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  1. To be fair, ND isn't exactly pulling in 5 star recruits at any position consistently. Sure, QBs get the front page, but being behind the curve can be said about nearly every position. I am in no way defending Kelly with my next comment, but the issue is not just with the staff. ND is a more difficult path for athletes and there are not a ton of "elite" players that really want to have to put in just as much effort in the classroom as they do on the field....especially the elite players that are basically locks to go pro. Can Kelly and Co. do better? Absolutely...but ND just isn't a
  2. Honestly, I think that is an unrealistic ask... ND is never going to consistently recruit the elite players needed to be like Alabama because most of those players are looking for an easy academic path so they can focus on getting to the NFL. ND wants to be an academic institution that has a good football team (which it is) and is unwilling to make the sacrifices in the classroom that other institution have made. This is why ND is not a championship level team in football or basketball. This is not going to change unless ND changes.
  3. Let me clear the confusion... The requirements to qualify at ND are a tad bit higher than most other power 5 schools...a tad. However, most (and I am talking about 90+ percent) recruits that enroll in a power 5 school absolutely could qualify....maybe even 95%. Academically, the difference comes down to requirements once you are enrolled. At ND, it is expected of all students that they attend REAL classes towards their MAJOR. The are not many easy classes and the idea of an "undecided" major do not exist at ND. Most of the other schools (and probably all "elite" football programs)
  4. There's always Bob Diaco.... https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30538199/purdue-boilermakers-announce-defensive-coordinatior-bob-diaco-not-return
  5. For me it was probably 11/22/2008. Everything about that day and game was miserable.
  6. I am pretty sure that anyone that has issue with "We" when referring to sports teams is also the person that asks you to sit down and be quite at home games.
  7. I wish it was just one week. Every thread, every post, every thought....all year.
  8. I think the point is that General Discussion Here is your place to discuss recent articles on the home page or talk about anything relating to Notre Dame athletics. and Open Forum The open forum is a place to talk about anything on your mind, ND related or not. Synoptico was making a statement that 90% of us would agree with.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/time-to-face-reality-no-one-is-playing-college-football-in-the-fall-170634809.html
  10. Per ESPN Big Ten likely moving to conference-only model for all sports this fall https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29435295/source-big-ten-moving-conference-only-model-all-sports-fall
  11. When I look at the schedule, and ignore the potential changes due to Covid-19, I see 2 losses (Clemson and USC) and one tough game (Wisc) that I think ND should win but I wouldn't bet the house on it... So, the IrishGuy FPI has ND going 10-2 Note: If the season is delayed, I could potentially see a scenario where Clemson has a lot of guys sitting out for the draft which could move that game into the "tough but winnable" category. Note #2: The likelihood of the season being a full schedule, starting on time, and with the same "scheduled" opponents is very very low in my book....b
  12. Well, given the fact that LA's mayor has already said that there will be no sporting events through the rest of 2020 (not sure if he has "the power" to enforce it...but he said it), I would go with odds are definitely not good for a season this year. https://www.kron4.com/news/california/los-angeles-mayor-says-no-concerts-or-sporting-events-until-2021/ https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-04-15/coronavirus-concerts-sporting-events-2021-garcetti EDIT: Of course, this is assuming that no vaccine is developed.
  13. I am with you. Outside of a vaccine, I feel like the risk of allowing sporting events (with or without fans) will result in all sports being cancelled for the rest of 2020.
  14. Being a successful (even amazing) coordinator or position coach has almost nothing to do with being a quality head coach. There are examples galore of pretty darn good coordinators that went on to do just about nothing...actually, almost every failed HC will probably fit this mold.
  15. You can't use facts when responding to a jbrown post about how awful BK is at "insert topic here".
  16. Just saw this in my news feed... https://247sports.com/college/notre-dame/Article/Jack-Swarbrick-Notre-Dame-Actively-Pursuing-Brian-Kelly-Contract-Extension-142335918/
  17. Not defending the decision but the move makes sense. Hiring Rees means that Kelly has a guy that is not only familiar with the offense on paper, but actually ran it as a QB. There may not be a guy more capable of running this offense than Rees (and let's be real, Kelly isn't going to let some guy install a whole new system....just ain't gonna happen). In addition, one of the things that was stated more times than I can count during his playing days was that he was born and raised to be a coach. So, ND gets a guy with intimate knowledge of the offense, who is well liked by players and re
  18. ND = 12 https://www.si.com/college/2020/01/14/lsu-first-final-ap-poll
  19. I am pulling for LSU in this one. I feel like a Coach O championship is kinda like rubbing salt in the wounds for the U$C fans.
  20. This regression crap is such a tired argument. Seriously, who "regressed"? Was it Book? Well, Book had better numbers (TDs, yards, fewer picks) than last year and was improved over the Ian Book we watched for the second half of 2018. He didn't regress. Maybe it was Rees? Hmmm, Tommy may have been the most consistent QB ND ever had as far as his ratings go (and he slightly improved in each year as a starter in both QBR and stats). He did not regress. EG improved year 1 to year 2 (Stats and QBR) DK had more yards, TDs, and fewer picks in year 2 BW sorta did, but he was pretty ter
  21. I wasn't really calling you out or anything. I was just trying to highlight that Kelly favors experience over everything else. Even when he tried to replace Rees, the second there was speed bump, Rees was called in to save the day.
  22. I honestly think that is a large percentage of the reasoning. He knows he has to win now so he sticks with the guy that he feels is most prepared today to win a game. The other part (which is 100% BK) is that Kelly doesn't seem capable of giving the backup "meaningful" reps. He tends to only play his backup QB for the last few minutes of blow outs (basically victory formation time) or when ND is getting their doors blown off (and playing the opponents 2nd and 3rd stringers). Kelly could do a lot more here so that the experience gap is smaller and he can start to use talent and potential in
  23. Rather than getting into skin color or how fast a dude can run, the truth is that BK favors experience over raw talent. When there has been a "competition" BK tend to gravitate toward the guy that has a better grasp of the offense (again, basically ignoring raw talent). In his mind, he is absolutely picking the guy he thinks gives him the better chance to win "now" and is not thinking about 5 games down the road (let alone next season). I don't really fault him for this, as it is pretty clear he is in a no win situation....but it is frustrating as heck (he's going to pick experience, exp
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