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  1. This would be a titanic shift. The SEC would distance themselves from the Big 10 and lap every other conference.
  2. Is his middle name Rudy by any chance?
  3. Sweet, Freeman needs to help Tommy out on the offensive side.
  4. Sounds great... Hope we can keep him two year.
  5. Hope we get Singleton, but have to act a tad humble if it happens because the owner of DD is a PSU fan. Could be a great class. Keep it up .
  6. Love Lou... Thanks for sharing!
  7. Lol, no Kelly would never say that. He has 27 years of coaching and players breakdown doors to come play for him.
  8. Personally I was sold when I saw the like button had the little Fighting Irish Dude. Bravo
  9. I'll have to go check out their new site. Kind of wonky and I do not like the new layout.
  10. I for one welcome our new overlords (As long as they're not Michigan fans).
  11. Dang it, prayers for the family. This stinks. Sick to my stomach.
  12. Yep, if i remember correctly wasn't he filling his tires with air at a gas station or something?
  13. I would love to drop Stanford and sprinkle in Texas teams.
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