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  1. Props to Kelly though, he spent at least 1 minute chewing him out after he did that and killed a drive.
  2. I thought this was going to be a post about running routes 1 yard shy of a 1st down.
  3. Was it stated that Wimbush would start? Wouldn't PJ fit what we've been doing offensively better?
  4. Hopefully he starts practicing with the running backs. He can still contribute.
  5. On the offensive side, this was the most notable thing I saw. A few times he stepped up in the pocket and kept his eyes down field, massive improvement.
  6. I know it isn't a possibility, but can we get some Tony Romo?
  7. It is really important to keep him. Coach in waiting and sprinkle cash liberally.
  8. I like the part where he says that Kiffen is destroying the Franchise.
  9. I would assume they were talking about Jarvis Jones from Georgia.
  10. That's cute, you think he'll graduate. My guess is he'll just run out of eligibility.
  11. He had 2 sacks and a touchdown against Navy. Draft analyst are calling him one of if not the best DE in the Nation, what would constitute "coming out?"
  12. I don't think Dayne is the answer, but honestly you sound like you're taking Rees' (valid) criticism very personally. I'm firmly in the show me Hendrix or Golson boat.
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