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  1. Your assumption appears to be incorrect, according to The Athletic. FBS makes up about 1,300 according to them. I recognize that this is still a large number of FBS players (roughly 10%). Nonetheless, I'm curious: how does this indicate to you that college football is a mess? What is the problem?
  2. It's also possible they just want two kickers on scholly. If there's an injury, it would be better to have a reliable backup than a soccer player fill-in.
  3. I view this as raising the floor on the position. Ideally, Bryan is a stud for the next three years and this guy doesn't see the field (sorry, Blake). If Bryan isn't ready, they've now got an average (maybe above average, if he improves this off-season) kicker with experience ready to step in to the role.
  4. I am on the side of the podcaster. Saban has shown an ability to stay ahead of the curve for over a decade. I have not seen anything to suggest that won't continue. If Metchie and Williams don't get hurt, he's probably celebrating right now. I don't think he's scared--i think it's a warning. It's also possible he's drumming up more cash from the boosters.
  5. Man, I thought it would be funny if Saban won a natty only kicking field goals. Alas...
  6. Well, yeah...I think he's just having some fun at his friend's expense.
  7. Tobias fires shots at CJ Williams and leaps up my personal ranking of Irish players. https://www.tiktok.com/@tobias.m5/video/7051071056857304366
  8. You didn't miss anything. Wikipedia is not a trustworthy source, because anyone can make changes. This change was made a couple days ago. Someone probably just reacted to all the smoke and wanted to be first.
  9. Ah, I see. Thank you. I agree that there will be negative consequences, but I think it's a net good. I am in favor of giving players more power.
  10. I am struggling to see how NIL has made this type of situation worse for kids. Instead of being screwed with no compensation (pre-NIL), they would now be screwed while having collected some compensation (yay NIL). Do you think people are going to start taking advantage of kids now? I've got bad news...
  11. The floor on this team next year keeps rising with each re-recruitment. Both twins back puts the d line in a great spot. The depth of that position group is going to be something.
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