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  1. i mean...they were lucky to escape FSU with a win and if Toledo played smarter on the drive they scored they would have won. ND could have easily been 0-2 instead of 2-0.
  2. #12 and #10 is them being generous.
  3. sunday night game in primetime on ABC. Of course it was going to get numbers.
  4. He got complacent after he landed the high profile high paying job.
  5. The other QBs on the national team were Sam Ehlinger (Texas) and Felipe Franks (Arkansas) so...congrats?
  6. ND should get get what they can...since they ain't getting 5* WRs. Run triple TE sets.
  7. Weis was a hotshot OC under Belichick with 3 superbowl rings (with the last coming after he was hired). His resume lured the recruits.
  8. The difference is that all those players didn't play on the team at the same time. Alabama has those types of players on their team every year.
  9. We've learned that OSU, Bama, and Clemson will continue to dominate for the foreseeble future.
  10. If ND can cover the spread, that would be considered a morale victory.
  11. No, because Georgia doesn't have the reputation ND has gotten for choking in the big games. 2001 Fiesta Bowl OSU - 41 ND - 9 2006 Fiesta Bowl tOSU -34 ND - 20 2007 Sugar Bowl LSU - 41 ND - 14 2013 - BCS Alabama - 42 ND -14 2016 Fiesta Bowl tOSU - 44 ND - 28 2018 Cotton Bowl Clemson - 30 ND - 3
  12. It's the same reason why all the 5* recruits pick Kentucky and Duke in college basketball, you go where you have the best chance to win and get drafted high.
  13. The difference is that ND has been getting blown out in just about every big game they've played in in recent memory.
  14. Don't worry, it'll hit -35 by kickoff
  15. Elite playmakers that won't need to rely on Kelly for development.
  16. Is there an opening line yet? Alabama -35?
  17. No, last night just proved that game 1 was a fluke and continues the pattern of ND getting blown out against an elite team in a big game.
  18. Because it would be an easy win for his team if they meet in the playoffs.
  19. Proud of them for perennially getting blown out on the big stage.
  20. Rose Bowl breathing a sigh of relief /s
  21. ND will never be able to compete with the elites until they lower eligibilty requirements
  22. and even then, he'd be a late round pick at best.
  23. well to be fair, they did play pretty sloppy against BC.
  24. TL wouldn't have made the rookie mistakes that Uiagalelei made that led to turnovers and he wouldn't have taken as many sacks.
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