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  1. Thing is ...when M.S.U. beats Iowa they will already have been exposed as pretenders & they literally won' t matter anymore...I agree that Kelly can also bring a great game plan with preperation ...
  2. I have always felt that playing the best team available is the only way to do it...I say Bring on Ohio State !...I don't want to play Iowa , Houston , or North Carolina...Nobody gives a crap about these teams nor are they respected throughout the country....After Iowa loses to M.S.U....they are irrelevant in the eyes of college football...No Thanks...Give me the team that everybody's talking about all day long!..We will gain respect with a win or a close loss...This team is capable of beating O.S.U...If we did get the crap kicked out of us it just shows you where you need to be, bottom line...
  3. You ain't kidding!....Bunch of negative Nancy's...Defense scheme was bad and has been bad all year , but this is a Damn good team overall!...Fair weather Fans Suck!...Think of what this team lost & what they accomplished...
  4. Michigan's D was good most of the year vs. Subpar but there offense is not....So who else is did Ohio State dominate this year ? A weak Big Ten?..Actually who did they play of any significance besides Michigan & Michigan State ?.....Sorry....I'm not scared !
  5. What can be worse...Ohio State wouldn't score more than Stanford did...Cant do anything about the Defense now but our offense can keep us in any game...as long as it's not within the red zone...lol
  6. Hell...of a game & season when you look at it as a whole with how many people we lost...Honestly!.. We lost 2 games by a total of of 4 points to the number 1 team in the nation and probably the 5th or 6th team..Now we get to go & most likely get a great matchup with a very similar team in OSU I'm thinking.....I'm Damn Proud to Be an ND fan & can't wait for the bowl game and next season...We are right there!
  7. We can't beat Alabama ...so I hope that the Florida scenario you speak of happens....I fear Derick Henry would be to much for us...He just keeps pounding & getting better as the game goes on...He has my heisman vote. & I really don't want to play them .
  8. Nah..we're gonna win 30 -17...just saying...Mccaffrey vs. Jaylon Smith = 100 yds rushing for Him...also has his lead blocker FB out...Big game for Kizer!
  9. ND 30...Stanford 17 ...Sorry Mccaffery I know your a stud and all but with the combination of your lead blocker (FB) out and Jaylon Smith keying on you I'm only gonna give you 100 yds rushing ... No doubt you'll probably have 250 all purpose yards & a kickoff return for a touchdown...I think your big TE gives us our most problems & also has 100 yds & a TD...I know the 30 seems odd for ND but Day & Cage are gonna bottle up Hogan for a safety...Chris Brown , 80 yds.. 2 TDs.....Fuller ,130 yds with One long TD.....Corey Robinson, 30 yds. 1 TD....Kizer , 330 yds 3 passing TDs , 1
  10. & Then beats Florida...They should both be left out of the playoffs at that point. Wouldn't you agree ? Alabama is the only team i don't think we can play with this year...I think we can beat anyone else out there & in my mind this Alabama Auburn game is the most important game today.. Another question...What if both Bama & Oklahoma lose?...& we beat Stanford...it would be I assume Clemson, MSU, ND...then who Ohio State, Oklahoma St.,a two loss Sec team...just wondering your guys opinions..
  11. Personally I want Everett back ...& think we are a better team with him.. I would lik to see a two quarterback system with Everett seeing about 60% of the load & Malik the other 40%..Kelly can run a two qb system he's had lots of success before...if Golson starts his fumbling again...it's time to throw him on the bench & plug in Wimbush as the backup and call it a day...As far as Everett wanting to leave. ...I think if he does he'll find if he keeps up the turnovers he'll be benched anywhere else too...Might as well stay IMO...Bottom line If Golson holds onto the Ball he's the s
  12. Yes...Nice play & all but those are starting to be few & far between.. Riddick is the better play in that role going forward...he's a better receiver or the backfield & has better side to side movement than Bush now...
  13. Agree....He's got a good shot at filling Bush's role next year.....Bush is definitely wearing down.
  14. I personally feel that ND missed out when they turned down the Big Ten. With Ohio State, Mich St. & the return of Harbaugh to Michigan this conference is gonna rival the Sec from here on out....Just imagine ND in that mix.....We coulda worked something out with playing Navy every year & still worked in USC & Stanford occasionally. .....Now we partially belong to one of the weaker conferences & have no championship game...Your right it's gonna take an almost perfect season year in and year out...The only hope now is that the playoffs get expanded to 8 teams for us to have a cons
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