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  1. He needs to put another 35 million in the NIL pot. That is the real support the Dick Corbett Football coach needs. Losing Keeley is gonna hurt.
  2. Dude is fast... these are the type if players we need. Great pickup!
  3. Pay walled, but they can get donors to pay, that is the loophole. Ridiculous vitue signaling again by my idiot governor.
  4. TV revenue than yes they do. Overall? No Our TV deal pays 20-25 million, than our partial ACC cut and that pust us around 30ish. Right now we are millions behind the SEC and Big. But when when they renew each member will gross between 90-100 million per team.
  5. Is the big 10 willing to waive the AAU requirement twice? They always have turned a blind eye to our non-AAU status because other boxes were checked.
  6. The fact is as much as I loathe the Big 10 this move made me open to joining. I am surprised at my reaction truthfully. I would LOVE to see a Florida school, but that is not likely.
  7. I see the ads for new mod and admin. Who left?
  8. As a capitalist's I have no complaints, If I don't like it I could have bought it. I have gotten used to it, good job y'all.
  9. Most, and sometimes I am right. But with a rookie coach, who is really young, it seems like it could happen this year.
  10. I think this year will be full of growing pains and overreactions.
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