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  1. I am content. Not a great game by any means, but solid game. The good thing is we have huge room for improvement.
  2. Rees is a difficult one to judge. I wonder how much freedom he has. But in general I would give him a B-.
  3. Yeah, his second game was pretty good. Vandy is a huge rebuild and expectations are manageable.
  4. This season could be a perfect storm. New D coordinator, Oline depth is questionable and a run of games that are all losable. Sat, Sep 18 Purdue-Notre Dame, Ind. Sat, Sep 25 Wisconsin *Chicago, Sat, Oct 2 Cincinnati, Notre Dame, Ind Sat, Oct 9 Virginia Tech@ Virginia TechBlacksburg, Va. Sat, Oct 23 USC Notre Dame, Ind.7:30pm (ET)NBC Sat, Oct 30 North Carolina North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ind. With the way that we have started all these games are toss-ups. If we lose this week I fear a snowball effect could occur.
  5. I think we're due a big storm... Looking at this team I see 5 losses and then a slight recovery next year with only 2-3 losses. Our Oline is a mess and I really do not see much improvement this year due to injuries and new players. We have had a nice run for awhile but I compare it to Liverpool soccer team. They had a 68 game unbeaten streak or so at home and then they lost and everything went to crap for awhile (lost a few in a row). Now they are readjusting and improving and on a ten game unbeaten streak..
  6. Thank you for the breakdown. Appreciated
  7. We have a 6 game stretch coming up where we can lose them all. Purdue can beat us, and everyone after that should be favored to beat us. We have talent in spots, but we suck right now.
  8. Yikes We will lose at minimum 3 games. But at least we did not lose to a MAC team.
  9. True, Freeman is a lot better recruiter. Not a good start.. Horrible actually.
  10. I like this a lot better. Switched it too light and now love it.
  11. It will likely happen in the next 3-5 years as more consolidation happens. Scheduling will become harder as conference adds more in conference games (9 or 10). That will apply more pressure on scheduling and access.
  12. I am sure the fact Swarbrick's daughter is a V.P. for Peacock has nothing to do with this decision. Oh and his son having an executive job at Under Armor is not anything to look at either.
  13. This would be a titanic shift. The SEC would distance themselves from the Big 10 and lap every other conference.
  14. Is his middle name Rudy by any chance?
  15. Sweet, Freeman needs to help Tommy out on the offensive side.
  16. Sounds great... Hope we can keep him two year.
  17. Hope we get Singleton, but have to act a tad humble if it happens because the owner of DD is a PSU fan. Could be a great class. Keep it up .
  18. Love Lou... Thanks for sharing!
  19. Lol, no Kelly would never say that. He has 27 years of coaching and players breakdown doors to come play for him.
  20. Personally I was sold when I saw the like button had the little Fighting Irish Dude. Bravo
  21. I'll have to go check out their new site. Kind of wonky and I do not like the new layout.
  22. I for one welcome our new overlords (As long as they're not Michigan fans).
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