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  1. I'm hoping it's just due to playing an Ohio team. Kid clearly has talent and size. Hope he's Irish.
  2. Awesome! Kid is supposed to have serious jets and potential. Welcome to Notre Dame Adon Shuler!
  3. I could see it going either way. I tend to think he redshirts. But if the staff is serious about potentially starting him next year, he sure needs to play at least some this year for sure. I would strive for 4 or less to preserve the redshirt.
  4. Yes agree. Excited to see what Coan do. Feel he is flying under the radar and not given enough credit for his 2019 season and overall talent.
  5. Yes agree about fair ranking. Actually thought we'd be a bit lower. Seems like coaches are aware of what Kelly is doing. Recent playoff success speaks volumes.
  6. Awesome! He's going to be a stud. Welcome to Notre Dame CJ Williams!!
  7. Great pickup for sure! Excited to have him come to South Bend. Welcome to Notre Dame Tobias Merriweather!!
  8. Whatever it may be is unknown now but there is definitely some smoke. Would be a significant loss. We'll just have to wait and see. Hope for the best at this point but tough not to be at least somewhat concerned.
  9. I think Rees does more so than Kelly. Kelly was all about the spread when came to ND. One thing I do like about Rees is his balance with play calling between run/pass, especially for being a former qb.
  10. Totally agree. Welcome to Notre Dame Benjamin Morrison!!
  11. Yup. Film reviews on him have been good. He's got an Alabama offer also. Enough said. Heard he was trending Washington now back to ND. We'll find out soon.
  12. Morrison committing tomorrow at 2est. Hopefully he's Irish.
  13. Yes and recent Heisman winners at qb (Mayfield, Murray) don't hurt either. Riley is an offensive genius. OU was lucky to get him.
  14. Awesome!!! Kid is a complete stud. So happy he committed to ND. This lb class is awesome. Welcome to Notre Dame Jaylen Sneed!!
  15. He is projected to go to OU. Their qb recruiting has been amazing lately. Rattler, Williams, and now potentially Nelson.
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