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  1. Nice throw into double coverage with no window wtf?
  2. Totally agree and wish them both the best success in the NFL and over the next 40 years.
  3. Great post of an inspirational podcast with terrific contributing cast of ND legends. Tom Mendoza (School of Business benefactor) was fired up and got this off to a great start sharing how he met Marcus Freeman. Interesting bits about ND's sweet spot recruiting niche - and an interesting twist on that from Freeman! Several contributors insinuated that ND football alums have NOT been welcomed by the football program for a very long time! WTF? But all think that's over with Freeman saying he values these guys. Guys like Ned Bolcar would be great in front of visiting recruits and their parents talking about the '40 year decision.' Paraphrase: "99.9% of us don't make a penny playing football" but with the Notre Dame ethic and degree go on to successful and lucrative careers in the working world. I nearly didn't watch due to 9 minute length. It does go on a bit as is an unedited conversation but can tune in and out. Recommend. Thanks for posting Jesse.
  4. Time to win a NY6 Bowl. That's a good sendoff for Kelly; winning one without him.
  5. Is free tuition an employee perk? He can afford to pay her tuition now.
  6. Did I read this right? TV stat: Alabama 3 points in the 1st quarter last 3 games? And they get a long TD pass
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