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  1. From my vantage point at the game it seemed like Michigan was bringing it and it was very concerning. The first game usually has the most mistakes. I wish we had a bigger athlete at Hainsey's spot. But like most of you, I agree it was more then adequate against maybe the best defense we see all year. I can already picture Winbush with time to throw next week and connecting on 65% of his passes.
  2. Didn't see anything official but Virginia Tech had several defenders leave the game tonight. Didn't look like any acl's but they are beat up. Of course we lose MTA but it isn't for the entire year and we have great depth on the interior of our defensive line. It might even be a blessing as we play Ademoila on the second unit. He's quality and can use the reps. Injuries will change the course of this season as they always do. So far things are going great for us. Next few games won't be as physical. I was at the game Saturday night and was blown away with the way the stadium looks and how loud it was. When Michigan had the ball on our end of the stadium I screamed until I almost passed out. Did my duty to make it difficult for them to hear the snap count. I think we are on the verge of tremendous things in recruiting. I'm sure we had a lot of great recruits at this game. They had to be blown away. The campus is not matched by any other institution in the country. The activities on campus are endless, entertaining and inspiring. We are using these game days to recruit in all sports. Muffet was supposed to have 3 of the top 10 recruits in the country at this game. Hopefully Brey used this event as well. MAN IT IS GREAT TO BE IRISH!!!!!
  3. Here in Okie land we picked Jafar Armstrong as the best new addition to this football team several weeks ago. In fact we joke that this team will go as Jafar as Armstrong will take us. I'm looking for 150 yards next week. Imagine when Dexter joins the team again. DYNAMIC DUO!!!!!
  4. I wonder if Brey had any of those recruits at the game Saturday. I was there and I have never seen Notre Dame stadium like it was Saturday. It looks and feels inside way better than ever before. I believe Muffet had 3 of the top ten players in the nation at the game. Haven't confirmed that but they were expected to attend. Brey is doing a heck of a job. The freshman class is the best I have ever seen. Can't wait to see them this year.
  5. There are those occasions when two quarterbacks work out. Texas defeated us with two qb's while during the same game we showed how ineffective two qb's can be. I sure was glad we had Book during the LSU game. I feel pretty good with Book as a back up and think he will play whenever needed. Just don't run one qb for a series and then alternate them.
  6. Way too early to predict that. In fact I'm predicting victory for the Longhorns over Oklahoma. They should have won last year and they will be sky high this year with both their experienced quarterbacks returning while OU must replace Baker Mayfield. A huge game here in the Sooner state.
  7. At this stage injuries haven't really had a chance to mount, but the Texas Longhorns could be missing 10 players for their opener with Maryland. You might remember Maryland shocked the Longhorns last year and may well do it again. Several of the missing players have left the team.
  8. True, Golson didn't do much reading, but Wimbush does. Like Faith said he was playing hurt. I see the big difference this year is that Kelly is not afraid to run him as he has more then adequate back ups. this is one major reason I expect to have a great season. We can withstand some injuries and keep on truckin.
  9. This may be true but experience is extremely important on this level and Bama has lower numbers defensively than in many years. Predicting here that they don't repeat. Hoping that young quarterback is not as good as he appeared in the NC game.
  10. Thanks for that Brian. I see Michigan has 3 players that left the team. A wide receiver, running back and a tight end. On a different note, but just as devastating, LSU is about to lose their second quarterback to transfer. Imagine us losing Phil and Liam to transfer? That would be bad.
  11. Injuries constantly change the landscape. I see two that really can make a difference this year. Alabama has taken two serious hits to its linebacking crew. Christopher Allen, OLB, was just lost for the season with a knee injury and they had already lost Terrell Lewis, also an OLB to an ACL tear. Their starting Offensive tackle is out up to 6 weeks with a foot fracture. Couple this with the fact they lost 8 of 11 starters on defense to graduation and the NFL. Usually things like this are happening to us, and we are sure to take some hits, but right now our defense continues to get stronger and deeper. Alabama can't say that. Feel free to inform us of any significant injuries to major teams.
  12. I'm very high on Jafar Armstrong. Big, fast, elusive, athletic and extremely hard working. Hoping to see the quick pitch like we did to Procise. that play worked over 90% of the time. One problem that really perturbed me was how Winbush failed to keep the ball on the read option in the latter games such as Stanford. It was wide open for him, just like it was against Boston College. Really going to be excited to see the defense this year. Looking for more turnovers, and 3 and outs. Offensive line is going to be a big time strength once again. I don't like starting against Michigan, but if we are going to play them the first game might be the best time. They aren't proven in their offensive thinking. Very good quarterback for them, but he may be under a ton of pressure on opening night under the lights. If we win this game this should be a great year.
  13. Absolutely true, but he seems to be getting hurt every year. Injury prone???
  14. Porter Gustin is a great player that I thought was coming to Notre Dame. He moved into USC"s starting lineup last year as an outside linebacker but missed a good portion of the season with injury. He didn't play against us and it really hurt the Trojan cause. Well, he's hurt again but a torn meniscus isn't serious enough to miss much playing time. 2-5 weeks he will be back. Still, he appears to be injury prone.
  15. The biggest improvement is always from year one to year two as a starter. Basically, Wimbush is going to improve on his numbers which were just below 50%. Biggest problem for him is the Michigan defense coming out the gate. I'm really not sure what to expect after his problems the other day. But when I look at the overall team we are improved across the board. We better win because I will be at the game!
