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  1. honestly, he looked great moving around in the pocket until the mich st game when jonas missed the block completely and his foot got destroyed and he still played the rest of the season on torn ligaments...MF was also out from mich st until the navy game and he frankly wasn't the same after his injury (he looked too big, slower, lacked concentration and had some critical drops, especially against Navy) clausen certainly made some mistakes that season, but i've never seen a more accurate QB (again, it's about putting the ball where it needs to be and not completion percentage) at ND
  2. haha...i was referring to tj34
  3. we'd take both and there's not much question about it...the ultimate insider on II has already confirmed it
  4. he didn't go to the Nike camp and was only briefly at the Rivals camp as mentioned above...they must have really liked what they saw at the Rivals camp though for him to get an invite to the Rivals 5 star challenge
  5. my opinion on the interview was the same as ur Katz...sounded like a ND type of kid and would be a HUGE get for his talent, his position, and the fact that he's a big time kid in the local DFW area that would get other kids' attention keep in mind too that he spent 4 days at ND already, will get to see them again at Jerryworld, and then will get to see ND yet again on an OV...that is A LOT of exposure for a kid in TX to ND the situation reminds me a lot of Cole Luke's last year who got to see ND in the summer, was around the team in Ireland, went on an OV, then saw ND again against OU and then committed shortly after the OU game...hope it turns out the same way
  6. always a tough pull to get west coast guys but we've obviously had success in the past and as recently as last year that being said, i think we have a better shot at Adoree than JuJu (although i think we have a decent shot at him as well) since Adoree is from Illinois (only moved to Cali in the last year or 2) and still has family there. He plans to see ND this summer when he goes back to visit his family in Illinois. In the rumor section, it's also been said that it's possible that Adoree will move back to Illinois before his senior season which would make him an even easier pull...but we'll see. Obviously a huge want in this class as the kid is elite
  7. this isn't true...sam young came in and started all 12 games and the team still won 10 games in 2006 and i'd say sam played fairly well as a frosh while i agree that you don't ever want to start frosh OL, it won't completely kill a team if you do as long as you have veteran bodies around the frosh i do agree that just because a kid is 300 lbs doesn't mean they have anything close to a college ready body. A lot of that weight needs to be redistributed.
  8. he's not getting an offer right now because he's not rated as highly by the coaches as several guys in front of him (Braden Smith and KC McDermott i know for sure are both ahead of him and ND has a legit shot at both of those guys). He's also only 6'4 (measured in at the UA combine in Jan) so he doesn't have true OT size that they want. It's also been implied by some that he's not physical enough either. Just because he is highly rated by the websites doesn't mean the staff thinks the same thing. Jimmy Byrne was VERY high on ND's board yet he is rated a 3* or lower 4* on some sites. I bet if the staff could say it, they think he's easily a top 100 player in the country and I believe he and Pierschbacher were the top 2 OG prospects to ND in the country (they were the only 2 OG prospects with an offer for a very long time). BK has things he wants in a prospect and if he doesn't find them or thinks he can get a better prospect by waiting, then he's gonna wait regardless of how we or the websites rank the kids.
  9. i know ND is still going hard after Casey Tucker, one of their current OL commits and #72 on Rivals list kid is from same school as cole luke and their HC is Steve Belles
  10. i don't know one way or the other about where Vincent Jackson is leaning but I do know ND was one of his first offers 2 years ago when he was only a soph and they've been recruiting him a long time Quick is supposed to visit for the BG game and at one point had ND as his leader (w/o ever visiting) so hopefully the visit blows him away
  11. QB (1): Brandon Dawkins RB (1): Elijah Hood TE (1): Nic Weishar WR (3): Brent©, Mark Andrews, Artavis Scott OL (4): Byrne©, Braden Smith, Mason Cole, Reilly Gibbons DL (4): Hayes©, Andrew Trumbetti, Malik McDowell, Enoch Smith Jr. LB (4): Martini©, Andrew Williams, Vincent Jackson CB (2): Budda Baker, Michaiah Quick S (1): Nathan Starks
  12. I'm confused by your question so not sure how to respond i will say this - Rivals and 247 rank recruits based on pro potential so that they can later say when the NFL draft comes - "Look at me, i got a bunch of these right" and guys with freak measurables for the most part have better chances of being drafted higher in the NFL. I would say the biggest flaw in that thinking particularly involves QB. Obviously having a huge arm on a 6'5 frame is fantastic but to me, you gotta really look at how football smart the QB is and how accurate his passing to really know if the kid is gonna be a great QB - not just the measurables. If I saw film of Dayne Crist and EG from HS, there is no doubt i'd rank Golson higher than Crist based purely on the film. EG was a pure playmaker with an incredible arm and an intangible for extending and making plays. Dayne got his 5* ranking based on his size and arm (both incredibly impressive), but if you looked at his HS film, there just wasn't much that made me say wow in it besides seeing how far/fast he could throw the football. It didn't blow me away like EG's film did. Not sure if I answered ur question somewhere in there, but i hope i did
  13. any site that ranks recruits based on pro potential (Rivals and 247 - 247 just started doing this with their final ranking for 2013 and moving forward) is ridiculous...the point of rankings is projecting how well kids will do in college, not in the NFL EG got rated 3 star by Rivals because he was deemed too short to play in the NFL but his HS film was absolutely ridiculous and u can tell in the 1 season he's played so far that his talent at the college level is going to be ridiculous. There is no doubt he should have been at the very least a 4 star on all sites based on his HS film alone. to answer the original question though, the 247 composite individual rankings would be the best bet since it's just an average of the 4 sites. I would not use their composite Team Rankings though, only the individual players
  14. not sure if mentioned but i wanted to make it clear...both of his parents are flying in to visit with him on 1/25 and those parents' tickets are not free so that kid has some serious interest in ND i haven't seen anywhere mentioned that his parents will be flying with him to bama on 2/1 so it makes me think the interest there is not legit
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