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  1. Embarrassing. Team effort. Sleepwalking. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.
  2. RIP to Saint Bobby as some in Tally call him.
  3. Theme worked. Much prefer light. Thanks!
  4. Clemson football: Tigers and Irish should bow out of ACCCG If the teams did not play, both assure themselves a spot in the College Football Playoffs. https://rubbingtherock.com/2020/12/09/clemson-football-acccg/
  5. What? They couldn't find someone who went to Michigan? I'm fine with this.
  6. May God rest his soul. A great Notre Dame cheerleader.
  7. Also posted on open forum. All ND classes cancelled week of March 15. Starting March 23 all classes going online - Until at least April 13. Students encouraged to go home. Can only stay in dorms if get permission. More details when available.
  8. Just got a text from my son, an ND senior, he just received an official email announcing that classes will be cancelled until April 13. No classes at all next week. (On spring break now) Online classes after next week. Dorms to vacate. Got to think this could also mean postponing spring camp. Will share more info when available.
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