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  1. You don’t forget...you just “don’t.” Five stars are given on raw talent a lot of times, not whether you have everything else, too. Look at Michael Oher. Dude was a fat ass and not that great in HS. Then, they had to light a fire under his ass at Ole Miss. He had all the potential in the world, but he didn’t have everything when he arrived at college. I can’t assume Johnson was a natural competitor. Maybe he was a prima donna... Maybe he was somewhere in between which just wasn't good enough...
  2. Lorenzo Booker and Lawrence Wilson.
  3. Baloney. This is the result of us recruiting at a higher level. Guys have to compete or they're going to get surpassed. It's the mark of a good program. You either rise above yourself and take your seat at the table, or you don't... It's on Johnson to get ready to play.
  4. Arrelious Benn and Getald McCoy.
  5. Why do you think recessions hit when Republicans take power...? Because the failed policies of Democrats finally entrench themselves in the economy. The great recession was the DIRECT result of Clinton's mortgage loan policies that forced banks to give credit to piss poor risks. Why do you think the economy was so slow to grow under Obama? Because his tax and high regulation policies restrained growth. As soon as Trump removed all of that, the economy BOOMED. In fact, the economy is still booming because Trump's policies are relatively in place coupled with the fact the government has be
  6. I guess I'm morbid, but I always look for closure on this stuff to figure out what happened. Apparently, his BAC was .192 with a little THC in the system. Seems he drove into the lake and accidentally drowned on his way to see his girlfriend. That's just horrible...gets shot and ends up in the hospital, but doesn't die, only to have this happen... https://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/local/louis-nix-toxicology-reports-former-nfl-player-released/BLZQWFS5WZDKDEUJSIUZTOD44A/
  7. Sarkisian is a great coach and Texas gets whatever talent it wants. It'll be up and running this year or next. They're gonna be like USC used to be.
  8. The dickhead comment is in response to your refusal multiple times to answer the question but cop a lot of attitude. I had to do something to trigger you into an actual substantive response versus whining with no reasoning. Alum btw which is how I know Jenkins is steering the ship better than Malloy ever did. I don’t agree with everything Jenkins does like any leader, but he’s managing the university well and there is no better Catholic school. But in the end, it’s a university which naturally lends itself to some of the bullshit, unless you go to Hillsdale College or Liberty. That said,
  9. QB has pretty much been the difference between itself and teams that have blown them out. Book was a 3 star but we pretended he was more. The dude couldn’t read a defense to save his life. That doesn’t win... We beat everyone else because we were so talented otherwise. He’s the difference...Wimbush was the differenxe. Zaire... These guys knew dick about being qbs who could throw quickly to open receivers.
  10. That's great info! Thanks! Watching the videos is a little tough, so it's always nice to see summaries of what people are seeing. Thanks!!!
  11. I apologize. Not gonna lie... I’m at the beach, had a bunch with the guys, went to check DD and got frustrated I couldn’t find what I needed easily. I think I may have hallucinated a few things, as well. Anyway, after coming back to the board sober for a couple days, I actually think this looks really good. In particular, I like that we can like posts which I’ve always yearned for. Also, the layout is pretty good. There is a lot more functionality with the experience. again, I apologize. Thanks for the upgrades, Mike. I honestly don’t know where I saw ads or any of the other stuf
  12. I’m gonna be honest. Incredibly frustrated with the overhaul. I have a much longer post, but the simplicity of DD is what made it attractive. This is not more user friendly on an ipad or iphone. That’s the only way I access the site. This is more like IrishEnvy which I shunned 15 years ago due to layout. The monetization is a joke too. If you want to monetize, create a tab for a shop with some Amazon affiliate links. Get the other crap outta here. If you insist, though, please give us the old files for the old layout so we can go rebuild what we had before someone fvcked with it and p
  13. Hahahaha. I wish there were like buttons on here.
  14. We’re lretty likely to land this dude right?
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