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  1. Tennessee definitely not get any return on that investment…. Hahahaha
  2. Somebody needs to ask Kelly what the fucking deal is with Pyne…. be a journalist, man up, and confront Kelly.
  3. ND’s academic requirements aren’t that much higher than other schools. I worked in Sports Info and saw the scores. We just don’t allow complete retards. That’s not eliminating too many. The academic issue is an excuse thrown out to those who don’t know/don’t understand who will latch on and run with it. We’ve let in folks with 18 ACTs…. That’s horrendous when the rest of the ND population is averaging a 33-34 out of 36.
  4. Is Oregon not playing football?? And, why does your kiddo have to do virtual? The science says Covid hardly affects kindergarteners. My 2nd and Kindergartner both attend school without masks, even when their peers got covid. In Florida, we weathered the unvaxxed deaths and now the hospitals are mainly focused on the ordinary illnesses and injuries that lay folks up every year. Hope it works out. I feel like I live in another country. If the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread, when do mask mandates end?
  5. Ha! My wife is a pediatric ER doc…guess how many cases of Covid they see in kids who have to go to the ICU…. They see cases, but often it’s a kid who came in with a broken leg who is required to be tested, tested positive, but has no signs of infection…but now that kid counts as a hospitalization…. What a joke. If anyone tries to force my kids to get a vaccine when it’s been shown that it hardly effects kids and the vaccine doesn’t affect spread, just minimizes symptoms, I’ll be suing. That said, football football football…Can’t believe the WSU coach got fired and isn’t suing. Are they just concerned that he’ll take too many sick days? I double checked the CDC website today which said vaccinated, but infected, still spread the virus… I don’t get it…where are the lawsuits from these public school coaches whose due process and equal protection rights are being violated. It’d be different if the vaccine stopped spread like smallpox…this thing is more like the flu vaccine…keeps you from dying…about it.
  6. You around Orlando or Jacksonville? Iowa State sure did love their beer last time. Good people.
  7. Crist played under Weis in 2008 and 2009. Starts for Kelly but gets injured in 2010. Does nothing in 2011. Transfers to Kansas to be with Weis and loses the starting position. I think he had quite a bit of time with Weis…
  8. Oh yeah, you’re right…Clemson was the Kizer 2 point conversion that got stuffed. Wrong play, but still the same conclusion.
  9. I hear you on Pyne, but seriously on Crist??? Did you watch that moron play? He was a head case…dude was afraid of his own shadow. Remember when Navy dropped 8 and he kept running out of bounds??? Tommy Rees was ten times the qb Crist was, and that’s saying a lot considering all of the weaknesses in Tommy’s game.
  10. JBrown makes a good point about winning big games. Kelly has a ceiling right now and it’s the inability to defeat the elite. Almost got Clemson but for the Corey Robinson pick play. Played well against Georgia but couldn’t pull it out. Kelly’s big problem is qb. He’s never developed a qb who is the complete package. If we look back at all of Kelly’s qbs, Golson may be his closest to an all around qb… Rees over thought his reads, had a weak arm, and couldn’t run. Zaire was a runner. Wimbush a runner. Kizer was inaccurate. Book couldn’t read a defense. Coan is a pretty good passer but has horrendous pocket presence. Pyne seems to have it all. Buchner is inaccurate right now. Anyway… Wasn’t he supposed to be a qb guru? And, as far as Meyer… Are we fucking kidding? People still talk about this dude as a candidate at ND? He can pound sand…he’s a true POS. He should coach at USC or Miami where they hire douchebags.
  11. The Cincinnati game was “that” game that rears its head every now and then, where shit just goes wrong in every way it can… Look at BC in 2002. BC in 1993. There are plenty of examples where the ship just sinks and there is nothing the coach could do. I really believe Cincy was one of those games. We miss an easy FG. Hamilton makes a completely boneheaded play on the ball. Tyree fumble. Coan INT…. I 1000% blame the Buchner INT on Rees. But a lot happened that just happens on a bad day sometimes. Hell, Bama had one of those days recently…
  12. Gotcha. Just wasn’t sure what the levels were. UCF is nothing down here, but we’re starting to learn that our reality in our little bubble is way different than the rest of the world, so I wasn’t sure what it was looking like elsewhere. I know ND mentioned protocols but wasn’t sure how those have held up. Sounds like not much. I’m really curious what’s going on in PAC-12 country.
  13. Have you guys been to any college football games generally? Are there protocols for fans entering the gates or just do whatever from what you’re seeing?
  14. We’re basically talking about how college football saved the world and ended the pandemic. I count that as staying on topic…. ?
  15. Yeah, seriously…Covid is practically over here in Florida. ICUs are hardly seeing any Covid because everyone died or got discharged. Look at the games…haven’t turned into superspreader events at all. It’s over…get back to normal. All that said, how do you mean fired up? I don’t have time to watch. Ha.
  16. I’m just rooting for another camping world bowl in Orlando…. Gator Bowl is a close second. I think we’re on pace for either of those.
  17. Remember when we went to OT with an FSU team that has maybe one win with a loss to a non-D1 opponent…? We’re struggling despite having SEC talent…
  18. Not sure we can beat Oregon, Ohio State, PSU or Bama right now…
  19. Cincy will get destroyed. They’re pitiful. We just played beyond our ordinary crappiness that day, otherwise we walk away with the W against a team no better than anyone else we’ve beaten.
  20. Can’t vouch for quality and hobby likely more appropriate, but a friend started publishing school adult coloring books on Amazon. Told him I’d pass along the Notre Dame book. Anyway… https://amzn.to/2WTsfb4
  21. Receivers dropped a lot of catchable Pyne passes. Pyne was also in a position where they knew he had to pass every play.
  22. Hendrix had no talent and was mental. Buchner is just a baby qb. He needs time, but he has tons of talent. Rees is calling shitty plays for him.
  23. Tyree fumble & PAT miss - WTF Coan Int - it happens Buchner INT - Fuck Tommy Rees for that situation.
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