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  1. If you have Directv the ND at Duke game will be on channel 612.
  2. I believe we start a dynasty this season at Notre Dame in women's basketball. Let's win three or four championships in succession!!
  3. I would definitely predict more long passes and completions than last season. I say this largely due to the size of Claypool and Boykins.
  4. I feel as though your sentiments are well thought out, Texas Rose. While others on this site might find it amusing to belittle you and your concern for the quarterback and the team we all love, I find it comforting to read your heartfelt comments. I believe it is of utmost importance to always remember that our guys fight and claw as hard as they possibly can and, sometimes, fall short of the expectations we have of them; more importantly of the expectations they have of themselves. I truly think this loss will serve as a steppingstone for Wimbush and the Irish in much the same way the loss to Georgia did earlier this season. As a Notre Dame fan and graduate, I want Brandon to know how much I admire his hard work and dedication to excellence on and off the field. He is undoubtedly a solid ambassador for the University of Notre Dame. Onward to victory for Notre Dame!
  5. According to Eric Hansen Josh Adams is not a shoe in to enter the NFL Draft at season's end: https://www.ndinsider.com/live-chat-talk-notre-dame-football-with-eric-hansen/html_ad4cd9e4-bf17-11e7-93fb-dbb79ae4ca56.html
  6. I absolutely believe if we get to Stanford at 10-1 and Adams goes off for 200 or more yards, he will win the Heisman!!! It would be marvelous if we could keep Love under 100 yards in that same game!!! I say Adams will be invited to NYC for the Heisman presentation like Te'o. I hope he wins the award. He is certainly deserving of this honor. Go Irish! Please get to 11-1!!!!
  7. I feel Josh Adams has ample opportunity to showcase his skills against three good defenses in NC State, Miami, and Wake Forest. As number four in the Heisman ballot heading into Saturday's game, Josh could have another 150-plus-yard-game and tOSU could hold Barkley to 75 yards or less. I say Adams could easily work himself into the final three and an invitation to New York in December. Why not win the Heisman if ND wins out?
  8. OklahomaIrish, I also predicted 34-24 Irish over SC!
  9. It is also possible USC could be without its starting defensive tackle, Josh Fatu, come Saturday evening depending on how his concussion protocol turns out. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/21058602/josh-fatu-usc-trojans-concussion-protocol-car-accident
  10. Another year for Josh Adams at Notre Dame would not be a detriment to him and his future. I see a second offseason of conditioning under Balis as giving him a leg up (no pun intended) on the conditioning he will need in the NFL. If anything, Adams will get stronger and could potentially reach an even higher draft status with an even better season next year and a Heisman trophy to add to his mantle.
  11. I concur with your analysis of our injury situation, OklahomaIrish, and I feel as good about this Notre Dame team as I have any Notre Dame team since the Holtz era. I say this because we have a REAL strength and conditioning program and a REAL defensive coordinator who is teaching fundamental football. I cannot get over A) how healthy we are heading into a bye week and B) how nicely our schedule allows us to rest in preparation for a TOUGH stretch of opponents in late October into November!!!! I say let's continue to watch the progression of Wimbush and Book in the hopes our passing game evolves into something special. Claypool is coming on thanks to Canteen being unable to play and MTA is undoubtedly reaping the benefits of all his playing time with Taylor out!! Our DLine next year could be spectacular!
  12. Great call on defense with Shaun Crawford, OklahomaIrish! I have to agree with you that his coverage skills and nose for the ball are on a higher level than we've seen from the secondary in several years. I can see Crawford playing well against U$C on October 21st! On offense I will go with Quenton Nelson. He has been a road-grading beast for the OLine thus far. I believe his future in the NFL looks bright, and he will accomplish similar accolades to Zack Martin of the Cowboys.
  13. Honestly, I see Notre Dame on the wings of its defense playing extremely hard and surprising people who believe the season is over after last week's loss. I for one feel as though our gradual rise to a top-15-ranked team by year's end begins today at BC. I am certain many people on this board will criticize this viewpoint of mine; however, for the first time in three years I truly think we found something special in Mike Elko and his philosophy on the defensive side of the ball. A solid defense will more than allow a young QB and tight end corp (Kmet and Wright) and some of our younger receivers to step forward and show why this team has more than enough talent to beat teams like USC, Miami, and Stanford. I have read many of Eric Hansen's chat transcripts and articles and I like the fact he played football himself and knows what this ND team is capable of going forward this year. I say we allow this team to show what it can do in the next four weeks and then assess where our season will be by November.
  14. A good friend and current MBA student at Notre Dame (Lawton Irish), Billy Wolfe, had the opportunity to watch the scrimmage earlier today and was ECSTATIC about the look and play of the offensive line and the team in general. He states, "I've never seen an ND team this physically impressive across the board. They are big, built, and fast. Like Bama." In particular, Claypool played well on special teams and at receiver with a 46-yard TD catch that was negated by a 2-hand touch sack on QB Ian Book. Dexter Williams apparently had a 19-yard wheel route catch for a TD. One player Billy mentioned was Avery Davis. He said Avery Davis has the "IT" factor about him. On defense, Julian Okwara and Daelin Hayes impressed. He states, "We are actually running power run plays, and they are beautiful!" Billy made some comments about Brian Kelly looking much more fit heading into this season. I guess he took the new training program seriously just as the players did. I sincerely believe this offseason dedication in the weight room will lead to a major transformation on the field this year. I also believe 10 wins or more is entirely possible! Go Irish demolish Temple!
  15. My word and expectation for this new and highly improved team this year is ENTHUSIASM! Both the offense and the defense, due to enthusiasm, will perform at a much higher and more confident level than last season. This enthusiasm shown by a former walk on turned scholarship player in Webster and by senior leaders in Martini, Morgan, and McGlinchey will be infectious to the whole team. I believe double digit wins is entirely possible if our defense can muster any kind of improved pass rush. I've read articles written by Eric Hansen and Tim Prister and I can't help but get excited about the influence Elko, Balis and Polian all have had on the team in a short period of time! I truly believe Hansen is not talking nonsense and I've read plenty of his chat transcripts over the past couple of years to know he doesn't sugar coat his feelings about the coaching or the team in general. He feels this team could be special. Hansen feels the Georgia game won't make or break the season; however, it will aid the perception of our program and where we are at if we win this very difficult game. I am willing to eat my words of optimism if this season falls on its face. I am thrilled with the entire strength and conditioning program and hope we keep Balis and Ballou for a LONG time! Go Irish 13 days until we face Temple!!! Here come the 2017 Irish!
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