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  1. Sorry I didn't answer this earlier. For some of us the issue of murdering babies in the womb is pretty big. Absolutely that is the reason I switched parties. The pro life movement is centered in the Republican party. Even dogs will fight to the death to defend their offspring. We have fallen below the level of animals.

  2. Good job man! I really mean it. You ever need an Organizational Behavior psychologist you let me know. 100k plus though (I do like you, I am not joking. My wise cracks before, meant nothing personal).
  3. Well I am sorry you burned your cash on a donation to that organization. Because even republican congress members have said that they will not going to be successful in the repeal, but instead want to waist the countries time "because that is what they voted for". Okay, why don't they do something people actually voted for like creating jobs or lowering the deficit. In fact, the CBO states that 230 billion will be added to the deficit and 32 million more will be uninsured if the repeal happens. Good luck selling that bill of goods for corporate interest. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/
  4. http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/01/05/fiscal-shock-2/ Nice little op-ed, more needs to be said but still okay.
  5. Leach ran a clean program and had the highest Grad rate in the big 12. The fact that you would believe Craig James, who was involved in the biggest college football scandel in history is mindboggling. Anyways, college football loses when Mike Leach does not have a job. That TT team was amazing to watch every Saturday after the ND game was over.
  6. Well to be fair, in police work it is different. But remember you work for the government. Even still, they are having trouble transferring from one gov't job to another. So if an education is not the solution what is? I know this history, I have seen the houses built by private businesses to military families that went to work for the auto plants in Flint. I have seen those houses with my own eyes and matter fact sold a few. In fact, I lived in a suburb that I bought my house in that was the old exectutive suburb of the biggest plant. The fact is these people can not find jobs becuase we make
  7. We are finally seeing what your were fighting for!!! We should definatly as a nation, not help them out. Because they should fend for themselves!! My republicans stand up!!! Standing? No? Where are you, no deficits remember? Who cares about other people remember? I thought we were in this together? No? You sure you do not want to support the GI bill? Your sure? No, you could careless right? It does not go with corporate interest? We shouldnt help them NO! It adds to the fake deficit!! We could careless it is in us, we didnt goto war why should we care? I support the troops and I love them, but
  8. I work harder than you with my pinkie finger. Get a life son. I know you old and have half accomplished what I have done in your life span. But seriously Rich-Rod "Get a life". Seriously stalker, you need help. Get to work, funny to me, see like Chiro I own mine sonny. And I continue my education, you got a problem with that? Not only do I own my own business, pay my taxes, root for ND on Saturdays, but am pursing a real Phd like others that fake it on this board. Get off MY %^&%! http://healium.wordpress.com/files/2009/07/obamam-lol-y-u-mad-tho.jpg I never came at you personally?
  9. Harpers magazine from 1847, which read, "I know we've ge huge deficits, major environmental problems, several social ills, and so on. And these are serious problems. Unfortunately, we'll always have serious problems. However, equating 'serious' with 'fatal' would be to greatly underestimate this country. 'It is a gloomy moment in history...never has the future seemed so dark and incalculable. The United States is beset with racial, industrial and commercial chaos, drifting we know not where. Of our troubles, no man can see the end."
  10. Because the President at the time said it was safe to go and try to help. A citizen? Okay stand up do something about it then. Are you standing yet? And I could really careless about what Crockett said some almost two hundrend years ago when asbestos or planes did not even exist. Lets not mention he was probably talking about soilders who have that ol' socialized healthcare, would you cancel that? They did not have 200k hospital bills back then or any dollar amount that can even relate to inflation of now. And you really think republicans that held this up even remotely thought of what you are
  11. Did you even watch the video? http://thenewvoice.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/thetruthisoutthere.jpg
  12. This is from some Right wing looney website "campus reform". Trying to coax conservative parents not to send their kids to left-leaning schools. Apparently Notre Dame made the list. The University of Notre Dame is located in South Bend, Indiana, just 90 miles east of Chicago. Notre Dame was founded in 1842 as an independent, national Catholic research university. Today, Notre Dame has expanded to more than 11,600 students of which approximately 8,300 are undergraduates. Campus Life Of the 23 political campus groups, 16 are liberal and seven are conservative. The liberal campus groups are
  13. I did not intend to mean that in your way at all. I was just saying not only white Catholics graduate from there. And how does St. Joesph country have nothing to do with Notre Dame? When it is in the county. Look, Catholics most of the time always have voted for majority Democrat in elections.
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