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  1. We shouldn’t be stuck in our ways…. This is one of those moments where we could REALLY f^ck up.
  2. I mean…It’s South Bend. Can you reeeaaalllyyy call it BBQ……..? Just sayin’.
  3. Yeah, Memphis lost a step when Norvell left, but you’re right. It’s good to have a coordinator who has seen a lot of AAC film for FSU.
  4. They’re basically putting Milton in Memphis’ old offense that went toe to toe with UCF all season and in the AAC Championship. Could be dangerous, but my guess is we have the athletes to stop a more gimmicky offense like that by knocking off their timing and pressuring Milton. I’m not really worried about FSU. In fact, we have a pretty weak schedule this year aside from UNC and Wisconsin.
  5. I think they’re looking to capitalize on the sponsorship behemoth the SEC is about to become for its players.
  6. What’s the story behind the shooting?
  7. Book was a poor man's Jeff Garcia and couldn't read a defense to save his life...but he was better at it than Wimbush.
  8. I love that Weis showed you can recruit well at ND after Ty's lazy BS, but if you think Weis was a better recruiter than Kelly, you're crazy. Kelly does a better job of getting high level talent, but AT WORST, he's the same as Weis. Weis' problem was getting talent that had already reached its ceiling. I think Kelly does a great job of getting players who can still grow. I think the context of putting Weis next to Ty inflates how well Weis was doing compared to Kelly. Weis did a great job of refilling the cupboard after Ty put us on self-imposed probation by only signing 15 guys in a class of 25, if not less. Technically, Davie laid all the groundwork for Ty's first class if we really want to split hairs on the awful job that guy did.
  9. We're going to be making hockey/lacrosse-style line changes mid-drive.
  10. Are we about to start handing out McDonald’s bags full of cash….? Because that’s how those classes happened. Ha
  11. I don’t know…my friends chronicle the two and three star recruits UT has been pulling in lately. It’s a running joke how bad they’re recruiting. I don’t think this says much yet. This dude needs to prove himself
  12. Pretty sure the athletes are still making millions... That’s evidence of how much those sports are making.
  13. The money they generate seem to indicate otherwise...
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