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  1. Nope. Even if ND wins 70-0, goes 15-0 and wins a NC he'll still bitch that Kelly and ND are worse than a middle school team.
  2. The Clemson backup is a man-beast. They only reason he's not starting is because Lawrence is a top 10 all time college QB. That's a legit win. With Trevor starting, I'm not so sure ND wins, but it's still an OT game.
  3. What's up all you ANTI ND & Kelly bitches? I left this forum because of all you whiney bitches and last visited over a year go. Go ahead and ban me. I'm just here to gloat you pompous asses.
  4. I had to come out of retirement to reiterate this... Watching the meltdown is a favorite past-time of mine.
  5. I was there, you could see me. I was in the one in the yellow coat. I was actually there, it was a great concert. In the recording they reordered the songs a bit in the editing process IIRC. Whether you like country or not he is a great performer. The $12 beers were killers though. Nothing like expensive ****** beer.
  6. TRUE! I am suggesting in my scenario assuming that Alabama gets beat.
  7. Call me crazy then. Yeah I realize I'm on the outside looking in on my views, but I'm sticking to them. I already have a wager with my buddy about it so I'm willing to put a bottle of whisky on it. EVERYONE out side of ND wants ND in a conference. What better way to slap ND an tell them they need to join a conference than have them leap-frogged by two conference champions. Again, call me crazy, but I'm sticking to it.
  8. If Oklahoma wins and Georgia wins here you go... 1. Clemson 2. Georgia 3. Oklahoma 4. Alabama 5. Notre Dame I'll put money on it. If Alabama wins... 1. Alabama 2. Clemson 3. Notre Dame 4. Oklahoma
  9. I was just telling this to a friend. Gone before the team gets out of the showers. ST outside of Yoon have been mediocre at best and almost cost them the game today.
  10. I think Kelly should be fired immediately. I bet ND could get Dabo Sweeney, Nick Saban, and Urban Meyer all resigning their current posts to try and get the ND job before the end of the of the month. As a backup plan, just in case that doesn't work out is go get Jeff Brohm from Purdue.
  11. This is total 1) It's preseason. No reliable information to go off of. 2) Coaches don't actually have time to watch other teams and evaluate properly. 3) Polls don't mean diddly, it's what happens on the field that matters. Edit: PS I hate college football polls
  12. Since his wife works for the university and knew about it, she's required to report it (title ix requirement I think) from what I read. So if it's not his job, it's hers. Edit: Here is one of several stories about it. https://thespun.com/big-ten/ohio-state-football-news/urban-meyer-zach-smith-shelley-title-ix
  13. Maybe some of their fans. It's still a very meaningful game for them. Their coaches and players take ND very seriously. Hence the record.
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