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  1. Their receivers are talented as can be. They make me nervous
  2. I think Vegas will be pretty on the nose with this one. 38-13 Irish
  3. In my recruiting experience 100% of the time this is said means it is over lol
  4. I was at the Memphis Express game the other night and had a blast!! It was cold windy and raining which isn’t very common for football games here in Memphis.....Carolina hurricanes owner just invested 250 million I hope this league is here to stay
  5. Yes lots of PT....Max Redfield is safety for Birmingham team
  6. They are extremely similar....I just thought wimbush would go somewhere that was pretty much a slam dunk as far as him being the starter....I thought Temple Maryland Utah TCU etc we’re better options for him from a football perspective
  7. Spoke to a staff member at Clemson. Tigers prepped for Bama all bowl season & spent just one week on Notre Dame. Had the confidence to spend much less time on ND & devoted most of December to Alabama That’s from cole cubelic SEC Network FWIW I don’t buy this but certainly wouldn’t blame them
  8. To answer the question yes it does make me feel better. Rewatching the game was rough but it reminded me of what my old coach used to tell me. “Only 3-5 plays win a football game. A tipped ball unreal catch were our demise every break went Clemson’s way....do I wish we would’ve scored hell yes, but like I said before one of the best DLines of all time. Still believe UGA or whoever else gets smoked as well....Clemson and Bama are just too good right now, UGA has the recruiting to compete but Kirby still has to play daddy every year in that conference championship....anyway my hangover is gone from Clemson and here’s to beating UGA down south in September!!
  9. I thought of this during ND Clemson but have you ever seen a Dline that good? And that was without probably the 2nd best guy in dexter Lawrence.... I keep trying to think but that Dline has 4-5 top 4 rd draft picks on it and I mean ready to be drafted now, not a freshman or sophomore who may get drafted later on
  10. This is your best post ever...cheers...I think it is mostly in mentality
  11. All I know is all this **** talk better get the players hype AF to play UGA....then again ND doesn’t respond to being disrespected very well
  12. They’re soft as baby ****...they don’t have the mentality to overcome adversity....they give up...they cave in....the get punched in the mouth and don’t punch back....they’re the poster child for the flight response But congratulations to those young men they have a degree from Notre Dame and will be just fine whether they got to the NFL or not....and I love them and every other Notre Dame team, but they are just plain not as good as the 1% of college football that dominates
  13. My thoughts as well Hawaii....ND hasn’t had a good QB since clausen....needs a heisman caliber QB to compete
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