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  1. TOTALLY AGREE. Ask the other 112 Division One schools who did NOT make it to the Final Four how they feel.
  2. And I remember it like it was yesterday. We make new history this Saturday!
  3. I agree with the "NO" answer to the question. However, I submit that fear is created not only by the players on the field but also what the talking heads say and do. I am not sure why this quote irked me, but: I am not going to argue about Bama for the moment. But Clemson is a bit more "human" . . . I guess the irked part comes because this narrative has been consistently applied to exalt Bama (the SEC) and Clemson and denigrate us at the same time. As noted by Corysold in his post about the historical significance of only 3 losses by the Irish over our last 25 games (and two of th
  4. I live in Seattle and watch the Cougars play. I have only watched portions of the UCF game against Cinci. So, I cannot comment on position to position and play on the field. However, comparing UCF's schedule with the Coug's schedule might be a bit of a stretch. ESPN lists Wazzu's FPI at 15 and UCF's at 26.
  5. It might rival last night's scorefest on MNF . . . but what fun it was (unless you are a KC fan, I suppose - I am NOT a LAR fan, either, FYI)
  6. Watching last night's CFP reveal show reinforced my notion that we may end up 12-0 and on the outside. I KNOW it's a stretch, but did you hear them yesterday? "Michigan is so much better than earlier" "Michigan is a very strong team now" "Notre Dame's schedule was weak" "Notre Dame has fewer "quality wins" blah blah blah . . . So, if Georgia ekes by Alabama I am not sure they leave Meatchicken out and, instead, they punish us for that "13th data point" conference championship which Meatchicken will obtain . . . (but ONLY where Meatchicken is concerned, NOT for Alabama, them not winning a c
  7. Each year, I create a table with the schedule and then I hand write in each week's results. Typically, I discard the chart when all hope of a CFP berth is lost. Well, it's still hanging in my office. However, I noticed something when I logged Saturday's win - - I started to look at the numbers. 347 PF 187 PA . . . when was the last time we scored nearly double our opponents in the first 10 games of a season? 18.7 ppg average? By sheer numbers our 347 pf puts us at 23rd in the NCAA. The 18.7 points allowed is 15th AND while Meatchicken is #3 (Clemson and Alabama tied for #1) in ppg with a
  8. I am only concerned about Meatchicken jumping us in this scenario. Oklahoma is in NO WAY a top 4 team - they give up more yards and points than Little Sisters of the Poor versus Alabama - Wazzu may well win the Pac12, but they still LOST to U$C (on a bogus call, sure, but . . .) as the thread points out, ND wins out - that means ND beat the team Wazzu lost to AND they also beat Stanford of the Pac12 . . . now, back to Meatchicken - their loss is to us and that should be the end of it - however, how may times in the past 20 years have you heard the old saw about forgiving an early loss . . .
  9. From your keyboard to the football gods ears . . .
  10. We win our semi and show that we belong - whether we win or lose to Bama in the finale is of less import to me. Recruiting would take a major jump for us if we stay in the conversation and show up.
  11. A bit fluffy AND, of course, they have to drag out Lizzy and Declan in every article about ND football, but, we are getting a lot of semi-positive press, if nothing else.
  12. It appears we did not gain much land when we beat scUM . . . why don't we own more of Meatchicken?
  13. Father Riehle was the Rector of Pangborn (my dorm) and the team Chaplin. He almost always had a stogie hanging from his mouth or in his hand.
  14. I agree there are similarities. I even commented to my spouse during the ND/Stanford tilt that the defense was somewhat reminiscent of the National Champions from 1977-78. But that defense was LOADED. Not to say our current D is not. They are just different because the "new" speed in the game requires a bit different skill sets, in my opinion only. I am enjoying the ride just like back then. I still remember vividly a sick Montana in the 1979 Cotton Bowl bringing us back at the end for the win. I sincerely hope we never get even close to needing something like that this season.
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