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  1. When is the last time ND has had a true finisher? Grant/Connaughton? I feel like that's been a big missing piece for quite some time...
  2. Absolutely heartbreaking.....Prayers to him, and all that know him....RIP GAIII
  3. Unfortunately, the kid choked...He was tense/tight and he knew it...Look at his reaction after the game.... Duke is that team that is totally in ND's head come playoff time. Once it went into OT, I felt 100% certain that they would lose...unfortunately, so did they...The shot should have never happened....There totally should have been a slide on that kid that prevented him from having a shot at all...Not only did the goalie choke/tighten up, so did the back end of their D.
  4. Ya, this one is on the coaches..right from the beginning, he did not put his team in position to win this game... No Garnsey until 7:00 left in the first..Really? No Mirer...Hot hand...really at all.... Absolute worst defender on your team, matched up against their absolute best playmaker on their team most of the game...Really? Last play was horrible goalie play, as he didn't move his feet at all on a cream puff shot, but the fact that they didn't slide there, when there is no time on the shot clock is an absolute joke. Corrigan has put ND on the map for lacrosse, but he showed today why he will never win a championship.
  5. It's looking like Garnsey will be academically eligible and playing in the tourney. If Corrigan plays this correctly, this could truly be a missing link that gets ND to championship weekend...and beyond!
  6. Pros: Face-offs....best ND's had in a while! Back end of their D....Long poles are experienced and playing well! Scoring options on offense...Lots of people that can find the back of the cage! Cons: Goalie Play...inconsistent to just bad. SSDM...one player in particular that literally gets beat every play and totally screws their D up...no clue how he plays at all, let alone so much. Scoring Droughts...As mentioned before, they have options...too many times this year they just don't execute/finish...Corrigan continues to run a vanilla offense that just doesn't get the most out of his players. ND really hasn't put together a complete game all year long. If Hopkin's plays like they have in their last 3 games, it will be a quick exit for the Irish.
  7. Ya, that is actually what I meant...He NEEDS to play as much as his stamina will allow him...totally agree that it is just Brey not playing him right now....Durham has issues....slow feet...leaves his feet to quickly...but he definitely brings things to the table that others can't, and isn't going to get better by the amount of time Brey is letting him play!
  8. This is one of the youngest teams I have ever seen Brey field...Definitely a learning curve year. I was actually impressed by their overall play last night. I will say, based on my first impressions of Mooney when I saw him, if you would have told me he would be their leader....most consistent player on the team, I would have said no freakin' way.....Well, IMO he is....Props to him for obviously putting the work in. Definitely a lot of work to be done..Gibbs is coming off the flu, but needs to be more consistent. Hubbs needs to drive more and develop that confidence. Durahm needs to continue to be a force when he is in, and IMO, play as much as his stamina will let him. I believe Harvey needs to be the leader of this team. I think he has the potential to be a great player..
  9. I agree...It actually was a big win, especially considering the circumstances....Now granted BC sucks, but still really needed a @ here! Mooney was impressive today. Hubb showed some signs, and I am hoping his clutch free throws will throw some confidence his way and push his offensive game up...It is needed! Tough stretch coming up...Hopefully Durham's ankle isn't that bad!
  10. O line was ND's weakest unit BY FAR....NOT CLOSE! Another year of strength/conditioning/skills training will help....but they need to make significant strides.
  11. Greatly disappointed, but I think it's the right move for him. Hopefully he works his way into the first round.
  12. Said the exact same thing to my boys today...It was a fun year where we got to spend a lot of time together with a lot of high fives and a lot of sports talk while cheering on the Irish.
  13. I freakin' love Fortnite! Best video game ever....Got about 60 Victory Royales! LOL
  14. Making plays when they need them is exactly what cocky/confident teams do...and ya, ND isn't doing it. I didn't see any sense of confidence in this offense....right from the get-go...way too many mistakes...
  15. Like Echo, my main goal for this game was to keep it close...ND has made good adjustments all year at half so maybe....just maybe...they make this respectful...Not holding my breath because................... Losing Love has absolutely killed the D....very unfortunate.... The offense just didn't come to play...I know Clemson's D line is elite, but the fumbles...the dropped passess...the questionable play calling....Book looks like he's been coached to check his #1, and if it's not there, the play is over...IMO, Long did not instill confidence in this offense as they prepped for this game....very unfortunate
  16. Seriously....would absolutely love to obtain this...wonder what it will go for?
  17. Always love your work...Let's see something new...
  18. I truly believe BK has learned one valuable lesson at ND, as a head coach....which has been his, and obviously Notre Dame's turning point......Let your positional coaches coach....so ya...I'll give him that...
  19. There aren't many rb's that are going to stand up a blitzing linebacker...just ain't happening...get in their way and slow them down...Dex did it...didn't look pretty but he did recognize it.
  20. IMO, Dex is the best out of the three, and right now, I don't think it's that close. You use Dex as much as you can!
  21. It's mind-boggling to me that BK is still here and will totally leave on his own terms...Just mind-boggling....The guy still doesn't even understand when to go for two.... As for when ND gets a new coach, I'm with Rocket...A new era, with fresh, young, energetic, hungry energy is needed.
  22. Agreed...basically said the same thing in a different thread. The offense looked solid, but other than Wimbush, I didn't see any elite playmakers...(I do think Boykin needed more targets.) IF healthy and focused, Dex gives them that...I will say, he looked fired up and part of the team so hopefully he comes in ready to bust it up.
  23. Gold Stars: Clark Lea: First game as D coordinator and the whole unit looked impressive! Wimbush: He took a freakin beatin' and made some plays! Frowns: Polian: Special teams were a joke when he was here under Weis...Not much has changed Hainsey: I said it in another thread...I know he was facing some good talent, but he was absolutely owned...he's got a lot to work on Play calling in the second half: I think BK put his imprint on the second half playcalling...He was relying on his D to win the game and was too conservative...michigan should not have had the ball with a chance to tie with 2 minutes left! Playmakers on offense: Other than Wimbush, I just didnt' see a whole lot of explosive talent out there. Everyone looked okay...Should be perfect timing for Dex to come back for Stanford...HOPEFULLY they play him!
  24. He absolutely owned Hainsey. He made him look slow and sloppy. I thought Hainsey needed a wider base, needed to really focus on his first drop step, and needed to sink his hips more. He'll have a tough day watching film I can assure you of that.
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