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  1. It seems Jimbo doth protest too much, methinks. All his whining and umbrage about A&M recruiting brings the name Lance Armstrong to mind.
  2. I don’t know much about the ins and outs of recruiting, but it seems surprising to me that ND would do this to him after he announced. Is this something that happens regularly? I could see it with the SEC schools, just didn’t think that ND went down that road.
  3. Yes, great points. I don’t view the Freeman hire so much as rolling the dice with him, more of calculated risk. Most comments regarding MF when he was DC mentioned that he was one of the rising stars and it was probably sooner rather than later that he will become a HC.
  4. Deion Sanders had something to say about this. I’m not really following the transfer portal details very closely, but thought what he had to say was interesting. Here’s the link https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/Deion-Sanders-details-transfer-portal-tampering-NIL-closing-HBCU-gap-187091494/#187091494_1 Here’s one of his comments from the interview: “Nah, I don’t think it’s tampering. What’s happening is many of the high school coaches that coached these young men are reaching our on their behalf, well before they enter the portal. The deal is complete. By the time they hit the portal, they already know where they’re going. That’s how it goes down. I’m just being straight up with you. It’s somebody that knows that kid, calling somebody like us and saying you know what, such and such about to jump in the portal this Thursday, check out his film and tell me if you like him.”
  5. Yes, please stop this. It shouldn't be too difficult to keep this stuff out.
  6. I wonder what will be his excuse if/when he doesn't win a natty with LSU? The chef don't know gumbo??? "I had no idea I was speaking with a Southern accent," Kelly said. Yeah, right.
  7. A very Happy Birthday to you Faith. Thanks so much for all that you do for this site. It’s a much better place with you in it. Cheers!
  8. I think it’s Buchner’s job to lose. Getting the experience under his belt last season is really going to help accelerate his progress this season. I remember comments from players/coaches previously about a few of the fantastic throws he’s made in practice, hope to see some of that in game this season.
  9. Yes, that was the most impressive part of it for me. Great to hear him say that.
  10. Color me impressed with the new staff. I think keeping Tommy Rees on board and getting Al Golden as DC are home runs. The other new hires have good reps, so that is promising. I don’t believe you could do better than Harry Heistand for the OL. Probably the guy who comes with the most questions for me is the new TE coach.
  11. Definitely, this is certainly a really promising beginning. My guess is that Coach Freeman has instilled a sense of urgency into the recruiting side of things.
  12. What a great dilemma that would be!
  13. Yes, this is good. Of all the names thrown out there during this process, Mr Golden was my first choice. Great get.
  14. Yeah, I’m glad he stayed. I think he’s been good and will only get better. He’s also pretty highly thought of as an OC, it seems (except on some ND boards )
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