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  1. Nic Weishar caught my eye but could use some more heft. Did Jarret Grace look good? Qb's may be a dead heat.
  2. Saw where Miles Boykin is listed as 6' 4'' and 225 pounds and runs a 4.51 forty. He said he switched to football as his main sport because he thought he could use it to get into Notre Dame. He wanted a Notre Dame education!! Have to love this guy.
  3. How about when teams are trying to kick a field goal and we line up two guys in the middle that are 6' 6'' and 320 pounds in Tillery and Jones???
  4. It is 17 degrees right now at Notre Dame. High is to be 31. I'm worried.
  5. FSU could easily lose twice. Miami is playing great football right now. They have a tremendous running back. Game will be at Miami.
  6. Diaco got us to the door and VanGorder will kick it down!! 2015 looking great with possible DeVaris coming back. Saw on Facebook that Winson is going pro. National title looking very strong for next year. Don't think we could beat Alabama right now.
  7. The 'panel' has us in a tie for 8th. Evidently they think we lost outright to FSU. Still lots to be optimistic about and I think the future is incredible.
  8. http://irishturningpoint.com/?p=7917 or http://irishturningpoint.com/?p=7917 Got moved, apparently. The article says it was Ryan, and well, whichever ref it is - is still an idiot.
  9. http://irishturningpoint.com/?p=7904 Pat Ryan is the ACC ref that screwed us, and has in multiple games. This article is a good read - I think we all agree this guy needs to be kicked out from ever refereeing (at least a Notre Dame game) again.
  10. Throw the ball to Bryant 5 times a game. Golson's stats go up, more drives are successful and GB is happier. Incorporate our greatness.
  11. We need to get the ball to Bryant in space. He's had no room to run. This is what this offense needs to be more productive.
  12. I think this just might be the case but will we miss Daniels? Everyone else is unproven.
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