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  1. He is actually from my high school I went to!
  2. I've recently gotten into branching my beer out and really gotten into the Belgium Strong Dark Ales and the Scotch Wee Heavy Ales. It kind of started when my wife brought home a Gulden Draak from World Market that the "beer guy" suggested for me. First of all, it was a 750mL bottle, all white, with a cork. I thought she was crazy, but man was it good! Also, it's 10.5%! The St Bernadus ABT 12 you mentioned is also good.
  3. Man, how can you go wrong with a head coach with a name like Doc Holliday!
  4. True, but unfortunately that was back in 2009. I haven't looked into it, but I would bet that there wouldn't be many if any more. I'm talking specifically about announcements at all star games. There have been several that ND was in it right until the end, but didn't go our way.
  5. It seems that whenever there is an announcement between USC and ND at an All Star game, USC wins! I hope this time it's different!
  6. I think we need FSU to beat Louisville, and I would prefer it to be pretty badly. From listening to the talking heads, I hear more about our loss to FSU being a good thing, than I hear about our schedule not being as tough as it once was thought to be. We are getting a lot of credit for handing with the defending national champions up until the last play. FSU is already suspect that they aren't as good as everyone thinks. So if they lose, it confirms those suspicions, and our SOS perception takes an even bigger hit. Then we lost to a FSU team that everyone knew wasn't as good, which makes
  7. The funniest thing was that on ESPN's College Football Final, Reece Davis kept referring to BVG as Uncle Rico!
  8. Holy crap!! ** 2015 Notre Dame running back prospect SoSo Jamabo ran 31 times for 484 yards and six touchdowns Friday night in a 63-49 Plano West (Texas) win.
  9. Here's our Great Dane Zoe. She turned 1 on Monday, and she's a big baby!
  10. Not that it means much this early, but ESPN is predicting Jashon Cornell to ND now. http://insider.espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/10376612/uncommitted-college-football-recruits
  11. Oh I agree totally with that, and that is a great reason to transfer to ND. I was just responding that it didn't make sense that his only motive was to corner, since Florida wouldn't let him. If he only wanted to play corner, there are certainly other options.
  12. Here's my thing. If this was true, and he just wanted to leave UF because they wouldn't let him play corner, and he thought playing corner was his best shot at the NFL, why choose ND and their business program for your MBA? If the NFL is your aspiration, and you are transferring because of it, I would think there would be a lot more options that would make more sense, and certainly a lot easier options. I don't know why he came to ND, nor do I care, but that reasoning jsut doesn't make much sense IMO.
  13. I believe Bennett used to run track as well, and was one of the fastest guys on the team.
  14. You could have taken that one step farther, and made it "The Golson Child".
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