has no shot at him if USC is offering that much in NIL perks!
  7. Heck, he might end up being better than Kyle Hamilton
  8. Agree. Refuse to pay for a practice game. ND needs to better negotiate this Peacock crap with NBC
  9. Moore has already said he is a Midwest-type of guy. I expect him to stay true to that and take the opprtunity that ND offers him to start early in his career.
  10. It's official! Long overdue to go back to this awesome tradition. Freeman nailed it! Prayer before a game is always important to be focused for an important day. After Mass, players will walk from Sacred Heart Basilica to the stadium -- always an awesome part of game day.
  11. Another Ivy League grad transfer picks ND! Former Harvard defensive lineman Chris Smith, who was verbally committed to transfer to Minnesota, has had a change of heart and flipped his commitment to Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish coaching staff hosted the 6-2, 300-pounder over the weekend, he quickly realized South Bend was going to be his next home, and then committed.. Adds depth to DL with all the injuries. Now, if we could only get a grad transfer WR from a Power-$ school.
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