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  1. "Everyone on this board is the outlier" is an important thing to remember in SO MANY situations. Haha.
  2. A lot of the older stuff can be found on YouTube. I don't know if the copyrights expire or the networks don't care, but plenty of full games are out there. For example, here's 1988 Catholics vs. Convicts: https://youtu.be/_cTbpWYUC00
  3. Link doesn't seem to be embedding, but Tom Loy added a CB for ND to land Hanafin. https://twitter.com/TomLoy247/status/1538192185258127362
  4. On the mobile site, clicking the "Updated..." link will take you straight to the bottom of the thread.
  5. Yes, he is. https://247sports.com/Article/CJ-Carr-college-football-recruiting-5-star-commitment-Michigan-Notre-Dame-188415878/
  6. Re: Carr reclassifying, item #6 in this article indicates that ISD has already shot down that rumor: https://irishsportsdaily.com/s/18032/6-thoughts-on-a-thursday
  7. It's been an unofficial practice among some students for years. It syncs up really well. After a few times running through it, it becomes second nature. The daughters of Notre Dame deserve their mention, in my opinion.
  8. Apparently, Saban was speaking in front of boosters. He was probably just trying to loosen those purse strings.
  9. Absolutely, give me more of this in the fall. Zeke is the OL streaking down the field to make a killer block. https://twitter.com/NDFootball/status/1517938831017885697?s=20&t=WLnqe0-d9_gLbENN6miRFw
  10. JJ Starling is a 5 star, top 20-25 player that Brey signed this year.
  11. The article is behind a paywall, but it looks like Dante Moore is getting a check-in. https://twitter.com/tomloy247/status/1524706346662342656
  12. Thanks for the clarification, Jack. To clarify my point, I agree that genetics usually act as a filter of sorts. However, my opinion is that there are so many genetically superior athletes these days that they all need to work hard to refine their craft to stand out among the best of the best. While we're not here to change each other's opinions, I appreciate you elaborating on yours. Cheers.
  13. That's interesting, Jack. Are the experiences with professional athletes you mentioned contemporary? I suspect that the improvements in training, diet, and specialized skills would have greatly reduced the chances of an athlete becoming a pro (or even D1 scholarship-level) based on inherent talent alone. It may still happen, but I would be shocked if that's the case for most professionals.
  14. One of the reasons fans want to watch athletes "play a sport" is because those athletes are much, much better than average at it. The reason those athletes are better is partially genetic (height, weight, etc.), but, more importantly (in my opinion), they train extremely hard. Hours are spent in the gym, on the practice field, and watching tape (all of this with team coaches, private coaches, and on their own). The top athletes obsess over details most of us don't notice in attempts to refine their skills. Would the majority of people be willing to go through all of that for a slim chance at a scholarship (and even slimmer chance at a payday)? I know I wasn't.
  15. What could Kyren have put on tape next season that would help his pro prospects? He'll still be short and (relatively) slow next year. He'll need to show off his game in the league before people trust him. I think he will. I agree that Austin likely would have gotten drafted sooner if he had another successful season. However, another injury could've ruined that plan and just led to him being another year older.
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