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  1. Words cannot express the depth or sincerity of my condolences . . .
  2. Daniel Day-Lewis: There Will Be Blood Joaquin Phoenix: The Master Gary Oldman: Sid and Nancy; JFK; The Professional Marcello Mastrioanni: 8 ½ Marlon Brando: A Streetcar Named Desire Peter O’Toole: Lawrence of Arabia David Thewlis: Naked Max Von Sydow: The Seventh Seal Klaus Kinski: Aguirre, Wrath of God Dennis Hopper: Blue Velvet John Hurt: The Elephant Man Javier Bardem: No Country For Old Men Jack Nicholson: One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest; Chinatown; The Shining Ralph Fiennes: Schindler’s List Al Pacino: Dog Day Afternoon; The Godfather Robert DeNiro: Raging Bull; Taxi Driver
  3. Guy jumps out at you when you watch his film. Impressive length and athleticism. Long arms and instinctive aggressiveness make it difficult for opponents to get clean releases off the line. Relentless in pursuit. Quick feet in tight; plus escapability. Zero problem performing in high-pressure/high-visibility situations. Free spirit who likes to keep things breezy; likely a good locker room “glue” guy. Clear 3-star type with room to develop into a solid 4-star prospect. Offer him before other programs catch wind of his abilities . . .
  4. If the speculation is true, and ND winds up releasing EV from his LOI after he transfers to UCLA, then leaking that information early could be interpreted as a shrewd bit of gamesmanship on the part of the Vanderdoes family . . .
  5. Notre Dame football will never again be a serious contender for a National Championship. Whatever challenges are posed by the moral bankruptcy of big time college football are exacerbated by the university itself: disagreeable geographic location, a vast, and constantly widening, cultural divide between the tenets of the university and many prospective recruits, impatient or out-of-touch alumni who still cling to the illusion that Notre Dame can bend the colossus of CFB to its will, archaic, embarrassingly quaint attitudes about what currently defines a "student athlete", stringent academic
  6. [ame] [/ame] 15 seconds in Diaco delivers a fairly airtight argument as to why he's not ready for a head coaching gig at ND. Or any other big program for that matter . . .
  7. Uh uh, Bing. I’m sorry, but I’m seeing things 20/10 here. This team is nowhere near close to the point where their 2s are dogging at the heels of the 1s. And, with few exceptions, none of their 1s could suit up and play meaningful minutes on a team like Bama, LSU, or maybe Florida. I can think of three guys who maybe would have started on that Bama team: Tuitt, Nix, and Eifert. The rest? No way. I doubt there’s anybody else on ND’s 2-deep that would rate garbage time on Bama’s squad. You’re right, attrition at top-tier programs is something of a luxury, natural selection, the cream
  8. I understand your points, and to be honest, I myself subscribed to the “winning consistently” argument at one time. Until that nightmare back in January revealed that belief to be more of the same exceptionalist magical-thinking that’s hindered Notre Dame’s development for the last 25 years. This team went 12-1 last year and is still dealing with high-profile decommits and three transfers from kids who were widely considered to be part of the team’s immediate future and/or present-day success. What sense does it make to tout moral rectitude when the rest of the country operates by a code
  9. Let me be clear: I don’t care about Gunner Kiel, Davonte Neal and Justin Ferguson. I don’t wish them ill in any way shape or form, I’m sure they’re all nice enough kids, I’m just not going to bat an eye at their decisions to leave Notre Dame. Upset about your lack of playing time? Air a bit too brisk? Unhappy with the pesky demands made by your classwork? Not pleased with having to compete with more motivated individuals for your place on the depth chart? Have a new baby 1,500 miles away? Whatever. You’ve got your reasons; you’ve made your choices; good luck to you in the game of life.
  10. Carlisle’s scholarship would be better utilized on someone who can actually play football . . .
  11. A suit conveys polish, or even duplicity; an otherness that might not go over so well in a situation where you want people to believe your story or sympathize with you. Because when people see a suit and they immediately think you’re selling something. What Te’o’s wearing is perfect for communicating the wholesomeness and believability he and his camp are shooting for: open, neutral, ordinary—like many of the people who’ll be watching. It’s something you’d wear for a family Christmas photo. An outfit says, “I’m just a simple, unsophisticated kid who got played, not some calculating, mani
  12. Winning makes everything go away. Besides, we should so lucky if this were the most publicized scandal to emerge during the Kelly years . . .
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