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  1. Irish9


    My son is 25 and never seen any team he likes win a championship. He is an avid fan and likes the same teams as me. I have always told him about 1988 being my year and that he eventually would get to enjoy winning. All of my teams won championships. Ive been Dodgers fan since the 70's they won it this year and had last won it all in 1988. Our family is huge Nascar fans and my driver Bill Elliott won it in 1988 and now we are fans of his son Chase Elliott and he won the Nascar championship this past Sunday. We have been celebrating for 2 weeks. World Series/ Nascar Championship/ Irish beating Clemson. Could Notre Dame keep this 1988 thing going this has been fun! Go Irish!
  2. Echo 88 , I agree with your second post in this thread 100%. Thank you so I didn't have to type it!!!
  3. I do not recall the screen being much or at all. Thought screens would work against them. Overall we just got manhandled which creates bad throws even when somebody is open. It sucked all the way around.
  4. It's been 30 years. Quit blaming coaching. The playing field in college football is not fair. Irish are up against it. They can not win under the circumstances. The best coach in the world cant change the other teams athletes being superior
  5. Irish9


    Deer in headlights today. Boykin broke free and severe underthrown. Fumbled at the fifty. Boykin had guy behind him. Throw to middle of field it's a td. He overthrows him by five yards. Panicked alot when he didn't have to. He just sucked today. Game was tied and of first. Zero offense. He **** his pants
  6. I'm more nervous that we get killed. I do not think the will stop them nor score enough to overcome it. I just hope we do not get smacked around like the Bama game and look like we don't belong.
  7. Book will not be able to sit in the pocket and our receivers will not break away from the dbs. Everything will need to be quick hit and if we can't run its going to be a major problem. We can't win being one dimensional.
  8. Yeah. Either way I think Irish get Georgia though. No way they leap Clemson
  9. Bama loses today. I think Bama goes to 4 and will play Clemson. I think Georgia will be 3 and we play them Thoughts?
  10. I was watching them discuss Alabama and Clemson last night. Basically it will be a huge problem as nobody can run against the Bama front 7 and they are interested to see what Georgia can do against them because they run well. Irish will not run against either of those teams and third and long will happen often. I too feel like that is where ND has their problem and will be exposed as one dimensional against those two teams. I am not concerned about OSU or Oklahoma front 7 but those long runs Dexter hits late in games probably will not occur against Bama or Clemson. Other than the long burst Dexter gets we do not do well on the ground especially short yardage. I think a dose of Wimbush will happen in the playoff to open the run game.
  11. Yeah. Book was bad worst game. Overthrew wide open receivers and was awful with placement on out routes. That will not cut it against Bama. He looked bad tonight. Overall the team looked bad. We are fortunate to move move on but may be a 4 seed now as 5hey already threw it out there at game end. Gotta be better than that
  12. I'm sure I will get ripped because we won big but the run game is an issue and needs quick fix. If we had a solid run game I think Irish are possible champs
  13. Defensively we looked amazing but I worry if we have no run game it will be our downfall. I think one dimensional which is what the Irish were yesterday is not going to beat Bama or anybody else in the top 4. If the Irish can run it will open a lot in the passing game and make them hard to beat. That was pretty bad yesterday in the red zone and that game should have been 50 plus points. Way to many false starts which I think Kelly mentioned. Very happy with final result , just an observation moving forward the run game needs to be better or it will be a problem against better teams. Broke a few again in fourth quarter but up until that the run game was invisible and I hope they figure something out soon especially short yardage.
  14. If he does not play that will be big against Syracuse. I feel like they will put up at least 24 to 30 points. Irish will need to put up 35 to 40 to win this game Imo. Hope i'm wrong.
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