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  1. Michigan statements don’t seem to bode well for the Wolverines…comments seem vanilla.
  2. They’re too busy making sure mediocre males get to beat women in women’s sports…probably using up all their resources to enforce NIL rules.
  3. Absher looks tubby to me, but I know the coaches are much more informed than I am…
  4. I don’t understand the Rodney Gallagher post…. “Not committed”? What’s he talking about?
  5. Saddens me…I hate the Ravens. Any team that celebrates Ray Lewis is on Team Bad Guy. I lump them with the Raiders.
  6. I have a feeling this dude is gonna be a team personality. The glasses…
  7. Stupid to use Burrow when it was a different staff who developed him.
  8. MF reminds me of Weis in the way he wants to pull the program together. I thought Weis did a lot of great things until Willingham’s two failed recruiting classes reached the upper classes and Weis’ boring offense couldn’t compensate. I think MF has the right combination of attributes from Weis and Kelly to really make us successful.
  9. Better be Carnival. Bought it down under Covid and still waiting for it to come back. Need all the help I can get…
  10. This kinda Kelly move…? (This is a middle-aged person joke for the young guys….)
  11. Pyne is my guy anyway, so I can’t wait to see him.
  12. Is Braylon James coming independently or does his commitment signal that others will be committing?
  13. I’m boycotting this game. There’s no excuse. It shouldn’t exist. I’m not holding my family hostage on a Saturday for this bullshit.
  14. That’s good (and bad) to hear. Until we become a little more transparent, the anxiety is going to be there. Keeping things close to the best has its advantages, so hopefully we see this play out in our favor over the year. It’s just so tough to tell right now, especially when you’re hearing a lot about other programs and their NIL deals which are translating to actual results.
  15. When someone like Rhett decommits, I can’t help but think…NIL. We have one of the nation’s best business schools. I pray we utilize our knowledge to overcome the NIL strategies of other schools. Just not seeing it outwardly yet, though.
  16. Just collecting circumstantial evidence. Look at the recruits who we seem to be closing, then magically, they’re taking visits to other schools who are known to be building strong NIL plans. If we lead for recruits AND our NIL is strong, that simply doesn’t happen…. As it is, that isn’t the case which makes me worry about those things I articulated above.
  17. I’m trying not to hijack other threads where this may naturally come up, but I have this creeping feeling that we are going to end up like Jerry Maguire here when he lost Kush… “What happened to your ‘Word is stronger than oak…?’” We’re going to be left holding our dicks if we aren’t careful. The NIL groups are not illegal. They’re third parties offering athletes the compensation they’re constitutionally allowed to collect from folks who use their name, likeness, and appearance. All we have to say is, “If you come to Notre Dame, we’re more connected in the business world than any other school with folks who would love to gain your sponsorship.” Then, the alums do the rest. It is naive and stuck in the past to think that this is somehow a violation of NCAA rules. What a player does outside the program with alums is the player’s business. To me, it looks like we’re going to lose championship recruits because we aren’t smart… That’s just the outside impression I have from the peanut gallery. The tide just feels like it’s turning against us and that’s the only thing I can put my finger on.
  18. Yeah, Tennessee’s NIL got really productive recently. I wish ND would get on the ball, here…. I feel like we’re unnecessarily unprepared considering the vast opportunities that exist.
  19. He sounds so much like Ty Willingham…. It’s everybody else’s fault. There are coaches winning with substantially less than Notre Dame offers.
  20. Eddie George coaches TSU. If Marcus Freeman is involved in scheduling, this may make sense as OSU grads connecting.
  21. There are plenty of sh*tty D-1 teams we could’ve scheduled…not a JV team.
  22. If we were going to do this, why in the hell did we schedule TSU..??? This is horrendous on so many levels.
  23. It’s not about boosters handing out checks. It’s about using our players in advertisements at their huge companies and paying those players for their likeness. That’s perfectly legal and within the player’s constitutional rights according to the Supreme Court. So…. Is ND jumping on that and calling our alums to leverage what we have? That’s the plan we need to be selling recruits.
  24. What’s our situation on getting him a pay day? I mean, that’s a big reason to go elsewhere. I haven’t heard much about our plans to make these guys some money.
  25. Dayne was overrated…deer in headlights. Moore is truly a 5 star. I’m just shocked there is NOTHING being said at all on this thread about anything.
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