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  1. I have for sale 2 pieces of ND merchandise. Manti Teo national championship game jersey - size medium and ND national champions banner green. Pic is included below. If interested you can pm me and I can provide additional pics. These were my sons but he is a young 20’s adult who has gone minimalist on me. I am willing to split up but would prefer selling both together. Let me know what you think is a fair offer. Jersey I don’t think he ever wore.
  2. Why don't we all just chill on this and see where his ranking and offer sheet look like after senior year. If still poor- let's bring the arguments back up. If they are good, we can say Kelly and company got one right. Will save everyone some angst.
  3. Is there a good reason for the Change? Primarily the new D.C.?
  4. thanks -will be interesting to watch the developments here.
  5. If Betiku has decommitted from UCLA - are we currently the favorite?
  6. Thanks Big23 as always! we all look forward to your updates. Is Hayes getting cooler?
  7. Any expected/anticipated commits coming from the weekend?
  8. I believe that report was referring to the Indianapolis metro area specifically in comparison to cities and not states. The Indianapolis area has had some extremely good programs over the last 5 years. I think the state in general not so much.
  9. Drue is honored as one of the potential Mr. Football candidates in the Indy Star today. http://www.indystar.com/article/20131107/SPORTS02/311070051/Cathedral-s-versatile-Terry-McLaurin-heads-talented-class-Mr-Football-candidates
  10. Not that it has anything to do with this thread, but did you see the somewhat unusual hairdo that Tony Brown was sporting at the Opening? I wonder how fast he would have run without the air resistance. He was pretty fast with it.
  11. I saw him play last year in basketball against my children's high school and I was extremely impressed with him athletically. He was head and shoulders the best athlete on the court and he can really jump. He is physically very imposing even as a sophomore and I can only assume that physically he will continue to gain weight and strength through his last two years.
  12. Scout just posted that he is a Trojan.
  13. Maybe this is best in the Open Forum - but where is everyone's favorite place to eat after the B & G game?
  14. What's everyone's best guess - does kiel pull the trigger this weekend?
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