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  1. Awesome commitment video! Kid seems like a perfect rkg. Always good to get the CA studs to come to South Bend. Love it. Welcome to Notre Dame Jaden Mickey!!
  2. Sounds like he's got a great frame (tall and long) and good speed. Also offers defensive backfield options. The staff seems to want a receiver who can go up and catch the jumpballs. This kid seems to fit that criteria. He also missed almost his entire jr season leading to a ranking not as high as his talent. His head coach indicates he's 6'4" with 4.4 speed. Hope that's true. Kid has incredible potential for sure. Welcome to Notre Dame Amorion Walker!!
  3. I like this kid's highlights. Love his fakes and reading defenses. Has excellent size, good arm strength, and great character. Definitely seem well developed and quite advanced for his age. He also had offers from Ohio St, Michigan, LSU, Miami, Penn St, and Oregon. That speaks volumes to me. This kid has great potential. Eager to see what bigtime qb/offensive coaching can do for him. Watch his junior highlights below (scroll down). Clearly the kid is big and moves the chains. He can run some also. https://irishsportsdaily.com/s/14397/breaking-notre-dame-lands-commitment-from-2
  4. Terrible, terrible news. So sad to see this. I always remembered him well for his play and personality at ND. RIP to a great one.
  5. Seems like a perfect Notre Dame recruit! Love having him committed to ND already. Welcome to Notre Dame Jadarian Price!!
  6. Great speed, great size, great punt returner, plays defense also, great highlights equates to offer. Good luck finding someone else that WANTS to be at ND that offers this.
  7. He committed to Rutgers at the beginning of his junior year. Have you ever considered many didn't pursue him because it was an early commitment and to Rutgers? Can't coach good size and speed. Kid is supposed to be electric on punts also and plays defense. Clearly has talent and I will go with the staff on this one. https://247sports.com/Article/Addison-Copeland-Notre-Dame-Football-Fighting-Irish-Offer-Class-of-2022-Receiver-160756415/Amp/
  8. Copeland is supposed to have good speed. Good frame also. Rees must like what he saw. https://247sports.com/Article/Addison-Copeland-decommits-Rutgers-Scarlet-Knights-Notre-Dame-offer-football-recruiting-160709606/ Should be a matter of time at this point.
  9. A lot to like about Gobaira! 6'6" and 230 lb defensive end. Supposed to be a strong pass rusher with immense potential. Awesome frame for the position. Excited to have him onboard. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2022/aiden-gobaira-267951 Welcome to Notre Dame Aiden Gobaira!!
  10. Totally agree. Prister compares him to a Theo Riddick type. Think he and Estime should be great. Love our backs now and going forward. Welcome to Notre Dame Logan Diggs!
  11. Thank you Big! Johnson and Fisher look pretty impressive already. Everyone knows how good Fisher is going to be and is. Think Johnson could be bigtime also.
  12. Very happy to see this. Still think this guy has a lot of potential. Hope Freeman gets the best out of him.
  13. Great to have Ford a part of this class. I thought for sure he was going to OU. Freeman is already impressing. Welcome to Notre Dame Tyson Ford!
  14. Great to hear! Our defense is much better with him. Glad MTA is coming back next year.
  15. Getting Ford to commit to ND would be a wonderful reversal. In the end, I expect Ford and Cheeks to both be Irish. There's also a 4 star olb from Nebraska Freeman is chasing after Devon Jackson. I'm already quite impressed by the Ford recruiting work. Eager to see what Freeman can bring to the table for ND. So far off to a great start.
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