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  1. Interesting hire, we'll see how it goes. Sounds like a hungry recruiter though.
  2. Forgot about him... I loathe the 49ers so that could be why. Well we need a few more so we can start a slush fund. Lol
  3. Trying to think of our billionaire alums. Who? The ceo of sprint? Tom Mendoza?
  4. Unfortunately ND lacks mega wealthy alums (billionaires, am I wrong about that?). So this game will not benefit us. We have a bunch of people Worth millions. The game is getting fried.
  5. Echo is gone? I liked him alot, that is a bummer. Can he come back?
  6. Don't worry, I am a contrairion just like him, just more respectful about not insulting people.
  7. I like thoughtful, well reasoned points. But being called an idiot and his barrage of crap is a board killer. You are okay with it, but one person can kill a board, I have seen it. The board can not be sacrificed for one person, especially when the majority are put off, annoyed or just to the point of not showing up. The board needs traffic,not trolls or fake anger. Last year I was warned for my mouth and if I hadn't stopped in the game chat I would have deserved a ban.
  8. Click on your screen name and it is listed at the bottom of the dropdown. Type in the user you want to block and bam.
  9. He did... I am pissed about the loss, but this post was trash.
  10. I didn't, but I never do to be fair (since Holtz). Okay season, with a lot of crap in it .
  11. You are my first ignore. Been a long time coming.
  12. Worse loss in 20 years. Maybe longer, failure by everyone.
  13. The defense, offense is just being held together by scotch tape
  14. What a giant shit this has turned out to be.. TR has called a bad 3 quarters.
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