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  1. I’ve always thought the qb should be penalized for throwing a sh*tty pass to his receiver and the OL punished for letting the defender loose. Killing the opponent is part of the sport. It’s a gladiator sport, not soccer. That’s why we watch.
  2. You haven’t followed Helton’s career, clearly… There’s a difference in being a head coach and an OC.
  3. He’s a great OC. Dump Tommy and hire Helton.
  4. The team actually did well. It’s one unit that is screwing us. With coan at qb and our skill position talent, we should be hanging 50 on folks. Can’t do that when we’re giving up a ton of sacks.
  5. I like Coan but the Oline sucks, so put in Buchner and play for the future…
  6. Under Lea, we tackled much better.
  7. Disagree. To be an unforced error, it has to be an error. It wasn’t. It’s comedy or brutal honesty. Either way, there was nothing wrong with what he said.
  8. Seeing Coan is refreshing…someone who can actually read a defense. Book was frustrating…he could run but wasn’t a great passer. Coan understands the field.
  9. I’m a little worried based on some of the practice videos and knowing Rees…
  10. How dare you, sir! Don’t listen, Tay Tay!!!! Haters gonna hate hate hate….
  11. Joe Montana didn’t have a big arm, among other very successful qbs…. Taylor Swift made a song for you.
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