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  1. Tate Martell the #1 dual threat qb decommitted from A&M. He's from Bishop Gorman, so I guess that couldn't hurt. Our coaches have visited him recently as well
  2. I'm just sitting here thinking about how funny it would be if Caleb Kelly committed to Oregon
  3. Same. I'm starting to see some Robertson to GA smoke. I guess he's said in the past that he likes the idea of play with Jacob Eason. I would love to just get one
  4. Look at a couple of Caleb Kelly's recent follows. Reading too much into it or some smoke? The wonders of social media
  5. Teammate of Javon McKinley decommitted from Stanford. Had us in his top 2 before he committed. He's ranked right around where our other safeties are in 247's. I'm assuming we've moved on, but what does anyone know about him?
  6. I hope everyone gets a REAL shot, including Wimbush. If Zaire and Kizer are better, fine. He obviously isn't scared of competition seeing how he chose us when he could be starting at Penn State next year. I mean we all remember what Zaire said about the never really having a chance against Golson. I just hope the competition isn't drawn out till the end of fall camp. A lot of new faces to develop chemistry with for whoever the guy is
  7. ahhhh jersey number. facepalm..... wait I just checked again and they do have him at 88 and as a 3 star. Also Claypool at 21. I imagine have an update after the all star games usually, if he improved his stock in their eyes
  8. When was the last time espn updated their rankings? They have McKinley as the 88th wr. Was he a late bloomer in the recruiting process? I haven't watched much tape on him but people sure do seem to like him
  9. I heard Showtime wants to do another season with someone. I'm interested to see the differences between ND and an elite program up close
  10. At this point I just don't want him to change as a player due to the injury. Such a great person/football player
  11. Troy Pride just picked up an offer from Clemson. Definitely makes things a little tougher
  12. Not sure if this has been mentioned. Just saw a picture showing Ohio State's white jerseys for the game. Meaning we get to wear our blues! ..... Or maybe green? (;
  13. Do you know where Galloway had us last week by chance? If the committee gives us a break and keeps us ahead of Oklahoma. Any chance we get jumped at 11-1?
  14. We officially have no chance at a signature win. Let's hope for a little bit of chaos
  15. I think he has his eyes on Floyd's TD record
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