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  1. I think it shows that Holtz's peak was higher than Kelly's, but Kelly's longevity seems to perhaps outdo Lou. Lou had 7 first round picks in a two year span. Those teams were loaded, but for whatever reason he didn't sustain that into the mid 90's. Kelly hasn't had the one super team that Holtz put together.
  2. Fun thread. I had no idea what my first post was. I know I joined during the Kelly search. From what I can gather I posted about Bob Stoops being an option at the time. It was a good snapsnot in time. That post was 1036 pages ago. Back then a page maybe lasted a day there were so many posts. Now it seems it takes a week to fill up a page. My favorites posts were probably the Wild West and Colonial Domain threads we had for a while. Sadly, they were deleted from the annals of the internet, but those were some good times. Hard to believe I've had over 14,000 posts. It's fun to look at the names of the posters you recognize. Many are still around, some don't post as often or at all and some left years ago. But even though I've never met any of you in person, I feel like I know a lot of you. Looking at the posts counts of the most active posters, that first page is a who's who of DomerDomain. I've interacted with everyone, positively and negatively, but in the end, we all love ND and this is a great place to blow off some steam and talk ND football.
  3. From what I can find, they almost never play non-conference road games. If they do, they are neutral site. Last true road game I can find out of the SEC was Syracuse in 1991. That was in the Carrier Dome. Last road game, outdoors in the North, @Rutgers in October 1986. So it's been a while. That was pre-Spurrier.
  4. I don't understand the Weis stuff. Sure, he got some good players, but so has Kelly. Heck, Ty even got a 5* in Abiamiri. But what Elston said is that they can go for 50% of the top 100. Did Weis ever say they could go for more than that? Getting a few top guys isn't what this is about, it's about how many can you go after.
  5. How much were these effected because of COVID? I imagine with no camps for a year and many not playing a senior season, the rankings probably are going to suffer some this year, correct?
  6. Heard that on the radio this morning. Can't be worse than Flutie. Dungy knows football, but doesn't add much to the broadcast. Here's hoping.
  7. They were 2 for 4 vs Bama in the RZ and lost by 17. Two TDs there and it’s an entirely different narrative.
  8. Couldn't be. Must not be a good crop of WR this year.
  9. The first concern is that these are just raw numbers. The schedule disparity has already been mentioned. But you have to dig a little deeper to figure out why they only scored a certain percentage of the time. I know in at least a few games, ND ended the game kneeling inside the 10 yard line. Those count as RZ trips without a score, which would hurt the percentage. Doerer missed at least a couple of short FGs which doesn't help either. But to me the big thing is RZ TD percentage. You can't settle for FGs in today's college football, especially when ND struggled with explosive plays allowing them to score from outside the RZ. ND was 84th in RZ TD % at 58.33% with 60 attempts. (Again, that's a big lower than it could be due to the end of game scenarios). Alabama - 5th - 77.94% - 68 attempts Clemson - 23rd - 70.49% - 61 attempts Oklahoma - 33rd - 67.80% - 59 attempts Florida - 34th - 67.74% - 62 attempts Ohio St. - 57th - 63.64% - 44 attempts (only 8 games) So they got to the RZ just as often as the other high powered teams, they just didn't convert those trips to TD's often enough. They also need to be able to score explosively better to compete with the top teams. Alabama had 31 (!!!) TD's scored from outside the RZ. Clemson 24. Florida 18. OU 18 Ohio St 16 (again, 8 games) ND 16 If you aren't scoring at a high percentage inside the RZ and you can't score consistently from outside the RZ, you aren't going to reach the heights these other high powered offenses reach.
  10. I think Ole Miss was early enough in a weird year that it was an aberration, even so Bama won by 15. It was 35–17 at half vs Florida as well and they did just enough to hang around in the second half. In either case, ND needs a better offense, but I think this shows just how good their defense was this year.
  11. Ohio st is outmatched, just like everyone else has been. Take away the turnover and this is a rout. No one likes to hear it, but ND is one of the best 4-5 teams. The best 1-2 are just that much better than everyone else.
  12. Who said it’s great? I clearly said ND needs an elite offense and is far from having one.
  13. That’s not the point. Alabama averages 50 points a game. No one stopped them. No one. The defense has to be capable of keeping it to 45 to win 48-45. Maybe they could have, who knows. But you can’t win with 7 points today and 10 last week. Elite offenses win today and ND is far from having one.
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