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  1. Love Lou... Thanks for sharing!
  2. Lol, no Kelly would never say that. He has 27 years of coaching and players breakdown doors to come play for him.
  3. Personally I was sold when I saw the like button had the little Fighting Irish Dude. Bravo
  4. I'll have to go check out their new site. Kind of wonky and I do not like the new layout.
  5. I for one welcome our new overlords (As long as they're not Michigan fans).
  6. Dang it, prayers for the family. This stinks. Sick to my stomach.
  7. Yep, if i remember correctly wasn't he filling his tires with air at a gas station or something?
  8. I would love to drop Stanford and sprinkle in Texas teams.
  9. That is an accomplishment. Florida's 2031 schedule looks rough (projecting 10 years out).
  10. I will begin being excited in 2030. 9 years to prepare. COvid showed these far out schedules are not necessary.
  11. Coan I can't see it any other way.
  12. Dang, good to hear from you. We are loving bunch over here who always get along so we're good.
  13. Unfortunately , ND is not a part of CLC licensing so that could be a huge stumbling block. But I am very excited that it is back.
  14. I used to be an independence or death person but this relationship with the the ACC has changed me. We are half pregnant it seems with this quasi-independence. I cannot call us a true independent anymore (BYU and Liberty, Army are true indies) when a conference dictates nearly half your schedule. Then on top of this we have three locked games already with Navy, USC and Stanford. Therefore, what we truly are talking about is the four games that are left. One of those games is a buy game versus a MAC level team. SO subtract one more and then we now are down to 3 games of true "independence". Thr
  15. I enjoyed it considerably. I would not be totally against joining in full.
  16. Not to be snarky but did I miss something that was stated we were not going to be? I know we had a fun year (mostly) in the ACC but I have heard nothing that said we were leaning toward making it permanent.
  17. Lame.. The NCAA is a joke. They can do this nonsense but can't meet on NIL legislation.
  18. Yes.......I like Rees but it frustrates me we went with a coordinator with zero experience. I believe the last two games showed that fact he still learning. The ND O coordinator position should not be a learning on the job type job. Obviously you are always learning but not to the extent he has too.
  19. MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – The crimson confetti fluttering through the still South Florida sky on Monday night represented both a celebration and an exhale. Through constant disruption, considerable risk and unprecedented circumstances, the 2020 college football season was completed with a relatively drama-less College Football Playoff title game. Alabama’s victory over Ohio State marked both the end of the season and a shift of focus to a continuing period of seismic change for both college football and college athletics. There’s little doubt that college sports leaders will label 2020 as
  20. He is a devout Catholic I believe which can't hurt.
  21. Yup, Fickell is good now but I am curious to watch Lea over the next three seasons.
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