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  1. At the end of the day no class can exceed 25
  2. Guys, guys, guys! If you embed a quote in your post from someone on my ignore list, but you’re not on my ignore list, I end up having to read their whinging anyway! Don’t make me expand my ignore list!
  3. I never understand why Notre Dame has trouble recruiting running backs, when they keep knocking it out of the park on offensive line. Wouldn’t a top running back want to get the football behind an elite offensive line?
  4. On the QB situation, I would be happy with any of the above, so long as the starting QB WINS the job, doesn't back into it as the "one least likely to make a mistake that costs us a game". To me, that is almost entirely on Tommy Rees. In other words, I think this year will be a make or break year, not for any given quarterback, but a make or break year for Tommy Rees as a big-time quarterback coach.
  5. 1.a. Quarterback development; and 1.b. Defensive play calling by Lea.
  6. Recruiting is over! Long live recruiting! How about we get a sticky for this thread?
  7. https://irishsportsdaily.com/s/5298/mele-talks-about-his-former-line-coach-jeff-quinn Thoughts from a former player.
  8. The one good thing about an OSU and PSU football game, is that I know I will be happy for whoever loses.
  9. As between Colin Cowherd and fingernails on a chalkboard, I'd choose fingernails every time.
  10. Sheesh, most of those throws are made while the poor kid's running for his life! Makes one wonder what he could do with an actual offensesive line.
  11. Oh for crying out loud, even allegedly, Prince Shembo was never accused of rape. There are plenty of things to be grumpy about in this world, you don't have to make something up.
  12. https://notredame.rivals.com/news/notre-dame-ath-target-jaquayln-crawford-understands-the-big-picture Check out the interview and the awesome highlight film on this dude! Could this be our next slot?
  13. When has Ohio State ever not offered an elite player in their own state.
  14. If Kelly fills up the class too soon and has to pass on a good player later because they're already full up, he f***ed up. If Kelly passes on a good player now and fills the class up later with a lower ranked player, he f***ed up. It sucks being Kelly.
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