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  1. We’re 6th. Oklahoma was bumped to 7th. I thought I saw the same thing earlier too.
  2. I hate this. Make ND prove they belong that high.
  3. Lots of Crystal Ball action: OSU picks for NPF.
  4. Just got a notification from ND Insider. Huge
  5. that have dealt with plantar fasciitis? I'm 38 and have been running for a while but not to the level I'm getting into now (about a year and a half now). A friend of mine ran, state champ in high school, ran in college and professionally for a while. He put together a training program for me to PR a half earlier this spring, however, when the intensity ramped up in the speed work (February), my heal started hurting. Fast forward to now, I still deal with the condition. I gave it a few months rest from April to August but again, still deal with the condition. I've been running again, no speed work, but building up mileage again. Most days, I run with no problems, typically my foot is KT taped which helps A LOT to reduce the stress on the arch, but there have been a few runs where I get a soreness. I don't feel my condition's getting worse but I don't feel it's getting better either. Question is, if anyone's dealt with this, what specific treatments worked for you to get rid of it? There's so much to read on the interwebs but mostly home treatments remain the same in stretching being the biggest, rolling, strengthening. I'm signed up for a couple runs/races, one is WDW Marathon Weekend and another in the spring. I'm really hoping to continue to manage but..........
  6. http://notredame.247sports.com/Article/Notre-Dame-Mike-Elko-Mike-Elston-defensive-coordinator-49821503 There was a 3:00 p.m. update posted on 247. Does anyone know if there's anything good in it?
  7. FWIW: The only Elko news I can find on the web concerns the ND DC opening. I see nothing of him interviewing anywhere else. I can't wait until this is over. Maybe he can help with some recruits ND's losing traction with or bring in some new interest. Oh, not to mention the excitement regarding his potential impact on the field.
  8. There's a story on onlygators.com titled Who's Next? Six candidates...., dated today, that doesn't even list Elko as a possible replacement. Sorry, I'm on an iPad and don't know how to post a link from it. I'm wondering if Oregon WAS the team to beat.
  9. The talk has been Oregon and Florida are the other two teams in play. 247's been pretty darn optimistic.
  10. I might have phrased this wrong. I paraphrased from another post. What is meant is given the financial terms ND put on the table for ME, Josh finds it hard to believe he passes on ND. Completely agree with this statement. A little off topic.
  11. Per a poster on IE, who got the info from 247, an offer is on the table and is a good one. Said he loved it at Notre Dame and would bring one assistant, his DL coach, Dave Cohen, with him. Another poster posted a tweet by Josh Newberg saying he finds it "nearly impossible" he turns down the ND offer based off what he's hearing about the financial terms. FWIW
  12. I like the idea of naming captains now. Maybe thses kids can help hold the rest of the team accountable over the off season. Maybe this helps keep the team out of trouble this off seaon. Maybe we can go into next season with every player projected to start. I would like to think this is fool proof but it's likely not. Now, I agree with the discusion of who was named but again, like the idea.
  13. I see there's a story out there with recruit reactions to theBVG firing. Does anyone have any info on who's saying what?
  14. Such a good leader he abandoned his troops. Lol
  15. I've seen it twice, once normal and the second Imax 3D. Loved every minute. I read a John Boyega interview that Episode VIII will be darker than VII. Like everyone else, I think the storylines are following the previous. The first of the trilogy's introduces the story. The second is when the dark side flexes their muscle. And the third is when the light prevails. As difficult as it might be to not fall into that already established story, I hope they try to get away from it. I feel like Kylo Ren/Ben Solo was meant to be weak in this one so that he can completely take over as the highly feared and powerful Darth Vader-like villain in the next. I think him taking his helmet off symbolized him being torn between the light and dark sides. With him killing his dad, and completing his training, he should be all dark and I hope he doesn't take off his helmet in the next movie. The only time Vader did was when he was dying and found the light again. Or maybe he should take his helmet off to avoid the similarity to the old movies. This is the speculating fun I've had since seeing it.
  16. I'll tell you what, anytime you go to Disney, you can get sucked into the money making machine they are.....very easily. There was soo much at the race expo, including the medal cases that tempted the hell out of me. This time, I did not get a medal case but will probably next time. I'm going back down in 2018 to do the Dopey challenge, which is all 4 races, consecutive days. I'll be running the 1/2 marathon for time, the others will be for fun. It was the first marathon for my wife and I, and we ran with a slower couple. We were kinda feeling it out. It was an awesome experience. I can't wait for this Holy Half though that finishes in ND stadium.
  17. Has anyone run this half marathon before? I'm curious to hear about some experiences running this race. I just got back from Walt Disney World, ran the full marathon for fun (meaning I didn't care about my time). The Holy Half is my next race and I will be going for a PR. Thanks for anyone's input.
  18. I've been a huge fan of Sanford from watching the Showtime series and his interaction with Kizer. I think it's been widely publicized and wrongfully criticized (see Nick Saban for example) that Kelly is going to react with emotion and 9 times out of 10 get in your face before you hit the sideline. I loved watching Sanford's reaction to the TD's but better yet, his conversations and the calming way he handles them with Kizer after a bad play. Too much of the in your face can turn the right kid the wrong way. Sanford, in my eyes, has balanced Kelly with Kizer specifically. I like the dynamic...
  19. Kid's got some good SEC offers for a 3* on Rivals, the only site I looked at his profile on.
  20. Watching Golson try to walk away from Jimbo brought back memories. I thought it was a Kelly-Golson relationship thing, but after watching that last night, its obvious its a Golson thing. And I see Jimbo's the type of guy that says what's best in the moment, truthful or not.
  21. ESPN just reported Helton brought the USC team in a day earlier to help them get ready for the cold, something Sark wasn't planning on doing. Shelly Smith said they did a walk through in shorts in the parking lot. We'll soon see how this extra night of walk through, in the cold, helps.
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