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Community Answers

  1. History says that a kid that flips this much is gonna flounder…. I mean good luck to him, but the grass is always greener, he won’t stick somewhere and commit, so then he’ll never work his way up the food chain…if ya don’t do that, it’s pretty much over for you… Maybe he’ll prove me wrong.
  2. Eh…bleacher report…not the most reputable…
  3. Oh, I’m sure that loud mouth preaches toughness as long as it’s not him who has to exercise it…
  4. Anybody who’d want to play for Deion besides a hs cover corner who hates making contact would be stupid to go play for that moron. I’ve never seen someone directly avoid more tackles than that jackaxx…. Deion is every part of a selfish primadonna and won’t last…
  5. To be fair, OSU looked much better than Bama, so it makes sense. USC getting left out and missing the Rose Bowl as well is phenomenal.
  6. I’m pretty sure this thread should have been merged under my topic “Suck it USC” and not the other way around…. My title was much more creative and supported by 9 out of 10 Irish fans…only those under 23 felt sensitive about the title…. My comments and those of mcgov12 in this thread make no sense under a thread plainly, and uninspiringly, called “USC”…. Suck it USC….
  7. That said…they look like us tackling last week…
  8. My boys too much for you….? But they put wangers on the glass…
  9. Just so I can be contrary and look like a sage if you’re wrong, my gut says he’s Irish. There…it’s in writing and I can point to it if he chooses us….
  10. So you haven’t watched Buchner pass….It’s not good.
  11. I’m unsure if Buchner can make a pass……. From what I’ve seen, Pyne was the better passer and that’s not saying much…
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