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  1. Didn't Georgia Tech split the national title back in the 90's?
  2. I'm from South Bend and have Irish ancestry. I'm not offended Kellerman can **** off.
  3. I'm not delusional I plainly stated that I'm sure there are exceptions for football maybe you should learn reading comprehension.
  4. UGA is one of the top ranked state schools in the country, my daughter was offered by both ND and UGA for volleyball and the admissions for UGA's womens sports is as difficult as ND. I'm sure there are exceptions for football, if you do some research ND offered several UGA players.
  5. My daughter is a freshman outside hitter for George Washington University volleyball and they play St. Louis tonight at 7:00 then have a reception for the seniors. I'll be at volleyball all night and will miss the game. My daughter did however give me permission to wear a ND shirt though. GO IRISH!
  6. Villaneuva is a former Army Ranger that stood alone on the sidelines with his hand over his heart during the National Anthem while the rest of his teammates stayed in the locker room to protest.
  7. Alejandro Villanueva #78 Jersey is now the number 1 selling jersey in the NFL. The NFL has mad a huge mistake financially siding with protesting the flag. I personally don't think politics have a place in sports, if I want politics I'll turn on cable news when I watch sports I want to watch sports.
  8. No I don't, just know it's on ESPN time TBD.
  9. We'll be coming through Winston early Saturday morning and coming back later in the evening after going to Time Out and getting a chicken cheddar biscuit.
  10. I'm from Statesville, section 129 row K free tickets from a vendor at work.
  11. TL Hanna produces lots of D1 players they are a pipeline to Clemson , it's also where Radio is from. The 5A football In Upstate South Carolina is as good as anywhere in the country Gaffney, Byrnes, Dorman, and Spartanburg are all regularly nationally ranked. They are all pipelines to Clemson, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia, and also travel or host the big teams from Georgia and Florida and regularly beat them or play very competitively.
  12. Elko offered three LB's from North Carolina today 4 star Rivals 100 Dax Hollifield 4 star Rivals 150 Payton Wilson and 3 star Alan Tisdale he has a very good offer list. All three are guys that he was recruiting at WF.
  13. I'm heading to Buchanan Mich about 15 miles from South Bend early tomorrow morning from South Carolina. I'll be driving my 22 year old son, and my 72 and 74 year old Mom and Pop to visit family. My son and I are going to the game Saturday and as disappointing as this season is and as much as I wish for a coaching change at the end of the season I find myself cautiously optimistic and excited for the game. We make the trip home this time every year and go to a game, after the loss to Stanford I contemplated selling my tickets but thankfully changed my mind. I will be in the stands cheering an
  14. I was being sarcastic towards the star gazers, yes it's nice to have a team full of 5 stars but quality stable coaching goes a long way. As much as I dislike SC I hope they win tonight.
  15. It's amazing how a team full of 3 stars like Wisconsin can beat a team full of 5 stars like LSU. Bamas depth should be the difference tonight.
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