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  1. Bruce Feldman of the Athletic reporting today (1/20/22) sources have told him Jim Harbaugh will take the Las Vegas Raiders job if offered.
  2. We need to try to get Oklahoma State senior DB Jarrick Bernard-Converse who as entered the transfer portal. You won't find many players in the transfer portal more accomplished than Bernard-Converse (6'1/200), who was named first-team All-Big 12 in 2021 after posting 51 tackles and pass breakups for one of the best defenses in the nation. Bernard-Converse has started 47 games for Oklahoma State and was a member of its 2018 recruiting class. The former three-star prospect should have a hot market, as he brings both a wealth of experience and production.
  3. No concerns with this hire. What would you expect the nutty Bucknuts fans to say? Plus I am sure Washington can give ND some good inside info on how TOSU game plans, etc
  4. Kelly can take unlimited transfers at LSU so it's like Christmas every day for him getting another present.
  5. Latest landing spots: DB Khari Gee to Georgia Tech DB_ Caleb Offord to Buffalo
  6. Your wish came true!Breaking news: Al Washington has been hired as ND's next DL coach and yes it is a home run hire!
  7. Highly doubtful it was about more money since he turned down Kelly at LSU and stayed at ND until this promotion came along.
  8. Very true. He is 61 and got a raise from ISU to stay there, so he might be contemplating retirement soon, and starting all over at another stop may have been the reason why he said when he found out they would give him a raise to match or come close to ND's offer
  9. Bingo! Exactly! I would guess that number would be ZERO! No basket weaving classes at ND!
  10. Sources tell FootballScoop Iowa State defensive coordinator Jon Heacock has opted to remain at Iowa State (and is expected to receive a raise in connection with the decision). Freeman going to have to pivot quickly., losing Elston and Heacock in one day!
  11. Shocking news: ISD just reporting that Coach Mike Elston has accepted the DL coaching job at his alma mater, Michigan. Guess being turned down for the DC job or things not going well for the defense in the bowl game had much to do with it. Big loss for the ND coachng staff. He is a great coach and a force on the recruiting trail, Guess Harbaugh is staying put too
  12. It would be even nicer if he changed his commitment to ND! Sources are saying he loves ND and Merriweather is in his ear.
  13. Who knows ? There might be an injury issue that prompted this or,just having backup in case of an in-season injury. We do have an All-American punter in this class, so no worries there.
  14. Hopefully, that will continue at LSU as he reunites with Kelly
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