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  1. Do you expect people remember you for the good or the bad things you did? Everyone makes mistakes in life, I still thoroughly believe he was a good soul.
  2. I don't normally post on here but I just thought I'd add that one could say the same thing about Notre Dame (the premiere catholic institution) fans in relation to allegations against Catholic priests assaulting little boys. The man has had a profound effect on the university and has helped a countless number of peoples' lives. He deserves some respect.
  3. PSU of course. Living in central Pennsylvania its all I ever hear about and their fans are so arrogant.
  4. sorry for the delay as my computer was down, now have new laptop, which i got so the wife can see the print and soforth . again 11 welcome aboard. rick

  5. Wow, hes already having a good game. One interception already!
  6. East Carolina upset Houston in the Conference USA championship today. Impressive win for Skip Holtz too.
  7. Man, my hats off to them for sticking with it. It was a good game. I wish we would have won it, but I knew the odds were against us. Time to rebuild and set up for a good finish on the season, go Irish.
  8. Thank you very much. I think my brother's been on here before but I forget his name.
  9. I know what you mean. He is so quick it is unbelievable! I can not wait for the rest of this season.
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