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  1. Yeah, I was hoping he would be around for at least a few more seasons. Kind of brutal to be firing him just 2 games into the season. If he was on such thin ice, why not can him after last season? From what I’ve read about Helton, he seems like a pretty decent person. A shame they treated him this way. Hope their next coach is a bust!
  2. I see ND putting it all together this week, and then, when they do jump out to a good lead, they won’t be taking the foot off the gas. ND by more than 20 is my prediction.
  3. He was both a standout receiver and safety in high school. Here is an assessment of Xavier when he was recruited: Tom Loy: We’ve been hyping up Xavier Watts at Irish Illustrated and 247Sports for a very long time. In fact, 247Sports ended up naming him a four-star prospect, while the 247Sports Composite Rankings have him pegged as a mid-range three-star recruit. Needless to say, I’m all-in on him being a Top150 talent nationally and to be completely honest, it wouldn’t matter if he decided to play receiver or safety. There’s so much to like about this young man. He’s polished on both sides of the ball, he has tremendous ball skills, speed, athleticism, and he’s just a really good football player. For me, I’d throw him in the secondary and let Clark Lea and Terry Joseph mold him into a special talent. Not many safeties can move around like him and have that nasty, aggressive ability that he does. He’s lean and needs to continue to put on weight, but in time, he’d be an elite safety prospect in my opinion. That said, I expect him to start on offense and he’s going to make some impressive plays early if given an opportunity.
  4. Actually it is the opposite of BVG. The defense for BVG's 1st game against Michigan was lights out. It was all downhill from there. Freeman coached some pretty darn good D's at Cincy. Let's give him a chance.
  5. The DC they brought in to replace Aranda, Bo Pelini, certainly screwed the pooch down there. The other guy they brought in on offense, I think as passing game guru, was Scott Linehan. Both of them lasted just the 1 season. So LSU is now on their 3rd DC in as many seasons. Sounds like Bo Pelini is LSU's version of BVG!
  6. I'm not particularly fond of either team, but was pulling for Georgia in this one.
  7. UCLA taking down LSU, Chip Kelly is looking good in Pasadena at the moment. I'd like to see him keep it up and become a major problem for USC. I figured Scott Frost was a home run hire for Nebraska....not turning out that way at all.
  8. That’s good stuff Faith. The ND preview from the FSU side is pretty informative as to Marcus Freeman’s defensive set up.
  9. It can be read either way really. He’s going to have to clarify this in short order.
  10. Thanks mucho for posting all this Faith. I really appreciate it. Cheers!
  11. I don’t think it was awful planning so much, rather the execution is the main thing. A number of those recruits mentioned, Christ, Wimbush, Golson, Zaire, were pretty highly thought of coming out of HS. They didn’t pan out for any number of reasons. It seems we now have that ideal situation with Buchner as a frosh who can sit behind Coan for a season. Hopefully, he can see some meaningful reps this year.
  12. Thanks Mike, I noticed that right off!
  13. Hi Mike, At the bottom of the page there is the 'Go to topic listing'. I use this quite often. Is it possible to make this a little bolder so it is easier to pick out? Thanks.
  14. On the contrary, I prefer the new format. I see nothing to complain about with the new layout.
  15. Yeah, I've become more and more of a fan of the condensed replays. Nice watching the game without commercials. And the final 2 minutes of the game only takes 2 minutes to watch! For me, not a big thing to miss the Toledo game.
  16. I realize we're only seeing pretty short clips from the practices, but Drew Pyne throws a really nice ball.
  17. Hi Mike, A little bit of an adjustment catching up on this upgrade, but yes, I enjoy the new format more than the old one. It's a much cleaner look for starters.
  18. I would be quite surprised if Jack Coan isn't the starter to open the season. Agree with tneun about Buchner's lack of a senior season hurting his chances.
  19. Wiltfong thinks pretty highly Mr Angeli. This, along with BigHead's comments, give me a certain level of confidence with this commitment. 247’s Steve Wiltfong had this to say about Angeli: “I think that Steve Angeli becomes one of the best throwers of the football on Notre Dame’s team right away. Maybe he’s not as mobile as some of the guys in the room like Tyler Buchner, but I think that his arm talent and ability to throw the football will be at a different level than what we’ve seen at Notre Dame under center lately, “said Wiltfong. “I think he’s an upgrade for Notre Dame from a pure throwing standpoint. With that, he’s a guy that has a ton of potential.” “I think that he’s shown on film that he can throw the football and he can make accurate, strong throws out on the move. I think he’ll stand in the pocket when pressure is coming and he can stand in there and make a good throw. I think that the ball comes out smooth and quick. This is a guy that Notre Dame can win games with.”
  20. I tend to believe you invest for the long term to help build up a nest egg for the future. Take advantage of compounding and let those reinvested dividends ride. Question for Elder, what do you consider 'a lot of dollars to throw around"?
  21. Meyer Gives us a look at Coan in a breif film study Thanks Faith, that was quite interesting and informative. Makes me feel more optimistic about Coan.
  22. You're absolutely correct...wow. Though it does point to what a good job Elston has done developing the talent available to him. Wait, if I remember correctly, wasn't Daelin Hayes a 5*? Now if only we could see this same type of development at the QB position!
  23. Matt Campbell would definitely be choice no. 1 for me. He's done a fantastic job at Iowa St and isn't ND one of his preferred destinations? Pat Fitzgerald from Northwestern would run a close 2nd. Don't know if he would have any interest though. 3rd choice is a tie between Lea, Satterfield from Louisville, PJ Fleck and Scott Frost.
  24. Wow, that is quite a discrepancy. On the other hand, ND has done a pretty decent job identifying recruits that are flying under the radar, especially given these analyst numbers. Getting a fully staffed recruiting dept on board would be a good first step in closing the recruiting gap some.
  25. JTennant, I'd say this is a pretty accurate assessment, particularly the last few paragraphs. Additionally, as Soko put it: How can a very highly rated receiver like Jordan Johnson not even see the field with the average play ahead of him? It seems like we bring in some highly rated recruits now and then, but then they don't see the field as freshmen. Off the top of my head, Hamilton is the exception to this, though there probably are a few others. Perhaps that might be one of the reasons ND has a hard time getting those 5* recruits?
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