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  1. Where in my post did I say that the Forum must not risk "hurting the feelings" of members of the team? Please find the place, because I can't.. I assure you, these guys don't need lessons in how big and bad the world can be. But maybe they could see something DIFFERENT on this Catholic Christian based site than pihranas at a feeding frenzy as is more par for the course in that big bad world. Maybe they could see adults who discuss what they think of this or that person's part in it that does so with RESPECT for that person, without rash trashing of a person who is still developing, ( ho
  2. 1. The quarterback MUST have all good days. 2. Being 19-22 years old doesn't excuse the quarterback from not having the skills and wisdom of an NFL player. 3. Must be held responsible for play calls and schemes they don't make and the times they don't work. 4. If the quarterback is not playing well he is responsible for being kept in the game beyond reasonable and situation specific correction time. 5. A mistake means the quarterback does not care and isn't trying hard enough. 6. A quarterback has no learning curve with skills on a new level, gelling schemes with teammates or p
  3. Sooooo about 7 1/2 years ago I met this man you all call Oklahoma Irish, and I walked into his living room called "The Notre Dame Room" that had a painted banner across the arch, "God, Country, Notre Dame" and great walls covered with Notre Dame pictures. Did you know that before this moment I didn't know much about Notre Dame and I didn't like any sports. Impossible things happen every day,so God can do and so Rogers and Hammerstein say, but the fact that I didn't like sports and enjoy them with Tim and his ND group in his man-cave was the smallest story of metamorphosis this Texas Rose can
  4. Wow! What a topic! Tim told me about this thread and asked me to join in bc it is pretty much my favorite topic and the raison d'etre of the meaning of life. With respect to the Moderator's request that we speak of what we ourselves believe, and the most basic question is of God's existence, I will start here with what I believe. Nature can only magnify its source. Examine the constellations, the earth, land forms of mountains, desert, jungle, and all the earths creatures from the smallest bug to the magnificent creation of man. The more we learn, the more awe inspiring the brilliant,
  5. Shame on you with your disrespectful pictures of a naked old man and pictures that denigrate the dignity of women by portraying them as objects of lust. You are dealing with God's highest and holy creation. You have heard that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, have you not? Do you think you can do this and not have to answer to God for it? Your disrespect of my husband and women with these pictures cannot diminish their innate dignity. Your laughter smacks of a group of 4th grade bullies. We have referred to scientists, political figures, military personnel and UN conferences.
  6. This is an up close and personal testimony of a plane mechanic. You have a right to be informed for the health and freedom of your family and our country. Be sure to check out the video! Look up Airline Mechanic blows the whistle on chem trail operation.
  7. I recommend that all parties step away from destructive verbal jabs. How about these guidelines: If someone has a point to make, make it with referring to objective science and first person testimony of those in the know. If someone wants to comment on the information someone else posted, they must first go to the site referred to and read/see and or listen to it to give an informed response? Only informed comments can be constructive and reasonable if indeed the truth is the honest goal. What do you say?
  8. The first time I heard about this, I thought the person talking about it might be paranoid. But I know - and don't you? - that sometimes truth is really stranger than fiction. So, yes, let's go to the scientists! Google "Kristen Meghan" a former armed forces scientist who's job it was to manage chemicals used by the military to keep military people and the environment safe. I challenge you for your sake, but much more for our children. See what message Kristen is urgently trying to get to us.
  9. Thank you Hawaii!!! And Scotty, maybe somewhere in there you have a point. Although I doubt you intended it. and you didn't face or respond respectfully to my post, you actually proved my point in a backward way by your sarcasm and insinuation that I am prejudice in favor of Tim. You guessed right. I married my Tim almost 3 years ago now. Your insinuation that this prejudices me is correct. In many cases when people are married this long, the addage "familiarity breeds contempt," would ring true. So Tim must be a heck of a guy for me to tell you the opposite; that he is my soul mat
  10. Hey, Oklahoma Irish! Don't mind them! When one person makes fun of another, it is reflective of THEM. If they had something constructive and respectful to say, I would listen. If they also had a record of uncannily correct predictions of scores, wins, and players, I would listen even more. But they don't. YOU do! That's one reason I'm your biggest fan, with love, The Texas Rose
  11. All other human rights are based upon these rights in the bill of rights.
  12. The right to Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is basic and universal.
  13. I understand the question. No doubt that rape and incest are among the most heinous violent crimes. In fact, in my estimation, they may be worse than murder, because of the tremendous cross survivors must endure. Yet praised be Jesus Christ in Whom the greatest suffering always becomes a conduit for healing, strength, compassion and the victory of love. It is true that the Catholic Church champions the sacredness of human life from conception to death unequivically. Put simply, I will quote Dr. Suess who got it right, "A person's a person, no matter how small." Life is always an aweso
  14. Have you SEEN this movie? Whether you are republican, democrat, tea party, or independent, if you are interested in indisputable facts about the identity and agenda of this president, you will find them in the movie. Please don't vote in the dark when the future of our free country depends upon each one of us.
  15. I urge everyone who loves our Country to see this movie. You will see the incontravartable facts that are well documented and whatever side of the fence you are on, you will come away with a keen understanding of Obama's history and his life view. Then his denial of the pipeline, spending us into subservience to our debtors, mandates that illegally usurp congresses power and process and slap us with greater burdens of debt and laws, weakening of our military, funnelling of arms to drug cartels and ?, denial of his circle of closest friends and mentors, absolute irresponsibility, vast secrecy
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