  16. A bit more good news. UConn guard, freshman Espinoza Hunter has transferred to Mississippi State. MSU still has the 6' 7'' monster in the middle and they are recruiting exceptionally well and this is the third transfer for them. However, they lost their top scorer, their point guard that hit the winning shot against UConn two years ago and another starter that was their best 3 point specialist. We could again face them in the Final 4 but we match up much better as Turner, Shepherd, Vaughn and Cosgrove will be double teaming the big gal. UConn lost 4 players off their roster and added 2 very good freshmen. Basically their roster took a small step down and ours took a big step up. Going to be a fun year.
  17. We've had our share of injuries. Maybe this year Dexter stays healthy, especially if he gets spotted the first four games. With that said, I am suddenly high on Jafar as I saw a little tape on him. Suddenly the comparison to C.J. Prosise makes sense to me. Add this back to the equation. My biggest worry is Michigan as we need a really good back on opening night. We have really addressed this situation with all the bodies. We sure will know a lot more after Sept 1st.
  18. Nobody is talking Dexter Williams. I understand he may not be available for a few games but I am sky high on his ability. Last year I was enamored with Josh Adams and had a couple threads promoting the lad. This year I am every bit as high on Dexter Williams. If we can be 4-0 without him look for a Final 4 Finish with him. Jones and Williams make up the 22%.
  19. Claypool and Boykin don't need to get behind the defense as their size is what will give them the opportunity to haul in the long bombs. Certainly more long completions this year.
  20. Hey Brother, I've walked in your shoes. I can tell you two things of consolation. It will get better but it will take some time. Don't make any rash decisions. Stay close to Jesus. I've read many near death experiences where people actually were in heaven and the experience is beyond your comprehension. Your Vicky is now in a much much better place and you can talk to her anytime you wish. It will be a tough year but in the end, God wins and that means you and Vicky win and will surely see each other again. Prayers for both of you.
  21. I really like Clark Lea and think he is going to be a great coach. He loves Notre Dame and won't jump ship for more money in my opinion. Recruiting seems to be really strong on that side of the ball. First game is going to be tough but could be a springboard to a great season. Will be at that game.
  22. Last year, during the Final 4, our entire bench consisted of one player, 6' 4'' gal we call Coco. She didn't run the floor very swiftly, she lacked in stamina, never drove to the basket and was reluctant to shoot. Still, without her rebounding, defense and high percentage shooting, we would not have won the title. This year we have a 6' 4'' freshman sub that runs better, shoots out to the 3 point line (37%) and can drive to the basket and finish with either hand. She has a great spin move going to either hand. The second team also has Mabry (just my opinion), and she should be a 40+% shooter beyond the arc. Micayla Vaughn reminds me a lot of Breanna Turner and should make the second team dominate on the boards when teamed with Cosgrove. I envision that Muffet could bring in the entire second team on a few occasions to give them a chance to mature for the following year when we lose 4 stars. Look for the double post to be devastating. Shepherd will be very effective in the high post as she can shoot, drive and feed Turner. Second team posts are Vaughn and Cosgrove and they will be fun to watch their development. Good times for Irish fans.
  23. Those who follow Muffet's warriors are well aware of the expectations in 2018. This team will be favored in every game and will threaten the 100 point mark on many occasions. The top 4 players of the national champions return, but just importantly is the return of Breanna Turner. Add now a new starting point guard in Jordan Nixon and you will see a team that can run, dominate with defense and score at will. This team is far superior to the team that just won the title with a slow, plodding but methodical point guard. We only played 6 players in the Final 4, next year I expect that number to be 10. Micayla Vaughn will return from an ACL tear and she was extremely efficient in her 13 minutes per game as she scored 8 points and rebounded 4 caroms. She is potentially a double/double when she becomes a starter. For now, she is superior depth. Throw in a 6' 4'' freshman by the name of Cosgrove. She can play. I read on a Louisville site that they compared her to Breanna Stewart. Maybe she isn't in that category but she has great moves around the basket with either hand and shot 37% from 3 point land. For depth at guard throw in a 6 foot, 5 star playmaker guard and a 4 star guard that made the U18 National team. I think Mabry goes to the bench to lead the second team and will be able to spot up and focus on making three's instead of running the ship. Look for a huge year from Jessica Shepherd. We would not have won this year if she hadn't been cleared by the NCAA. Jackie Young is becoming a great player with her tenacity in driving to the hoop and is becoming deadly with her jump shot. Arike will be even better as she now can take a better shot selection. Breanna Turner will be a sensation and has developed a jump shot. Connecticut loses Kia Nurse, Azura Stevens and a third player that slips my mind at the moment. Stevens is a huge loss as she declared early for the WNBA draft. She is 6'6" and dominated us. UConn has great freshmen coming in but they aren't enough to catch us. Not this year. As far as the future we have secured the commitment of the number one player Samantha Brunnelle 6' 2'' scoring machine. We are also leading on several top players. Should be the number one class in the country. Stay tuned for future reports and don't be surprised if we run the table this next season.
  24. Rex is not about to lose his starting spot. He does so much for this team. We won last night because of the second half defense and Phleuger is our best defender. Team should easily crack the top ten next week.
  25. Notre Dame men just beat the #6 team in the country. Next week we will be in the top ten in football, men's BB and women's BB. Just don't see any serious challengers out there for this prestigious imaginary award.
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