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  1. He doesn’t look like “a guard”…
  2. This is getting too easy. These TEs need play a little hard-to-get….
  3. Years ago I think I mentioned pinning posts like this since they always seem to creep up and we have to correct it, again and again. Out of 33 5 stars 20 got drafted - 61%. Yes, quite a few 3 stars go pro but there are thousands of 3 stars. There are 2,087 3 stars and 110 got drafted. That’s 5%….much worse odds.
  4. He’s a five star. The probability is INCREDIBLY high for him if you look at the percentages. They are very low for 3 star recruits by 5 stars have a great chance. Also, if you’re a 5 star and not going to make it, you should parlay that 5 star money into money from endorsements, etc, now. Could you imagine walking out of college into the real world with a few million bucks? Notre Dame needs to make sure it is keeping up with this reality. College is for careers in whatever manner that career develops…classroom, on the field, or through 3rd parties.
  5. To me, it seems like a guy who knows he’s gonna play in the NFL and is working to build his brand, now. Tough to pass up a relationship with Nike at 18 and heading into what has the strong probability of being a lengthy future. That’s where we are - kids starting their actual careers at 18 in football and having to build their brands now. Same as other sports with young athletes like golf…no different.
  6. When was the last time you saw someone balk…? Let alone balk to allow someone to score…. Fun game!
  7. I’m having an issue where it doesn’t go directly to the bottom to unread posts when I click a thread. That would be helpful if you have any tips. There’s a lot of load time for ads and linked twitter content, too, before zi can scroll to the unread posts in a thread. That said, I’ve gotten used to most things in here. Thanks!
  8. It just hit me…UT Baseball was doing it best Amber Heard impression…. Shitting the bed.
  9. Beating UT is like beating USC or Michigan to me. I despise the Vols. Go Irish! Huge upset!
  10. On the scale of me versus team, he seems to be more on the “me” side, which is not a bad thing, but it seems that Carr is more on the team side. He’s enthralled with Notre Dame, itself, whereas it’s more of a business decision for Dante meaning he doesn’t have the same attachment necessarily. But, I said it was potentially a problem…we know that once kids get to ND, a lot of them fall in love…tho not all. Carr’s love seems guaranteed. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush…Carr’s our bird in the hand.
  11. Apparently, FSU doesn’t have much of a budget for baseball, so hopefully that helps us.
  12. We gotta figure out what to do tomorrow against UT…these guys on Tennessee act like they’re in the WWE.
  13. Apparently our defense is the shit, but our offense is weak. Let’s hope defense wins championships tomorrow…
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