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  1. I had one a little over a year ago. For me, the worst part was when it was making it's way through my kidney. I ride a commuter coach to work, and it started just after I got on, so I had to sit there and deal with it for 45 min. I knew that what was going on was localized to my kidney, but I didn't think it was a kidney stone. I thought a stone would cause a really sharp pain, but it was a really intense dull pressure, like my kidney was being squeezed in a vice. When I got to the hospital, they put me on a morphine drip and the nurse remarked that the pain intensity was comparable to childbirth. Passing it was not pleasant but much easier than I expected, although the percosets probably helped with that.
  2. I think this view is negatively skewed, as it appears to only include guys who ended up as 3* and omits guys who were 3* when they committed but who's ranking later improved. For instance, Will Fuller was a 3* when he committed, and people on this board were pissed off that we accepted him. The only way his commitment was seen as acceptable was if the staff was planning on converting him to CB. I would categorize Fuller as a starter, substantial contributor, and potential draftee. http://www.domerdomain.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39301&highlight=fuller
  3. At this point, I'm wondering if we have an extra schollie for next year...
  4. Yeah, those guys and rockne3d. Also haven't heard from PJackson in a while. Anyone ever go to Sir John's site? He was getting a bit wacky toward the end of his time here, but he deserves a lot of credit for making this a great board.
  5. http://www.si.com/college-football/2014/08/10/notre-dame-fighting-irish-jaylon-smith Pretty good read...
  6. Drinking some Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale tonight. One of the best beers in New England. Can't wait until ganj becomes legal nationwide.
  7. The Only Rutgers game I spent any real time watching this year was the Houston game, and they looked pathetic on defense. They were completely unable to deal with Houston's WRs. Granted, we don't use the slant route at all for some reason, which was a big part of what Houston was killing them with, but I think they will really struggle trying to cover our guys.
  8. I thought I was going to have to miss the Pinstripe Bowl to spend the day with the in-laws until Santa brought me a ticket! Also got a nice Bose portable speaker system with Bluetooth for tailgating, out on the deck, etc.
  9. I'm thinking about going to the game - wondering how many of you guys will be there.
  10. Happy Birthday, man! Hope you get a victory over Stanford for your birthday this year!
  11. So now Echo is wishing that we had lost to USC and BadaBing is calling them our arch rivals??? Am I reading this thread in the Bizarro world???
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