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  1. I think we can all agree that once Angeli steps on campus, it won’t matter who we hire as the runningbacks coach since Angeli will be taking us to multiple national championships with his arm. Just need to the runningbacks to block for him.
  2. Baloney. Bama’s qb is a scrub. A Heisman qb would hit his receivers regardless. Georgia’s players made plays while Bama’s qb couldn’t handle the pressure UGA sent literally every play…they didn’t do that in the SEC Championship. Georgia played a lot more zone.
  3. The real problem is that people shouldn’t be “unavailable” for simply having Covid. How many of these guys play through the flu. Same difference. Could you imagine if they made Joe Montana sit out for the chicken noodle soup game? friging done with this shit…
  4. Michigan is Elston’s alma mater. Can’t hold it against him. Glad he served us well in the time we had him, unlike that asshole Greg Mattison who was just an asshole.
  5. We lost to the only two teams we played in the Top 25…. I’m surprised we’re even in the top ten…
  6. Finishing #8 in what should be considered a rebuilding year is pretty f’ing good. I’ll take it.
  7. If I’m paying you a lot of money to play for me, I’m locking you into a multi year contract.
  8. He may have made the playoffs, but he still got embarrassed…. Michigan may let him go the same way we let BK take a hike.
  9. Davie was a great recruiter which is why Ty Willingham was successful in his first season. McKnight, Stovall…all those guys were Davie recruits that Ty just had to retain. Ty’s shitty coaching and failure to fill recruiting classes quickly overwhelmed what Davie had handed him, however. Charlie really paid the price for Ty’s ineptitude when the 10-12 man classes started to roll through the upper classes, along with Charlie’s predicability as a playcaller…. Anyway, there’s you Willingham/Weis years in a nutshell. BK restocked the cupboard so that someone like Freeman can take us to the next level. I worry that Freeman is gonna have some growing pains but has a higher ceiling than BK ever had.
  10. It was a fun game. I enjoyed it. Wished we won, but that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes, especially when you don’t run…. but freeman will learn from it and tell Tommy whats up. All in all, sucks we lost but fun nonetheless.
  11. Dude, please admit you never played ball and don’t get it…
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