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  1. I was just on ESPN on my phone and they have a prediction of 4 reporters for week 9 playoff picks. Andrea Adleson, Edward Ashoff, Adam Rittenberg, and Mark Schlabach. They all have the Irish at #3. Bama, Georgia, ND, and Ohio State. Rittenberg has Oklahoma at 4. Nice to see ND at a unanimous 3, but we shall see when it plays out.
  2. Hey everybody! I have not been on here in quite a while. Looking forward to a new season of Irish football. Have fun today, and be safe all!!!
  3. An update for all on Tranquill to add to the momentum. Surgery went very well and he is well ahead of schedule on the rehab trail.
  4. He is good to go Tim. Spoke to him a couple weeks ago and he is pumped. Really looking forward to mixing it up in there! looked great.
  5. He gave me a number 89. I will PM you with it. Thanks
  6. I have no idea what he is willing to pay 89. I can always find out I guess.
  7. I know it's a longshot, but you never know! Thanks
  8. I will just say this. You guys are gonna love Drue Tranquill! Very fast and plays angry!
  9. Not 235. 230 or just a hair under. the 4.4's is true!
  10. Drue is not Jaylon. He is not as long or instinctive. Jaylon posesses things you just don't teach. That being said, Tranquill will be a very fast, very hard hitting, very nasty defender that ND nation will absolutely love. These guys will be laying the wood on folks this year!
  11. I talked to him last week and he is fired up. As far as I know, he is still looking at strong safety. He is absolutely ripped! If he learns his assignments and the D, he will be on the field this year. He is running mid 4.4's at 6'2 and 230!!!
  12. Sorry if I offended you, but I am in a position to "hear things". Just thought it was relevent to the conversation. I have not been wrong on info I have brought to this board. I need to be carefull of what I say and how I say it to be respectful of those I "hear things" from.
  13. I am hearing about some 15k additional seats as well. We will see, but this is going to be a huge project.
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