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  1. We need to get playmakers at corner. We don't need Revis Island levels of competence either, just guys who are athletically close to top end receivers and are a threat to take the ball away when quarterbacks screw up. Consistent mid first round NFL draft level talents. No ND quarterback has won an NFL game since 2012 and our quarterback play can best be described as solid. Ian Book would beat 98% of teams in college football, Brady Quinn was essentially the same way. Jimmy Clausen would likely have been the same had the program not been in shambles. We need a guy who can compete with the top end schools, and can elevate the play of our receivers. We've already started doing this, but I want to see more regular season games against the Georgia's and OSUs as we move forward. This years schedule is going to really show where Notre Dame is at vs the rest of the landscape and beating these teams consistently is the last step for the program to take. We are firmly placed in that second tier of college football. We beat the teams we are supposed to, it's time to move up a step.
  2. frig all you guys, we're winning this shit. And I'm cursing too so there!
  3. Is anybody allowed to make a play or is it always our guys fault?
  4. This isn't what is happening at all. We have a young offensive line that cant run block, a secondary that doesn't have any playmakers at corner, and a pass rush that either cant get through, or cant finish plays.
  5. Not sure how Kelly will perform at LSU and obviously its a good thing that Kelly leaving had no bearing on Sneed. With that said, if you're so checked out on the recruiting trail that you can't bother checking in with your only 5 star? Bon voyage BK. https://www.uhnd.com/recruiting/rumors/2021/12/17/notre-dames-top-recruit-coach-kelly-leaving-wasnt-really-a-big-deal-for-me-because-he-didnt-recruit-me-that-much/
  6. As does his 4 star tight end brother and perhaps the receiver recruit with the greatest name in the history of history, Decoldest Crawford. https://www.theadvertiser.com/story/sports/college/lsu/2021/12/07/lsu-football-recruiting-jake-johnson-decoldest-crawford-decommit/6426072001/
  7. Bummer but excited to see Freeman make some hires of his own. Best formula for success will be a lot of the old with a lot of some new.
  8. This also comes off the heels of Kelly getting an extension of his own back in 2020. Had we not literally just revisited Kelly's contract, I might be more inclined to see his side of things. I can't accept that Kelly should have been in the LSU price range at all, and Mel Tucker's Michigan State success shouldn't blow up the contract extension we just negotiated. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/2020/09/12/notre-dame-rewards-brian-kelly-contract-extension-through-2024-season/5782022002/
  9. Now that both Brian Kelly & Marcus Freeman have been introduced as coaches of LSU and Notre Dame, the next few years are going to be fascinating to watch. Obviously press conferences don't make legacies and it will come down to who wins on Saturdays in the Fall, but the locker room video, his chops on the recruiting trail, the near universal excitement surrounding this hire, etc, has Notre Dame looking pretty exciting, if not down right likable nationally! Compare that to LSU...the circumstances surrounding Kelly leaving his team during a playoff chase, the weird southern accent? LSU just hired Notre Dame's all time winningest coach, and yet, the mood around Kelly seems to be more "meh", at best. Will that matter on the recruiting trail? It certainly can't hurt that every media outlet considers Marcus Freeman to be an electric personality. We all know the risks that come with Marcus Freeman. We all saw Kelly win more games at Notre Dame than...well..any other human ever. With that said, I'm interested in what you guys think. Which program is more likely to enjoy more success in the next 5 years? Because right now, Notre Dame feels forward thinking, innovative, back to being the "it" team and the program with "the guy" as coach. We're poised to go to the moon, while LSU seems stuck in the past. For the sake of argument, I'll define success as making the CFP playoff, top 5 recruiting classes, more likely to see players win awards for performance, etc.
  10. I'm liking this comparison a lot Faith. Even in the passing game, we're going to see Buchner rolling out or doing the Ian Book scramble pretty frequently. Gonna be a big year for Michael Mayer too, because he is both the best tight end in America, and because he will likely prove to be the best safety valve in the country too.
  11. It's all going to pretend on how much Buchner can handle, assuming he's the starter (likely a safe assumption). I think we're going to see lots of designed runs with Buchner, and at least to start the season, Logan Diggs and Chris Tyree are going to get lots of burn.
  12. Wait, is forgetting about Tyrone Willigham an option? Because I have scars on my body from watching those teams growing up and will happily give my brain the ol scrubby scrub if that is on the table.
  13. Ultimately, yes, I agree he would have taken the job, and double agree that he would have been a candidate to bolt to OSU on first opportunity. I just think waiting for him as we potentially lost recruits and coaches would have quickly become an untenable position.
  14. Pretty stark difference in the team's reaction to Tommy staying than what we saw after Brian Kelly made his look at me hostage statement (and that is an insult to hostage statements).
  15. I initially wanted Fickell but this is the right call. There was no guarantee Fickell would have agreed to take the gig, at least not any time soon, thus complicating matters with Freeman. I get the concern about what comes after a potentially failed Freeman tenure and the lack of experience, but we would have been far worse off if we waited for a call that never came from Fickell and had to watch Freeman go to Baton Rouge or off to another HC job. Bare minimum, we'll be status quo. Best case, Freeman becomes a star coach. Congrats to the new HC!
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