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  1. Sherrod Covil I believe is announcing his commitment this morning between Clemson, Miami, North Carolina and Notre Dame. Does ND have a chance here?
  2. Michael Floyd, TJ Jones, Will Fuller, Equanimeous St Brown, Miles Boykin, Chase Claypool. KJ Stepherson and Kevin Austin should have also been on the list if their careers ever panned out.
  3. Johnson or Henderson would be interesting wr candidates. not real worried about losing Brunelle, still got watts, styles and colzie.
  4. disappointed it didn't workout but hopefully guys like kevin Austin, Xavier watts and Lorenzo styles can step up.
  5. the jets will be picking a QB in the first round 2-3 years from now.
  6. sounds like fisher and spindler could be the starting LG & LT.
  7. RIP Lou. sad day for ND fans everywhere.
  8. good. ND is TE-U and I never understood why ND offered him so early, much better prospects out there that ND should be targeting.
  9. this year we are going to find out just how good OL coach jeff quinn really is.
  10. I voted for jack coan. after watching the spring practice video he clearly throws the best ball and it'll just come down to how well he learns the offense.
  11. imo jack coan throws the best ball with really good zip. just wonder how well he's picking up the playbook.
  12. LB Jaylen Sneed is currently on campus doing a self guided tour. landing Sneed would be a huge get for ND and it sounds like Sneed is considering ND very seriously. right now ND seems to be a serious player at LB for Sneed, Tuihalamaka, Jakson and Cheeks. if ND brings four LBs into this class then which two LB prospects get left out. https://247sports.com/college/notre-dame/Article/Jaylen-Sneed-Visiting-Notre-Dame-Football-on-Monday-March-22-162875778/
  13. check out this film of him throwing the ball. [ame] [/ame]
  14. I like this get for ND. he throws a great ball and has a strong arm and he doesn't have a lot of playing experience so his best ball is in front of him. I like this get for ND.
  15. does anyone have any info on ND safety prospect Sherrod Covil, just watched his film and this guy may be a JOK clone. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/11144244/5da3102b8cde0e0d08345ccb
  16. this is very sad. nix was a fan favorite and such a likeable guy, this is just very sad. RIP.
  17. is Aiden Gobaira wearing a cast on his right arm?
  18. now ND just needs to land Nicholas Singleton.
  19. wasn't Xavier Watts #21 last season?
  20. I think Lorenzo styles jr. sees playing time this year, I hope he gets a shot at punt returns.
  21. Holtz 1986-1996 '88 Tim Brown (HOF) '89 Andy Heck '91 Todd Lyght '92 Derek Brown '93 Rick Mirer '93 Jerome Bettis (HOF) '93 Tom Carter '93 Irv Smith '94 Bryant Young '94 Aaron Taylor '94 Jeff Burris '97 Renaldo Wynn Kelly 2010-2020 '12 Michael Floyd '12 Harrison Smith '13 Tyler Eifert '14 Zack Martin '16 Ronnie Stanley '16 Will Fuller '18 Quenton Nelson '18 Mike McGlinchey '19 Jerry Tillery '21 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (PENDING) '21 Liam Eichenberg (PENDING) I really hope that Liam gets picked in the 1st round and keeps NDs streak of starting LTs going in the 1st round. had bettis and carter come back for their senior season ND would have had five 1st rounders in '94. which list is better Holtz or Kelly?
  22. that would be awesome if ND could land him. NDs defensive front seven class this year could be elite. this would be a killer class. DE-Tyson Ford, Aiden Gobaira, DJ Wesolak LB-Nolan Ziegler, Niuafe Tuihalamaka, Devon Jackson, Sebastian Cheeks
  23. does this mean that Polian could replace BK when he steps down? not sure I love the move.
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