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  1. Don't post much, but I'm also in!! I'm the guy whose brother heads up te academic/athletic office. Posted on here a few times. Always enjoy reading your guys posts when I'm on here though. Looking forward to seeing the Irish throttle the wolverines... It is long overdue.
  2. yes, they were all in my brothers office today getting their schedules sorted out etc and they were all put in my nephews dorm, zahm.
  3. no doubt about this being a great board. like i said, ive been a member for a long time but maybe posted once a while back. unfortunately my job (ortho medical device rep) doesnt lend me much time to be on the sites. Thanks for all the welcomes and I will try to post as much as i can. now that the word is out, lynch has been irish since he stepped off the plane into 3 feet of snow in south bend. Again, b/c of the position my brother is in, Im not at liberty to give out all details. He is actually heading to ohio tomorrow to pick up his stuff and starting class on tuesday. What a defesive haul this staff has put together!! I think we are all in for a good run the next couple of years which is long overdue.
  4. I definitely will, thanks. I belong to the rivals site as well so go between this board and that one to see what everyone is saying. A lot of you guys have good insight and some funny ball busting posts as well. Its always makes for good reading.
  5. Hey guys, I dont post on here very much if at all, but I always take a look at the board to see what you guys are hearing/saying. i played and coached football for about 12 years (all in the high school ranks in northeast part of pa) and I think of myself as somewhat intelligent football wise. I am the grandson, son, brother and uncle of nds grads and my brother currently is head of the academic/advising dept. at nd and works hand in hand with adam. I appreciate you guys holding to not naming names etc b/c these men and women in the academic/advising dept. work very hard behind the scenes in making sure these kids not only get into nd (EE's especially) but also that they pass their courses and graduate. So thanks for your confidentiality and I will try to post more from time to time. Go Irish!
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